who perfer wearing shorts than pants, no hat and no long sleeves?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joel29m, May 6, 2012.

  1. sim

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    For me it's always shorts and a t shirt. I can handle the debris hitting my legs while trimming but its embarrassing to wear shorts out with all the small marks it leaves on my shins, so I slip on a pair of bib overalls before I trim. They slide right over my shoes and are on and off in seconds.
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  2. Dayglo yellow pocket t-shirt, shorts, and Croc thong sandals and a wide brimmed Tilley hat with dark safety sunglasses. I do hire out my trimming and my trimming guy wears shorts, t-shirt and tennis shoes and I can't get the goofball to wear a freaking hat but, I do provide safety sunglasses.
  3. Valk

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    Shorts - I trim smart & with low revs, so less painful flying debris. Although, the idea of some removable chaps (W E Chapps) certainly sounds intriguing.

    Performance T-shirt under a cotton short sleeve button-up work shirt -> keeps me cool...but I LIVE for Summer's heat & humidity.

    Vasque Breeze mid-top (with Goretex XCR) hiking boots. No pain in my feet at the end of the day OR the next morning = PRICELESS.

    Full sun protection hat that covers my ears and neck...absorbs the sweat well.

    Sun/safety glasses w/o a hat makes for a lot of glare & reflections...not to mention streams of sweat to blur your vision. But, to each their own.
  4. chuacro

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    When I started out I wore t-shirts and shorts. I sweated alot and had to hose myself down before I took a shower. I now wear a long sleave shirt and long pants with insulated underware. I come home and brush off my pants and then change clothes. I feel more comfortable in this setup.
  5. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Yea once it hits 70 degrees out come the shorts. Wear them from April till the beginning of Oct normally. I like tea shirts and the color doesn't matter if its chilly ill have a hooded sweat shirt that I can take on and off as needed. And I hate hats no thank you on that, just oakley's and headphones. And a new pair of work boots every year anything lower then 8 inch sides and I seem to twist my ankles all the time. As far as weed wacking goes I might have 190 plus lawns with 80 on my personal list but I trim fewer then 4 a week. That's what employees are for and the bigger mowers should do the bulk of the mowing since its more efficient and since that one is mine I spend most of my lawn days either mowing or blowing off.
  6. Snapper Jack

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    There's an old expression from the old timers here "Swamp A$$" must be difficult for you while wearing IU all day:laugh:
  7. SSmith

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    The guy doesn't even shower? Just brushes off the grass and goes about his biz? That's disgusting.

    Here in Cincy yesterday it was 85 with 100% humidity. By 10:30 I was drenched in sweat. Try wearing long underwear in that weather...see how that goes. Now try doing that in July and August. Um, no.
  8. superdog1

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    Shorts and T shirts all day long. It is fairly easy to run a trimmer without spraying stuff all over you. While there will always be a rock or two hitting you, be a man and take it, Lol. :laugh:

    I don't get poison oak/ivy, so whenever we run into that, my guys just point at it and laugh. They are amazed when I go over and tear it away with my hands. Once I get adjusted to the heat, the A/C stays off! That just kills me when you get out of a cold truck into 95 degree heat. It's like getting hit with a bat!
  9. quadsport09

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    Im about to post my thoughts and I see this guys post and Im not gonna bother! I agree completely haha I dont get poison and I know how to weedwack that I hardly get any grass on my at all everything shoots away.
    I wear shorts and a tshirt/tank top 9 -10 months a year including msotly when I do firewood in the winter as I rarely get sick. I bring a hooded sweathshirt sometimes for when Its freezing. I do wear a hat as I dont want skin cancer but besides that I stay as least clothed as doesnt scare customers away :p
  10. Patriot Services

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    Croc sandals and a wide brimmed hat? Thats the offical attire of northern tourists at Disney.:usflag:

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