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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GrassesGuy, Apr 7, 2011.

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    i ask the manager how long it had been since the unit had started and he said once a week .......ok battery should be good so is it in nutural , by design it returns to nutural ....so i have another person turn the key as i slowly move the controls ....nothing i notice after a second the machine was on one side wayyyyy off center so i assumed the neutural forward control was preventing start, this is when i realized the underside was inexcessable in an emergancy i was unsure if the hydro push rod had come off after piking around i realized it was on and only the main visible leaver needed adjusted ,,,,we did it easy and tried again . NO start
    at this point i jump on the 36'' beside it and put in the key .....and the brake leaver would NOT push so when it failed to start i assume its a switch or again a dead battery .
    they take my phone number tell me by noon they will have it running call before i come and they will be sure its runnign before i make the 2nd trip.

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    and then....... :D
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    at 3:30 Pm the next day i call and the COMMERCIAL BEAST cordenator a the store goes i dont have note to call anyone sir. and he puts me on hold comes back and goes yes here you are they put you in a folder and no one has looked in it today (why do they have this system if they cant look in it today ) he appoligises then tells me by 5:00 pn he would let me know something(to a LCO by 5:00 means 4:50 we are waiting at the shop to go to work ) at 5:30-35 he calls and tells me "the batteries are dead on them all and i went to Auto Zone O'Riales " and a name i was unfimilure with) and he was unable to find a battery that fits this unit. he would place a order with GXI Monday and the batteries will be or should be in by FRIDAY next week and then i can call and check i say ok in frusteration and go about my day .
    to my knowledge their is only 2 types of bateries depending on the side the post are located on depending on the wiring of the machine .......i know AUTO ZONE keeps mower batteries of all sizes so i ask mr jackson if it was a GXI only battery or was this the knowledge i come to expect from HD

    the manager also tells me if i want the mower in a NO run state he could knock off alot of $$$$ off the advertised 3800 +tax they showed or they could order me a new one.....had he forgot i had not purchased the unit only wanted to opperate the machine. in the current state of the machines i wouldnt have given more the $2500.00 for the 2 a 54'' and a 36'' if imster jackson will sell them for that ill save HD face and take them off the lot so as the manager said it was the only 2 units they had ever got from atlants HQ and after they were gone they would only stock them on a AS ORDERED basis becasue the poor sales of the unit becasue those type mowers just arenot popular in that area (as i was told ) i see 50 a day of the exmark and hustle names........ i feel its becasue of HD ONLY that the sales in the town is noexistant)
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    If mr jackson confirms what i believe about the beast mower (the battery is in fact a common battery ) and he allows us to service our own units and he allows us to purchase from the factory for the regular price .......... or he allows us to have HD weather damaged siezed up mowers for 2500.00 we will consider the purchase of the beast walk behind units in large numbers .if not i hate to say it and it no regard in a rude fashion, i will take my business to companies who can handle commercial opperations my size as will many of you. for refferance we have 45 crews 120+ employees 25 locationsserving all of tennessee and parts of northern alabama we opperate 60+ ZTR and push mowers ranging in price from 16,000 to 3000 in price for or ztrs and as cheap as 325.00 for push mowers . this will shed light on the fact we look at business like many of you ........ the lower the cost the more is to me made . will GXI step up and ask more for HD no idea would our current dealer step up ..no this never would have happened reguardless they would have grabed a battery charger/booster and off we would have went .
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    the machine appears to be built heavey enough honestly and proportioned well for most any thing shy of cutting 18'' grass
    the deck is good ......we compaired it in design to slightly less then the gravely decks of 2005+ its not a then deck like on the green walks off this site ..... its a open design deck so i believe its going to discharge just fine for the style deck it is understand its not a tunnel ran type deck but it is better made then our walker 54''
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    the drive tires are of good size on the 54'' the 36'' looks a tad narrower then i liked or i would have chose to have there ...but they look like many of the 36'' walks just the same .
    i did not get into the belts pulleys and the inner workings of the decks but things look standard quality spec and the linage bells that transfer the control leavers to the directional movements of the deck look alot better then our "bobcat ransom 1998 XM series walks for comparison they had alot of simular details steel thickness and so forth
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    Since the tires on their ZTR's are an odd size, that is available nowhere except at the "Beast" factory, I can see a possibity of the batteries being some odd size, only available in China also.
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    the forward control where you hand imput comes into play felt good it wasnt tight nor a loose squeeze it felt good . i am at about 250 lbs6'2'' and the front stayed down with all my weight standing on the sulky control arm ( i wanted to see how it felt if we cut out 3-4'' off the arn for trailer space .... when i actually supported all my weight o nthe handles the front came up about 2'' then droped back solid . ...... i honestly plan if we puschase them to add BB's and grease in the wheels to prevent flats and to add weight to the front and building a platform simular to the toro stand-ons i believe it will work with very little weight added . i am unsure of the fuel capacity but considering what i know about walks and the better fuel usage ove r ztrs i assume it will run 5+ hours or so

    as for if the sulkey is able to be raised easly if at all for transport or mowing o na hill with it attached i did not check the design of it but canfind out .....in 2+ weeks .
    HONEST NO B.S REVIEW . (one of few on this site lol)
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    i honestly hope GXI and mr jackson sees this as not an attack in anyform or fasion but a chance to earn the respect of many LOCS on this site and they choose to step up and support us over the $$$$ they make off HD . that is what every dealer would do for us and we all expect nothing less from the beast. so whats you guys thoughts on this all

    Mowing man i am not sure but honestly the battery looked just like the standard 2 types of batteries ..... theses guys made the statement when i asked how old the units were he said "its not old if it was the paint and theSTICKER would be faded ...... i didnt call him out by pointing out the positive post plastic covre was white in color i expected it had bee out in alot of non winter sun and the next day the commercial rep said he believed it was at the store last august so its a case of hd not knowing anything that isnt on a sticker.

    Sorry for all the type-o's we cut grass not publish books
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    Jesus (Spanish pronunciation) H Christie.. i am glad you put this in here to explain that... I was starting to wonder how deep in TN you are.

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