Who Makes the best stand on?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by makktruck, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Schrock Lawns

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    I'm 6ft and my gstand fits me perfectly , I've never stood on a vride but the ride on the grandstand is AMAZING! It's like standing on clouds lolol
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  2. smokenjoe_10

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    I also have a grandstand 48in deck and I'm 5'10'' 140 LBS I love mine thought about getting a vride but I was never happy with the cutting of a scag the deck can't keep up the the speed of the mower IMO. Plus the toro has the chute control deck for thick green wet grass to your 100 degree dry grass I ran mine in both this season and was very pleased with the outcome.
  3. stonebridge

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    john deere quik trak has best cut hands down, toro grandstand has the best ride hands down and scag vride is right in the middle,
    scag has a great cut, great speed, and is pretty comfortable,
    haven't tried the new gravely, but had the great dane and was one of the best mowers i had except in the mornings clump alot and gravely had the same deck, would like to see the improvements they made.
  4. LawnCareNoobie

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    The quick traks with the 7 iron deck. Snatch those up before they discontinue them.
  5. makktruck

    makktruck LawnSite Member
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    As of right now I'm leaning towards the Scag V-ride but but can't decide between a 48inch deck or a 52 inch deck. thanks for all the responses.
  6. keithslawnc

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    I owned a JD quick trac 60" cut. I owned it for a little less than two years. In my opinion they are way under powered. The deck cut grass great with moderate growth but tall and thick grass was to much for it to handle. Also it was horrible of hills. I replaced it with the Wright ZK 31hp 60". This machine is a whole differnt animal. The traction on hills is incredible but the cut quality is lacking a little. I ended up swithing the blade spacer to the scag blade spacer which made the blades sit lower in the deck and this made a huge differnce. My ZK will be 2 years old in March and I have about 1100 hours on it. I will be selling it and replacing it with a new ZK.

    If you want a stander that will keep up with a zero turn, I believe the Zk is the way to go. They are not cheap but how much money can you save being more efficent over the life of the mower.
  7. Chris_NC06

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    Wright IMHO.
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  8. Church2224

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    I have only demoed the Gravely Pro Stance and the Toro Grandstand, but I would take the Gravely hands down. In a year or two I might get the 52 inch version
  9. kyfirewood

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    I have a 61" Scag V-Ride that I bought this spring. I am very happy with it. Good cut, nice stripes. What I really like is that it mows well in wet grass without balling up.
    That said I will have a brand new Gravely ProStance for sale. 52" cut. It is a really nice mower, never used. My daughter in law won it at the GIE Lawn Show in Louisville this year. Her and my son are just married and figure they can use the $ more than the mower right now. If interested let me know. I am located in southern KY
  10. Rvldesign

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    I own a scag vride and love it. Makktruck if you own any 36" mowers buy the 52" mower as it uses the same size blades. Because I already have 2-36" mowers I will go with te 52" vride in the spring otherwise I would have gone with the 48" due to being more versitile.
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