Who owns the new Scag WB?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by dathorpe, Aug 8, 2013.

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    Shame they don't have that opinion in the politics forum!

    As regards this mowers, the lack of anti scalp wheels is nuts to me, especially since the fixed deck has them! Maybe they should let this be the entry / light duty model and then bring a beefed up version with V1 decks later? If they do that and height adjustment is so easy, then I would say between those two that's all the walk behinds you need from Scag. Fixed deck is limited and if height adjustment is easy on the new one you'll take it, making the fixed redundant. Belt drive is clunky but cheaper so the low hydro price would be approachable for folks with less money to spare.
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    Get a ferris wb and never look at another lesser product again....

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