Who runs a weight distribution hitch 1/2 ton


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B-N-Law tows a 31ft travel trailer with his Chevy 1500 and swears by it. Says you need outfit it with sway control too.


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Yea I normally only run around with a 3000lb trailer so I don't need it. I seriously overloaded my truck with 3 pallets of sod (7500lbs) trailer and it wasn't fun and was sagging pretty good. I just sold my old IDI f250 and forgot how much this thing sags with weight on the tongue. I looked at the owners manual and anything over 5000lbs is suppose to have a WDH on it. I looked at some videos and can see how it helps a lot and with the braking as well.


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Figured I would pull up this thread. Anyone have anymore input on using a weight distribution hitch on a 5,000 lb utility trailer. Any benefits to using one or is a trailer like this too small for any noticeable difference?