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If you include powerwashing in your services can you tell me a little bit about it. How do you charge? What equip. do you need? When do you need to do it or is it done upon customers request? Is it profitable? Thanks!


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I have washed a few houses, I have 3 on my list to do right now as a matter of fact. I have a 1500 psi pressure washer, a long handled brush, 1 gallon pump up sprayer, and a 5 gallon bucket. It is easy money, except for the real high points on some houses, its like washing a big truck or something. Most times the clorox and pressure will do the work but I like to scrub it down anyway. The 3 houses I have to do may take a total of 5 hrs and I'll get $300.00 for them. $60.00 an hour ain't too bad. I don't measure and get real technical though, if I did I could probably get more. It's not a big investment really when you borrow the pressure washer from a &quot;friend&quot; like I am!!!! I did have to fix it first so I don't feel too bad making money with his equipment. I would rather do this type of work in the fall but hey, gotta get it while the gettins' good!<p>Homer
Hello Everybody:<p>Yes, believe it or not I owned BlassMaster pressure washing too.<p>Here's the URL:http://www.dcs1.com/<p>There is a lot of good info on this site & they have a lot of info on pressure washing pricing & etc. If you intend on doing this, then go to this site!<p>Yes, very good money. I converted all my customers to use my service. I was instant success.<p>To be very good & running the cheaper cold water units get one with 2500psi & up with a min 3 gal. a minute. Remember the more pressure & the more gal. per minute, the lesstime it takes. I think you could find a decent one for $1000.<p>I can be wrong but I had a down stream injector system & I had it set where it would put out a gal. in about 2 to three min. very easy to calibrate(using low pressure soap nozzel). I just checked using a gal. jug full of water every so often. This setting is for your soap or clorox. <p>I tried all kinds & yes clorox was the best. Catch it on sale buy in quanties, put it in large colored plastic container. See through ones, the sunlite will turn it into water in a week or 2. LOL I lost about 35 gal. I learned the hard way!<p>Always put on cleaner going left to right & start at the bottom & go up. Yes, always wet down bushes first with water. Then after applying chem. go back & wet down bushes again, then wash. I never had a problem. If enough pressure you don't need a brush most of time. When blasting off cleaner start at top & go down!<p>What helped me the most was I had 200 ft of hose which was a hassle rolling up, but I soon realized that I was loosing so much time loading & unloading. Moving & rolling washer around. So I purchased more hose.<p>In most cases the dirtier it was the easier it was to clean.<p>I also made me a extension out of water pipe I cant remember maybe 8 or 10 foot long with quick disconnects. I could easily do 2 story houses with 8 foot ladder & sometimes no ladder.<p>I never made less than 60 a hour(in mid 8o's). I learned soon do not make promisses you can't keep cleaning concrete surfaces. I also stayed away from fleet cleaning. Big money but in most cases had to be done same time every time on a schedule.<p>I never did it but this is something to think about. Find drive throughs at banks, cleaners, fast food, resturants, Dentist offices & etc. <p>Then price a clean up price & if possible a scheduled cleaning. Like 1 a week or every 2 weeks. If you get it after clean up, put down some sealer, the kind that is like liquid silicone. Then your next trips will be a piece of cake.<p>Think about this one, very easy to get year round maintenance agreements. Don't forget resturant & Dental office entrances. I would ride & look for the gum at front door. Catch new places & get them signed up?<p>BTW Charge them for installation for the sealer. You can charge a pile of money for this! Lots of people pay to have this put on carports, driveways & etc.<p>This service is a excellent add on service to your lawn service business. I never knew about the rotary nozzels they cut your time up to 300% cleaning surfaces.<p>If your brave & like big, big, big money, learn to clean brick & what I mean is just after they been layed. What I mean in most cases is go after new construction. In my area there was no competition on this service & this man I knew made 90K to 100K a year part time. He picked his work & they paid the price!<p>LOL be careful though, several times he wake up & everything in back of truck would be on ground, the muratic acid will eat a hole through metal in nothing flat. You can't play around with it, so know your stuff!<p>Sorry most of this is copy of a previous post, when you have questions, I think you should do a search first, like keywords &quot;PRESSURE WASHING&quot; & you will find more post on it.<p><p>----------<br>GrassMaster - Home: www.lawnservicing.com<br>My Start Up Page www.lawnservicing.com/startup/

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