Who makes mower trailers with dump bodies

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by WALKER LANDSCAPE, Feb 25, 2010.


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    I know I have seen them on here before, but I can t find them. It is a mower trailer with a dump box on the front end of it. You can put clippings or leaves in from bagger of mower. Thanks in advance.:waving:
  2. PerfectEarth

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  3. pitrack

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    That is cool, wonder about the pricing.
  4. Sammy

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    I like it ! ..... 14 or 20 feet of space. ..... Kool.
  5. rlong97150

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  6. Schuley

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    Snake river trailers and debris systems also have them. I couldn't find one anywhere close to me or what I wanted, so I'm actually in the middle of building a side dump box for the front of my 16' railer, MUCH cheaper than what those guys want for a trailer. Cheapest I found was almost $6000, mine, including the cost of a new trailer will be about $3600. I'll make you one if you want!
  7. collegefundms

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    that midsota one at my dealer is $14,000 i believe but i think it was with 10,000lb axles
  8. Laner

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    Do you have any pics or details on the trailer you are modifying with the side-dump? I have been thinking about this for the past 4 yrs trying to decide exactly what I want to do. I have some friends in Madison, so I get over that way a couple times each year.
  9. Schuley

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    No I don't, I'll get some, i'll post next week or something, there isn't really much to see right now. I bought a new 16' trailer, pulled the floor off, and am making a Side dump box for the front, and the back (wide side) will either swing open, or be removable so you can use the full 16' of the trailer when not needing the dump. I havn't had much time to work on it lately, but i'll try to post something when i get a chance.

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