Who offer financing to their customers?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by PerfiCut L&L, Feb 17, 2008.

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    With credit being the most popular way to make large purchases, we are considering offering financing to our hardscape customers. I would like to know, for those of you who do offer some sort of financing or deferred payment plan of sort, how many customers do you find actually take advantage of it, and of these how many do you think would not have had the work done if financing was not available?

    Most of our customers I would say either pay cash, or obtain an equity loan in order to pay for a number of home upgrades, hardscaping or landscaping being part of their planning. A hand few pay with credit card or a combination of both. Of course we all know who pays the credit card fees.

    I think if we advertise a payment plan, or financing available, we may obtain new clients who otherwise would not call. Personally, I have no problem offering a 0% financing plan for up to 6 months, with limitations of course. And if not paid at the end of terms, a specified interest rate will then be applied.

    Who is offering such plans? and what has been your experience?

    -Please... dont bash me about the risks, and dead beat payers.... I am looking for some honest strait forward experience replies. Thank.s
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    Never do in-house financing.


    Not even a new car dealership does in-house financing!

    These finance companies employ a flock of collectors for a reason!

    And if they default, and you go to court, and judgement is in your favor.....that doesn't mean you'll get paid.

    Yes, WE DO OFFER FINANCING! But....we are set up to do so via JOHN DEERE LANDSCAPES!!

    Through John Deere Finance, my company can finance your patio just like you can get your new lawn tractor financed. And it's an unsecured loan. Our clients can apply online.

    And we also accept Discover, Mastercard, & Visa.

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