Who makes the best well light?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Dbilik1, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. Dbilik1

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    I’ve always avoided installing well lights in grass whenever possible as I’ve always found them to be inherently more problematic than an above ground directional fixture. It seems either take abuse from landscapers and lawn maintenance or irrigation systems take a toll on them. I’m wondering how some of you view this? I’ve recently went back to an MR16 LED well light with the addition of an ABS sleeve to help keep water away from the fixture and have had good luck so far but wouldn’t it’s time tested. I’m hoping that between the sleeve and the fact that there is no need to replace lamps frequently as was the case with halogen.

    What do you guys use and what level of confidence do you have in their reliability?

    Thanks, looking forward to the feedback.
  2. Jimmy Turks

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    Since I won't be giving up my limited supply of Nightscaping Vermeer well lights any time soon, and since the OEM of the Vermeer, located in Australia, stopped making them years ago, I would highly recommend that you use the next best well light in the history of low voltage lighting. That would be the Auroralight WL16 Lighthaus. End of story.
  3. Alan B

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    VOLT® Salty Dog line of well lights have the following features to insure they will not have water intrusion:

    -Cold forged brass (more water tight than cast brass) and a complete brass enclosure.
    -IP 68 Rated (approved for underwater submersion over 1 meter for prolonged periods)
    -for IP ratings explained see here: https://www.rainfordsolutions.com/ip-enclosure-ratings-and-standards
    -we designed it as an underwater fixture but then converted to a well light so that it can be submersed underwater. 6 screws on face to gasket, pressure fitting wire (round), sealed wire exit. Our Underwaster light is actually the SAME fixture body. https://www.voltlighting.com/volt-s...w-voltage-landscape-lighting/p/VUL-701-25-BBZ
    -lifetime warranty
    -best price for its class.
    -uL listed

    Be sure to order the "Salty Dog" versions-- they have better moisture protection than the regular VOLT line of well lights.

    MR-16 version:

    Integrated Version:

    Articulating version (available in mr-16 or integrated):


    Underwater version:[​IMG]
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  4. Dbilik1

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    Thanks Jimmy, I’ve always admired their fixtures but have never installed them on a project and haven’t specifically looked at their well light. It looks impressive though and may be perfect for a particular project that needs about 40 wells. I appreciate the recommendation.
  5. knox gsl

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    Are these available direct or is it a distributor/dealer setup?
  6. starry night

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    Knox: There's the O'Hanlon Group in Knoxville. I am not familiar with them so I'm not sure if they wholesale. I deal with Cascade Lighting in Akron OH, a distributor for many lines.
  7. Jimmy Turks

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    Give Auroralight a call and ask for their recommendation for a dealer nearest to you.
  8. starry night

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    Also, Chuck Link in Florida handles Auroralight among others.
  9. Jimmy Turks

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    Gerry at Terradek Lighting can get you Auroralight.
  10. kellanv

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    Auroralight Thumbs Up

    We use their in-grades quite a bit - especially in hardscape. Our bread-and-butter in-grade for turf is the WAC 5031. Tilt, adjustable output and spread and not quite so spendy. They have been incredibly reliable.

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