Who Moved My Cheese?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Sean Adams, May 29, 2008.

  1. Sean Adams

    Sean Adams LawnSite Gold Member
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    Have you ever read this book?

    It is called "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Dr. Spencer Johnson.

    I read this book last night for the 3rd time. It only takes about an hour to read, but it is great stuff.

    Here it is in a nutshell...

    There are two mice named "Sniff" and "Scurry" and two little people named "Hem" and "Haw".

    They are in a maze which represents life and they are constantly running through this maze looking for cheese which represents success and happiness.

    The two mice work together and the two little people work together looking for cheese. One day they all come upon "Cheese Station C" which is filled with cheese. The mice are happy, but they keep looking for more cheese. The little people (humans) become content with what they have found and they become lazy and arrogant, believing that the cheese will always be there for them.

    One day the mice arrive to the cheese station and find that there is no cheese. They aren't upset and decide to "sniff" and "scurry" along looking for more cheese. When the two humans (Hem and Haw) get to the cheese station and see that the cheese is all gone they get really upset asking out loud...

    "Who Moved My Cheese?"

    The humans keep going back everyday to the same cheese station and find no cheese, and each day they get more and more upset, blaming the world and even eachother for their lack of cheese (success and happiness).

    Meanwhile, the two mice end up finding a new cheese station with even more cheese than the first place.

    One day the one human (Haw) decides it is time to go out and look for new cheese, but the other human (Hem) says that there is no way he is going out into the scary, unpredicatable maze. He decides he is going to wait right there and eventually the cheese will reappear.

    Haw goes out on his way, nervous and afraid, but determined to find new cheese. On his journey he begins to realize a lot of important things about life.

    1st - Change is inevitable. Deal with it.
    2nd - Anticipate change - be ready for it, not surprised by it.
    3rd - Monitor change - keep your eyes open at all times to what is going on.
    4th - Adapt to change - the quicker you change the better life is.
    5th - Make the change - or in this case, move with the cheese.
    6th - Enjoy the change - it is not always a bad thing.
    7th - Be ready for change again and again - it is the world we live in.

    Finally, the human "Haw" finds the new cheese station where the mice have been all along. He is excited hoping that his friend "Hem" will stop being so stubborn and leave the old cheese station.

    My favorite part of the story is when Haw, when on his journey for new cheese, alone and scared, decides and asks himself...

    "What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?"

    It got me thinking.... I realize that most of the things in life that people are afraid of are not nearly as bad as they make them out to be in their own mind. It's just a matter of trying something new. You just might surprise yourself.

    Don't worry if someone moved your cheese. Just go out and find some new cheese, some better cheese, and enjoy yourself along the way.
  2. Supper Grassy

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    wow sounds like a good read
  3. bill8379

    bill8379 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I hated that book, get it from the library if you must read it.

    I should plagiarize it though... how's this? Who Moved my Oil.
  4. DiyDave

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    What do we want? Change! How are we going to get it? Same old way, protest, and stamp our feet. Forgive me, its an election year, and I'm getting sick of the slogans that mean nothing.:usflag:
  5. DanaMac

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    I think that is a great book. I usually read it once a year. It's helped my adjust my business each year.
  6. warren piece

    warren piece LawnSite Member
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    Reminds me of a quote from a friend of mine "All you have to do to change the world is change your mind"
  7. bill8379

    bill8379 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I actually downloaded this book a few days ago as a PDF, love the information age.

    I also much prefer the new PDF format of the Lawn Care Success thing, much better then word format.. better looking I mean.
  8. Mrs. H

    Mrs. H LawnSite Senior Member
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    What a really good story. I don't know how I ended up on this thread...but I think I really needed it.

  9. J & D Greens

    J & D Greens LawnSite Senior Member
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    My friend had me read this book after he did. It was back when He decided to start his own plumbing Bus. He wanted me to work under Him but I was close to a pension with my other job. Read the book, I could have been making twice the money for the past three years. And my pension? It is in jeopardy as I speak. I was going to wait but can't any more. Now everyone know the uncertainty of everything. So we must be aggressive, I just hope I can push myself hard at enough at the age of to grow in the industry I have always love to work in.
  10. Real Green

    Real Green LawnSite Senior Member
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    That book is a great read! Thank you Sean.

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