Who needs a professional?

kickin sum grass

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I had a guy call me by recommendation of a very good client of mine.
He wanted to get his yard in shape as the homeowners ass. threated to have his lawn fixed for him and send him the bill. I get there and the lawn is a disaster, by far the worst in the neighborhood. As we were talking he mentioned he has seeded this thing 4 times in the last two years. tried just spreading seed a couple times and then rented a slicer a couple of times with no luck what so ever. The lawn has about 10% coverage of grass and the rest is bare or clover covered. So I priced it with a program we needed to do. Included was a soil test, then an app of Drive before seeding to kill the clover, seed etc etc etc and then later on another app of drive to kill any crabgrass trying to grow in. Well the guy decides that he does not need the soil test or kill the weeds and wants the new price. Says soil test is a waste of money as dirt is dirt and sees no reason to kill the weeds, just wants grass to fill in the bare spots. I give my speach yadda yadda yadda and I tell him I would rather not have my name on this project if we are not going into the full program. He decides he will talk with his wife and let me know.
So he decides to go with it and I go out and pull soil samples. I got the results back today. There was pretty much no phosphurous and very little potassium. By far the lowest I have ever saw. He was amazed at what the results were and now believes that some lawn guys actually know what they are talking about. Luckily I put in the contract that additional admendments recommended from the soil test would be additional charge. That should be a heafty fee.
Who needs a professional? huh - I know one person now that did.


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Good job and sounds like you exercised some good judgment on that one, I've also used soil sampling to get a lawn back into shape and have found it to be very useful. I bought some drive a while back to kill crabgrass in a fescue lawn, Didn't realize it was good for much anything else. Most of my other lawns are Bermuda and fescue with no pre-existing c-grass issues. I resodded another back yard because the guy had virtually destroyed his St Aug with multiple lime treatments-The first time I'd seen St Aug this far north-This guy had been copying his neighbor because his neighbor had such a great lawn-Unfortunately, the neighbor had Bermuda

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