Who really applies 65%-75% of the years N mid Sept-mid Nov in the North....?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Exact Rototilling, May 2, 2013.

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    Yes.... Just like the title says....for those who apply fert who is applying what the University level recommendations of MOST and/or 1/3 ....okay to keep it simple.... 65%-75% of the seasons total Nitrogen.

    If your answer is yes and you do put down a heavy Fall Nitrogen ap...say 55% or more mid September to November....what type of program do you have set up for total # of visits....?
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    The ground was finally open enough to start cleaning last week... next week we may start mowing,,, and the following week I may put down Milorganite @ .75 lbs./k for the season or wait an extra week for some synfert at the same rate...
    Aug-Sept,,, whenever the heat of Summer is past and the grass is actively growing again another .75 lbs for Fall growth and then another .75 lbs before Oct 15th as winterizer...
    Slow release is fine for the first 2 apps but the winterizer should be 'used up' before winter dormancy sets in,,, otherwise it is going to be the same as a Spring app after the ground thaws and the prills continue to dissolve,,, even b4 the grass starts growing...
    If the soil is particularily barren a full pound per 1000 could be used...

    This year looks like out growing season runs from May to Oct.,,,minus the heat weeks/months of lethargy and the drought weeks/months of premature dormancy... so I don't see the need for the conventional wisdom of 4 lbs./k...

    basically my answer is ' Yes'... :)
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    I probably do 40% of the total season N prior to my 4th round (early fall app). The rest then.

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