Who makes the best aerator?????

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by William Lehan, Sep 28, 2012.

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    I bought a brand-new Ryan Lawnaire IV aerator last year for about $2000 when I began my landscape business. I had never used an aerator of any kind before.
    I found the aerator cumbersome and rather difficult, and time-consuming to use but figured that was the nature of the beast.

    This year I had so much aeration to do that I had to rent a second aerator to do the jobs I had lined up on one particular day. The aerator I rented was a very well-used Ryan "Textron" aerator that I figured would do almost as well as the one I had. I was very shocked to discover that my beat-up rented aerator seemed much more powerful, pulled plugs better, than the new aerator I owned, and didn't leave my shoulders burning after three passes.

    I find myself feeling very frustrated. Any thoughts? is my Lawnaire IV a lemon? Did they used to make them better? Is there any way to improve the power on my Lawnaire IV, because that seems to be the real problem, that the Lawnaire IV just doesn't seem powerful enough; I have to jerk and push it around to get it moving forward much of the time. Should I unload the aerator on someone and get a used one?
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    You are using a 1970s design that hurts people. Want to see what the 2012 Aerator looks like to go Turfco.com and look at the XT5 TurnAer

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    We got a split tine classen 25 definitely lightens the load on the shoulders. I like it and it cores well for non hydraulic.
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