Who Makes the Beast From HD

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GrassesGuy, Apr 7, 2011.

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    I look forward to your feedback after you try a mower. The industry is not THAT narrow. Peerless versus Hydro Gear versus Tuff Torque ...if you are starting from scratch you have choices and evaluating cost is certainly part of the equation. There is more than 1 alternative for each component. Each option was evaluated, tested and then selected based upon its merits. If a competitor has an existing legacy design that cannot accomodate the alternatives, they are stuck with a higher cost component until they do a redesign. That is the world all manufacturers find themselves in. The advantage of a clean-sheet design effort is the freedom to evaluate all the options before you get locked in.

    By the way...GXi's standard drive system test is to drive a mower up a steep hill 30 feet, turn around and drive down the hill 30 feet...and then repeat...24/7...for 800 hours...at about 100F. This is done on a test fixture. No flat perfect lawns here!
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    You get what you pay for. There is no magic bullet for high quality low price components.(Maybe a sweat shop). Fabricated in china parcially assembled in the US.
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    I'll tell you what partner you let me try it out for a season on the Eastern NE terrain of hills, mud, and wet slimey grass and I will give an honest opinion. I have a 30" RedHawk that I use on backyards that got small gates and it performs fantastic. Hey guess what it's got many of the same componets that Scag has. The only problem I've had with it is the recoil blowing out each year. People bash the Redhawks all day long on here but I will be the first to attest to there durability. So if you want an honest real world opinion I'm your man compadre. Of course I will have some explaining to do in regards to quality from cutting if I use it instead of the meat and potato's of my operation Everride if it fails. So what do you say cowboy you ready to test this Beast out? Just let me know what HD I need to go to and you can write it off as promotional use and if it performs I will buy it.
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    You and 5k other members on this site. Free mowers for everybody!!!:weightlifter:

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    Subaru still builds cars, and high dollar ones at that. They build one of the baddest sports cars on the planet.
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    Gordon, this isn't a full 2 year warranty, is it? Trying to navigate the GXi website (given the large number of 404 errors when clicking on links), it looks like the warranty is Parts/Labor for the first 90 days, and then Parts only after that, which means the consumer (or entry level "commercial" cutter) had better have it known to them upfront and not in tiny 2pt font, that THEY will be the ones responsible for paying that portion to have it fixed under the "Warranty".

    Also, while I am talking about Parts, you stated that (basically) when the mowers are being built, you are going with the lowest cost supplier at the time, whomever it is. Does this mean that when repairs are needed, that those same parts may be no longer available because the vendor for the parts may have gone up in price and GXi has changed the design to obsolete out those parts in new models, and therefore the dealer working on the mower will not be able to get some of the same fitting parts?
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    I have a Bradley/Redhawk as well, good, tough mower. I would buy another one in a minute.
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    I tried to PM you but to no avail. I would like to try one but the local HD doesn't have the Beast mower. Any way I or you could get one to the local HD to rent or even buy? Instead of looking online, I'd rather look at it in person before buying.
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    Hello Gordon,

    I've read every thread you've posted and i've told you a couple times i believe you are very educated in american mfg'n. Can you tell me what and where exactly the beast mowers are mfg'd? Please be specific on components, assemblies, etc.... Don't worry about the engine an if you said this already i'm sorry i must have missed it.

    I know all to well how corporations save money but i also know how expensive it is to be a corporation so i can believe you when you say little overhead, no dealer network but i know the retailers margins (was a buyer for NWL, ((major supplier to lowe's, HD, Wallymart)) and they are not willing to expect less margin than a dealer or nay business. Maybe on commodities or an ABC items with 10 million plus per month in qty sold but HD less margin, not buying that at all.

    Any how, i look forward to the details. Been frequenting my HD and still no beast mower. In addition to my Country of Origin ????'s, do you know when once will be coming to N. Canton Ohio?
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    Thank you for your inquiry. The warranty is a 2 year limited warranty on the mower and 3 year limited warranty on the engine. The only exclusions are consumables. Any other references are in error.

    I never said part selections are made upon price alone. This is what YOU said. What I said was parts were selected and meeting cost objectives were part of the decision making process. The scenario you suggest related to parts availability is not what I described. How GXi maintains supplier contracts and ensures suppliers honor their price commitments is really a matter between ourselves and our suppliers and not a matter for the general public. Maintaining parts availability and backwards compatibility is of course a requirement for this industry.

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