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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GrassesGuy, Apr 7, 2011.

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    Welldone2523 thank you for your review. The "Beast" has a long way to go before it can be taken seriously for commercial use. HD is absolutley the wrong distributor for any type of customer service and so are the so called service centers. Also the quality of the machine obviously isn't going to be like the top commercial mowers. QC is an issue with a lot of chinese products from electronics to tools. I have yet to see any cut quality comments which I suspect will be horrible. All in all you get what you pay for and corners are cut to cut costs. R&D is geared toward mass production as these machines sell under many different names. These chinese mowers won't go away, they just change names every so many years!!
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    Be a little realistic, several hours of effort for 17 minutes of cutting, and you want him to tell you how it cut?! You are trying far too hard to like this mower. I don't understand why.

    There are a few good reviews, but they are after at most 2 weeks of experience, so they are essentially useless. "I bought this and like it." or "I have had this two weeks and it has cut my mowing time in half." are not useful. Had to return it despite great customer service is very helpful.

    I like that they're local to me, but I would not buy one at this time. Maybe in 2 years, but probably not even then. If it were truly a commercial quality mower, that would be a great price, but it's clearly not. Heavy parts alone don't make a commercial mower!

    For a little bit money you could buy a Bad Boy ZT, and for less money, you could get a Bad Boy MZ. There are also Simplicity and Snapper mowers that are comparable in price, and those are clearly better put together. They don't claim to be "commercial" mowers, but a claim like that doesn't mean anything when you have a 25% chance you'll have to fix it in the first month of residential use.

    You are wearing rose colored glasses. Step back, take a breath, and save yourself a headache.

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    As far as the brake issue....I will tell you right now that it has no direct coralation to the wheel motor. At least nothing that I had identified while camping underneath this thing. The braking is all external moving parts and the wheel motor is all internal moving parts. (Please correct me if im wrong, and if so oh well because I shouldnt be dealing with these problems to begin with)

    As for the quality of cut....I was happy with it. Tip speed was good and for the time that I was actually cutting with it, it seemed to track off a bit but I did not do a flat grade test prior to mowing either.

    All in all I am disappointed that I had to return it because nothing on the mower looked or felt cheap. The ride was smooth and the response was good. Although real easy to put ruts in the lawn if your not careful..The rears are massive.

    I would recommend talking with Shawn at DEK. He is very knowledgeable and very quick on responses.
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    Actually I'm trying to give it a chance. We haven't seen one actual "Review" of the mower and you (as well as others) have already made up your mind.

    Interesting that you are willing to base your entire decision of a mower line on one user here who never actually got the opportunity to use it.

    As much as I am willing to give the mower the chance to succeed you seem to really want it to fail.

    But its nice to know that you guys are looking out for me with the recomendations . One for Bad Boy and another for Toro. Anyone else want to pimp some mowers in place of the chineese junk ? :)

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    Please keep us informed if you purchase the Z BEAST, but good luck dealing with HOME DEPOT online. The process , as I think I made mention previously, was grueling to say the least was long. Ordered on the 6th of April, order was cancelled by Home Depot on the 8th still dont know the reason. Reordered on the 8th and never received an email for confirmation. Spent a total of 6 hours on the phone and with 9 different associates continuously be transferred or being put on hold for long periods of time. I ended up cancelling this order because I needed a mower so I bought an ariens 54" from HD. then on the 20th i get a call from yellow trucking asking me when is a good time to deliver my mower!?!?. So i picked it up from Yellow and returned the Ariens and ended up paying 3,704.68 total and they sent me a 25 gift card for there mistakes. Down the road if this mower is tried and tested and the problems fixed with continuous positive feedback I may add it to my buying plan again. They need to prove to me first that it is worth it though.
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    Oh and trust me...it failed me, I didnt fail it. Because of the down time of the mower I lost 575.00 worth of work because I had to sub it out to another LCO. There goes my new trimmer I was looking so forward to getting. You live and learn....
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    Actually, I'd love for them to succeed. They're creating jobs locally here in NC. I might not buy one, but competition from HomeDepot and China will help me get a good deal on whatever I do buy. And China competition may push companies to innovate.

    I was in Harbor Freight yesterday and they have those General brand compressors. They are "commercial" duty too, and I considered them. Might have been fine for my purposes, but I opted for a tried and true compressor with slightly lower output but a 5 year warranty and a higher quality build.

    I'm not pimping Bad Boy, or Simplicity/Snapper. Those mowers were on my list when I was also shopping at HomeDepot for a mower. I concluded they were better made than what was at HD, and a safer buy. I don't even risk losing $575 if mine breaks.

    Back when I bought a tractor for my property, I got a Kubota tractor and not a John Deere. Service took longer, but I got more tractor for my money. If that tractor were my livelyhood, I'd have bought the Deere for the super service factor. Next tractor may be a Kioti.

    HomeDepot, and I suspect GXI, are way past Kubota on the road from JDeere service speed to "down for weeks at a time".

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    Gordon and I are going to try to set up a SHOOT OUT between commercial mowers. I hope it really happens!!

    Originally Posted by GordonwJackson
    Hi GMLC, and 71gearhead:

    I can tell both of you are very interested in BEAST mowers.

    If I were to suggest a "throw down" challenge between your favorite mower and a BEAST mower...would you accept and attend with your mower?

    I suggest a very simple scoring method that rates cut quality, speed, hill climbing ability, resistance to abuse, cost, and overall value. These are all things we could objectively measure in one day.

    You must be willing to subject your mower to the very same test sequence (including abuse) as the BEAST mower and we will find a 3rd party to keep score.

    If you think this is a good idea we can work out the logistics over the next few weeks to arrange something in your local area. Of course we will want to post all results on this site for all to see. What do you think?

    Maybe other lawnsite members would like to try this too? All I ask is that you are a true Pro mower user...and lets discuss.

    I look forward to your feedback.


    YES!!!! That would be awesome. My Scag with velocity deck vs the "beast"!!! I have plenty of hills here in NH and blue grass ready to go. I can even get my local scag rep and dealer to come out with other mowers as well, and we will film!!! This sounds like a plan!!!! Gordon can you bring other beast models as well? We can compare walkbehinds and Z's? All though cost over life of ownership and resistance to abuse takes more than one day to prove. My scag has over 3000 hours with minimal down time but shes up to the challenge!!

    Im going to have some of my own tests with real life commercial situations set up for this shoot out. I have some properties with steep hills, thick wet fields, even and uneven surfaces, rocky properties, ponds, trees, perfectly manicured lawns and everything in between. We can really put these mowers through hell. Its really going to be interesting to see if the beast will keep pace with my scag that has been mowing these same properties almost everyday since 2006. Gordon please make sure the mowers you bring are completely stock and not some special test version. My scag is stock with no modifications at all. I will also make sure my dealer and scag rep. bring mowers that are all stock. For a third party judge we can invite Turf Magazine as they are in Vermont and not far from me at all. And after all is said and done we can go to the local watering hole:drinkup::drinkup:my treat!
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    Good, I hope you are able to get that to happen!!!

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