Who makes the best shrub trimmers ?


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I don't profess to know the best, but I use an echo 1500. it has been dependable and gives a good cut. bought it used for $50 and made more than that on my first shrub job. man!--I love being in the GREEN!<p>GEO


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if you have the arms to work them, a Stihl hs-86 will cut anything in it's path, & you can rotate the handle in 3 positions to give you precision & better leverage too.<br>They go for about 400 smackers, but it's an investment well worth it-you MUST try them to believe it.<br>Only bad thing is after I got mine is that they are almost TOO big for alot of normal to smaller trim work, so it'd be good to have a smaller set for the little stuff.<br>Anybody who has used a pair will agree; they'll turn you into Popeye after a day of trimming :)<br>Be sure & demo them before you make your purchase.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>


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I'm just a consumer, but have lots of hedges to maintain, including some 200 feet of redtips. I've burned out two electric hedgers and recently bought a Stihl HS-80 since it was the biggest thing I could find.<br>Yes, it's heavy. But it cleanly cuts anything it gets near. Engine starts and runs great. I searched this forum and gardenweb and although others are recommended, nobody seemed to have anything negative to say about Stihl hedge trimmers.


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Husquvarna 225H60 Hedge Trimmer. Lots of power and cuts the tougher stuff like spreia bushes and barbberry bushes. Has 24&quot; double cutting blade w/ swivel handle for trimming in diferent directions. Cost $379.00 but as like anything else you pay more for good commerical equipment. Hope this helps. Mowman


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i have a stihl hedge trimmer attachment for my FS-85. It is great. the engine (25.4 cc) is bigger than any other hedge trimmer i have seen. power is not an issue at all. I have great reach because the head is so far away, it can also angle up to 90 degrees. It is awkwardly balanced though, if i use it much, i'll get big forearms. it was $200, +300 for the trimmer. It is probably safer too, i doubt i could cut off a finger with it, and if i drop it, it will be well away from me.

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Can't really recommend a good hedge clipper but can steer you away from a bad one. We have been using an old Echo with great results so we decided to buy another Echo to replace it, bad decision. Have had nother but trouble with it since we bought and very bad service trying to fix/replace it. Just my .02<p><p>----------<br>Mike Reynolds,<br>GrassRoots Lawn Care, Florida


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I agree w/ smitty on the stihl's. They are an excellent product, but you do have to carry the spinach w/ you. I still wouldn't trade them for any other brand though.<p>Mike<br>Greenkeepers

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