Who Makes the Beast From HD

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GrassesGuy, Apr 7, 2011.

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    GXI 'MAY" have some good machines. However, if they are going to rely on HD as their main source of sales, I am afraid the whole venture is headed for failure. HD personel are just not going to get the job done for them, as your experience is proving.
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    My thought is how can anyone gamble with thier business and rely on HD. On top of that we still don't know if these machines will hold up and how the cut quality is. To many risks for me. Thanks XLS for the honest review.
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    I've always believed a dealer can make or break your business. I run primarily all John Deere, yes I like them but more importantly my dealer is awsome. We have come to be like family. A good product deserves to have great dealers.
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    This country has already done all of your mentioned atrocities. We didn't start as leaders of the free world. Any emerging third world nation will have a learning curve. It is our responsibility to lend our experience and technology to improve their way of thinking. No one country is or can be self sufficient beyond a hunter-gatherer stage. Your comment about enslavement shows fear and ignorance. The average person on the other side of the world wants the same thing any American does. Safety and quality of life for his family. The world has always been changing. You can be part of evolution or be left behind.
    Now I would like to hear more on the thread topic.
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    I actually started to get a headache from reading this thread!:hammerhead::wall
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    Seriously though, I've asked it before and I'll ask again. Especially with large companies like the one XLS runs, doesn't anyone do their own repair work? As XLS mentioned, he waited on the phone for how long, then drove how far and then went through how many people to get to his answer, which of course never got answered considering he never ran the mower to see what it could do. I'm waiting in a similar way for the mower but I'll immediately take it home to use if possible and not run it in the parking lot without blades (something I understandf is not a good idea). HD has a 30 day return policy. If, after ownership, the battery box is an odd size, fab something to make a standard battery fit. If the paint is faded, so what, it will fade when you use it anyway. Fact is, this whole description of the mower is useless because it never was used. It has to do with customer service at HD and who really cares. I do my own repairs, regardless of warranty, and move forward. What happens if the mower lives beyond warranty? Do you throw it away and buy new simply for a warranty? The time wasted waiting for anyone to do warranty work is just that, wasted. Want it done right, do it yourself.

    Still waiting to hear if the mower works as described.
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    and crape is the same guy crying about it on the other thread . I only suggested the parking lot and blades off after he looked at me like i was nuts for wanting to run the machine. I agree with the idea of changing the battery and the wiring if needed but again if it was designed like every other unit i wouldnt need to do this to the machine.
    as far as me not running the machine so i dont know if its a good machine ,, again your off crape We looked over the machine and i know its as well designed and built as a older popular walk behind machine which brand i mentioned , its better made and designed then a husqvarna unit and the deck of a walker ......... to actual users of these machines they will know what i am refering to. is it a scag NO is it an exmark HExx NO is it a hustler nope its a beast and as i said its HD not the machine i am having problems with..and i also said i would buy the machine if i could bypass the HD bs . i think its clear cut . HD has a30 day guarentee but they also say they take care of their customers so now i dont believe its accurate to say its money back .they could be like lowes and give you a store card for the price .how nice would that be to get your money back in the form of a store card .

    I type fast and i dont proof read nor look back i simply type in the moment and send .. i am great at verbal communication and i dont work with computers except on here so typing is my bad accept it lol . we service all of our stuff but i understand alot of small guys just cant and if they are to wait on HD their grass could get tall before the repair.
    I have used enough equipment and i know most manufacture reps and dealers by name and i have their numbers in my phone at the GIE expo i make it to each of them and shake hands with as many as possible...... I dont claim to be any beter then anyone else in the industry but i know equipment and how they work by the look of the beast its a solid machine. i am still waiting on mr jackson to inform me me if he will step up and make me a customer or will we like HD fail me . his call
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    crape I never said your unit wont work as expected for a fact i believe the beast is a great machine but i know the hd units after setting out in the weather like alot of lco will do by leaving them on a trailer had locked up in several locations do i think this is a real issue NO its been unused , not serviced or lubed for the entire time ..... if it was being used corectly i think it would be a big hit to the lco out their looking to save 3000+ on a mower .
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    XLS Bro.... Congrats on your operation size but i would forget the beast mowers and enroll in a english/grammar school. That was really hard to read but i think i got through it with limited brain damage....

    Also, with a company your size.....Why would you even risk what you have with unproven machines. How much money can you really save vs. maintaining and adding to your existing customer base with a fleet of equipment that you can trust? Just trying to understand your problems at HD would turn me off for ever....
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    No hard feelings on the grammar and spelling. I don't care about that stuff but an occasionalperiod would be helpful for us to realize when you move to a different issue or topic.:)

    If I do get ahold of a machine, I too will be reporting in here. I won't depend on others to do my repairs. Just today, as I neared the end of aerating my lawns, the master link on the chain snapped. Came home, ordered two online and it will be here Tuesday for me to repair. Take it to the dealer? $30 in gas to get there and back and most likely, they wouldn't have the part. More wait time. Or, as I did, $20 for parts and shipping and for sure it will be running when done.

    I've never had any faith in HD staff. Their supply and products are good but the help is not at my speed, not that I'm all that great either, but I know I'm better at what I do than they are.

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