Who mowed my customers lawn???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by yz250fpilot, May 15, 2004.

  1. yz250fpilot

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    Have any of you ever had this happen???......

    I had to mow a couple properties yesterday in a specific subdivision where I have 9 or so customers. I noticed one customer's home that was not on my schedule for yesterday had been freshly cut!!

    I just picked this customer up and had mowed the lawn one time so far. The customer just gave up doing the lawn on their own, and did have another lco cut it once a few weeks ago. They stated they did not care for job that was done by the other lco, and they got my number from a customer I have across the street (They told my other customer that they loved how their lawn looked all last year).

    Anyway, I thought...boy that was a quick one to lose. However, I also thought someone mowed it without asking. I caught the customer at home later that evening and inquired about the situation. The customer stated they were as surprised as I was. They got home, and their lawn was cut. They thought I had done it even though it was not scheduled. However, when they checked their mailbox, there was an invoice from the lco that had cut it once before many weeks ago. The customer stated they had no contract with him and they never asked him to come do the lawn. What the Heck??

    I would never go cut someone's lawn and bill them without first having an agreement or at least having them call me to cut it. I know the name of the company, but don't know anyone with them personally.

    I am thinking about going after some accounts I see them at. This guy just cost me a tank of gas in my truck. I'm even tempted to go mow a couple of his lawns for free without asking and leaving a note for the homeowner stating "We hope you enjoy your complimentary cut today! If you are in need of lawn service at 1/2 your current rate, please give us a call at ***-****."

    Would any of you do something like this?? I realize you might need a buck, but that just ain't right!
  2. number1dad

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    I have had the same thing happen to me. I questioned the customer when I arrived and they stated that they did not think I was going to mow it. They called the day before and so happened to be between yards when the phone rang. I answered and told them I will be there the next morning. They found some other company, not licensed, insured, and cutting prices. They got what they paid for since that company undercut me by $20.00. I was glad to go to the next yard.
  3. yz250fpilot

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    Oh, and I pointed out to the customer that the LCO had failed to trim around a shrub in the front of their yard. :)
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    I have a customer that i do the house, and their 2 businesses. After they fired the last company they kept doing the house, and she called to cancel about 3 times. They didnt bill her, just kept doing the house only. I got paid to drive by once a week and touch it up. This went on for nearly a year.

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