Who makes the best: Trimmers, hedge pruners, blowers, chainsaws?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TooMuchClay, Apr 4, 2012.

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    Whats up?

    I just joined today, but have visited several times before, and I thought this might be a good first thread to start.

    It seems that many brands of gas powered lawn landscaping tools are regional, and some arent available in certain areas. For instance, I just learned that Kawasaki makes gas tools the other day, after doing a Google search for hedge pruners.

    Around here, Echo is the most prevalent tool manufacturer, but Stihls are available too. There are now Husqvarna chainsaws, trimmers, blowers, etc now too. But thats pretty much it. There are homeowner grade brands too, but I'm not counting them here.

    But I worked for a guy in 1996 who had traveled to NJ to buy Shindaiwa trimmers, and I worked there for 1 season, mostly mowing. Three years earlier, I had worked for another guy who only used Echo trimmers. What I can tell you from my experience, is that the Shindaiwa trimmers seem to be a whole lot tougher, more reliable, and longer lasting than Echo trimmers.

    The guy who used Echo trimmers owned 3 of them between 5 months to 1.5 years old, and we had to carry all 3 with us just to ensure that 2 of them would work, and sometimes only 1 would work. The guy who owned Shindaiwa trimmers on the other hand, only had 2 of them, and they were 3-5 years old, and both of them worked every day!

    They were all equally well cared for, they were used an equal amount of time for trimming mainly residential homes with 1 large apartment complex, so both companies had almost identical businesses. It all came down to Shindaiwa simply making better trimmers......

    So I bought a Shindaiwa T-261x in 2005, and aside from replacing a pull start this week, it still runs great! Although I dont mow anymore and only use it 1-2 times per week.

    However, Echo makes superior backpack blowers, pretty good hedge trimmers, and some decent top handle chainsaws. I just dont like their larger saws.

    Stihl makes the best handheld blower that I've used.

    Husqvarna makes great high end chainsaws(XP series).

    I'm looking for a new hedge pruner since my Echo finally gave out, but I want one that weighs about 11lbs, and is 18-24" long double sided blades. The Echo didnt start very easily, so I want one that starts easily. Any opinions?

    Who do you think makes the best of these tools?

    Handheld Blowers:
    Backpack Blowers:
    Hedge Pruners:

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    Not a problem buddy check HERE for all your answers.
  3. TooMuchClay

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    I just looked through those links you left, but they mainly seem to be talking about which mower they just bought, not which trimmers and chainsaws are best.
    But thanks anyway, as it's interesting to see which mowers people are using.

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    Those are my links that are always on my signature, you need to click on the word "here" i highlighted in red.
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    Who wrote the best Blues, Rock and Jazz songs? Yeah.
  6. lifesgood14

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    Trimmers: Shindaiwa
    Chainsaws: Husqvarna
    Handheld Blowers: Solo
    Backpack Blowers: Red Max
    Hedge Pruners: No opinion, I use attachments on my split shaft husky trimmer to do hedges

    This is just my opinion, I've been running a company for 16 years and been threw a lot of different brands the ones I have recommended seem to hold up the best against a lot of abuse. The shindaiwa and husky are not the most powerfull of their type but they are built like tanks.
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    Wondering when GP was going to chime in with his expertise :laugh:
  8. TooMuchClay

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    See, thats what I was talking about when I mentioned that these tool brands are regional. We get Solo backpack sprayers for pesticides, but I've never seen a Solo blower! Didnt even know they made them. We dont get Red Max stuff here either.
  9. Bears Lawn Service

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    We run all stihl in Waco TX but mainly because we have dealers close by. But I've never had a problem with any of them from trimmers to blowers, edgers or hedge trimmers
  10. GMLC

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    I have had very good luck with Stihl. Going on 15 years now.
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