who or what gives the department of ag the right?

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    Its just another taxation, and more Govt. control. At least most Licensed applicators know a little about what they are doing, i've always believed that commercial guys are not the problem, its Joe Blow home owner who puts down 75 lbs of scotts fertilizer on his 5k lawn every month, thats who needs to be regulated!!!

    BTW i know a lot of Joe blow home owners, and i'm just one set of eyes, thats the scarry part.
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    Don't forget Agriculture when you start pointing fingers. But the real problem in horticulture is every Tom, Dick and Harry can get a license in most states without any real education and apply any thing they want. You only have to read a few question ask here to realize how uneducated 90 percent of those applying chemicals are. And those are the ones that actually have a license from what ever state they are from. Not unlike Harry home owner the Illegal guys don't have a clue and put down what ever the Home Depot clerk tells them to use.

    Recently I had a illegal guy ask me to look at a yard he was treating. Of course he wasn't illegal in his mind because he only put down Aloft twice a year. The grass was dying and He couldn't figure out what his problem was. His problem was the lack of a trained eye and he missed seeing early, middle and late signs of Fungus and insects.

    90% of the time you can throw down the standard Fert and Squirt and get away with it. But without the educated Eye you miss the early signs of trouble. That is why people like TG/CL and illegals or uneducated get in trouble.

    ANOTHER REASON FOR STRICT LICENSING IS MONEY. I see Northern guys complain all the time about prices. They get their licenses from Cracker Jack Boxes. Here in Florida License are harder to get and you got to study to pass the test. BUT we get 3 time more money for our applications than you do.

    It takes at least 3 years to learn enough to be a beginner. It takes 3 life times to be an expert.
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    The broken record continues, do you really feel that it is necessary to tell everyone one EVERY post that "Here in Florida License are harder to get and you got to study to pass the test." I realize that you have self esteem problems, but there are better ways to deal with it than to come of Lawnsite and try to talk yourself up.

    So...if most of us here on lawnsite "got our license from a crackerjack box" and we are a bunch of uneducated applicators, then how is it that so many of us are very successful in this business?
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    Yes I do feel it is necessary to continually tell people to get an education on Pesticides before contaminating Mother earth. If you are intimidated, then study your applicators manual and be part of the cure instead of the problem.

    The Tree Hugger Granola Nuts are looking for any reason they can to turn our industry into Canada's socialism. Parks in Canada once lust with Green grass are now weeds. Agriculture must feed the world so Agriculture Chemicals are not going any where and they are a far greater source of chemical contamination. But the Granola Fruits and Nut are looking at the easier target of Horticulture and a bunch of Yard Boy who don't know their A$$ from a hole in the ground.

    Stop being Carl Spackler and learn a little more about Grass than the fact it turns green in summer rains.
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    I see no reason you should not be allowed to buy C4. Why should you have to prove you're not an idiot? There should be, however SEVERE penalties for using it irresponsibly.
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    The industry needs to be regulated and the regulations need to be enforced because there are too many a-holes that believe if a little works then a whole lot more is better, starting with the homeowners. That's why our environment gets poisoned and beneficial agents like DDT, Atrazine are either taken off the market or restricted because people like YOU probably don't read the labels and follow directions... gangsta.
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    Case in point. I was talking to a friend of mine the other day. he brought up japanese beetles and how he discovered them on his trees already. He said he had a friend in the ag spraying business who hooked him up with some insecticide called Dragon or at least thats what i think he said. Anyway he said its a RUP and that area farmers are spraying their corn with it. His friend told him 1 oz per gallon but he said he did 2 ounces per gallon and laughs jokingly. This is why we are regulated but the problem also lies with homeowners. MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER!
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    Since jap beetles were first identified at the beginning of the 20th Century just 5 miles from where I live, I find the history of the battle against this pest interesting. Check out this link, even though it says mosquito it's about early efforts to contain the spread of jap beetles.


    As you can see, Resistance is not futile, it's inevitable.
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    Because, in both instances (applying RUP's and handling C4) I stand to put the public at-risk.

    I have no problems with limited instances where proving I'm (and you're) not an idiot is mandated.
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    Great article... that's why you have to switch you chems on the 2nd app or the 3rd. Resistance is inevitable. Look at the cinch bug problems in S FL, resistant strains have already emerged. Too many morons keep applying the same chems over and over... and then in heavier concentrations.

    Indiscriminate use is also a double edged sword. DDT for example saved millions from Malaria, but they used it so indiscriminately it became a pervasive toxin throughout the ecological chain. This ended the use of DDT which ultimately led to the execution of the law of unintended consequences; read the report and look at the graph on the link below:


    Germany, I believe the first to ban Atrazine, is currently suffering crop blight from invasive weeds that had previously been controlled by Atrazine. It is still a beneficial chem but has been tarnished by its indiscriminate use.

    Regulation, enforcement, lisensing & contuing education are paramount!

    And look Dragon's product registration has been suspended; http://www.pesticideinfo.org/Detail_Product.jsp?REG_NR=00001600160&DIST_NR=000016
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