Who runs an exhaust brake?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by South Florida Lawns, Jan 11, 2009.

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    We just put a Jacobs exhaust brake in my friends 2006 3500. Its an automatic trans and he say's it helps out a lot when driving through the mts. Do any of you guys use one?
  2. WH401

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    I have the same one on my 06 Dodge 3500 w/ the auto and it definitely makes a big difference, in any kind of driving. Most of the time I can slow down with only having to slightly tap the service brakes or only having to push the pedal enough so the lights will come on. It work's real well with my 4.10's as it keep's the RPM's up higher than the 3.73's. Make's a big difference when pulling a load on a trailer as well, the amount it slows down doesn't really decrease based on the size of the load and I hardly ever use the service brake's as much. Sure makes the tailgater back off when all of sudden you slow down with considerable speed and no brake light's.

    Only thing I would change would be I would buy the 6 speed. Not because it doesn't work well with the automatic, because it does. But because with the 6 speed, I could really stop this thing on a dime.
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    I seem to have an exhaust brake for my love life. Especially after eating Mexican. It works too good, takes our love life from the fast lane to 0 in about 2 seconds. :laugh::laugh:
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    I have one on my 03 F-450 6.0 it never works the stupid electronic controller doesn't work half the time. I don't need it I can decend 10-12% grades without it you just know how to drive in the hills. Anybody that depends on a exhaust brake or a JAKE brake to decend hills is a accident waiting to happen.

    A exhaust brake is to assist in braking if you can't or don't have the skill to decend steep grades with the trucks brakes and using the transmission your in big trouble.

    As for a exhaust brake they do work some but not all that great. If its a remote mount exhaust brake like on a 6.0 Ford or a Duramax you have lots of lag time. You have 4-5 feet of exhaust pipe to fill up before you get back pressure. Most of the Cummins are mounted close to the turbo or the older ones are so you get the back pressure quicker but your exhaust valves also tend to float more. Have weak valve springs watch out.

    The best braking system is a transmission brake something that helps ****** the transmission I think the Allison has it and the tow haul mode in the Fords are simillar. A Telma brake is the best but its too large for a P/U truck. You put a Telma brake on a P/U you would give the windshield a lip lock.

    Like I said never get dependant on a exhaust brake because one day it may not work and your going down a 12% grade and your in big chit because your going too fast.

    Oh ya anything less than a 10% grade is for sissies :laugh:
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    O dear....
  6. WH401

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    My thoughts exactly.:rolleyes:
  7. nosparkplugs

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    For about a week I thought you had turn over a new leaf, you did good keeping it clean for a WEEK.

    The exhaust break will always work better on a In-line diesel, were a V8 each side of the block is pulling against each other.

    Anyone that would depend solely on an exhaust brake is an idiot. Dynamic braking is when you use several methods or tools to bring a vehicle to a controlled speed or complete stop. Depending on the diesel engine a transmission brake might be a better option. The enemy when stopping is heat a transmission does not like heat period, so it would only be logical a exhaust brake would be a great option to tearing your transmission out.

    Depending on the transmission
    A good transmission brake should include a entirely new valve body on that has been custom built. Their are many programmers that adjust line pressure, however their still limited buy the OEM stock internals, and torque converter. I would be very careful using your automatic slushbox to assist in stoping a load. All your doing is transferring kinetic energy back into the transmission were it's converted to heat:dizzy:

    Tow haul mode is not a OEM transmission brake, you must purchase a ATS or Suncoast transmission programmer, what ever brand you choose.

    these newer transmissions are amazing, and can take some abuse; however the good old manuals are made for stopping.

    So for use low life lawn care professionals the exhaust brake is a great tool for use, I'm scared of hills:laugh:
  8. ConstSvcs

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    My FRR has one (471 cu.in. inline Isuzu diesel) and it work great. The truck also has a 6 speed manual trans. Sure saves on service brake wear. A real must have for heavy loads.

    My '03 GMC Sierra 2500HD has the above mentioned transmission brake as part of the Allision package. Yes it is activated in the tow/haul mode but is no comparision to the deceleration ability of the exhaust brake in the FRR.
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  9. Gravel Rat

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    Like I said there are hills in my area you go down in 2nd gear (manual transmission) if your heavy. See lots of tourist during the summer with overheated brakes on the verge of flames. If the wheel seal blows then you have flames (rear drum brakes). Trucks with disk brakes the wheel seal does blow and it gets all over the brake rotors. Some people I have asked do you have a fire extinguisher and they say why. When you can see front brake rotors glowing you know the brakes are hot :laugh:

    A few guys have gotten their trailer brakes so hot the grease pours out of the hubs like water :hammerhead:

    A P/U trucks are so severely underbraked for what they are rated for are you surprised people have problems with over heated brakes and warped rotors.

    The little cabover trucks with Isuzu power always have had good holding exhaust brake same with Hino but the International 466 is pretty feeble and the 8.3 ISC Cummins isn't any better.

    The Mercedes MB4000 in Sterling and Freighliner trucks is really bad they use a turbo brake and it doesn't hold back worth ****

    Is this what you guys want your 5.9 Cummins to sound like :laugh:


    Drove a old Ford with 400 Cummins the Jake was louder than this one.

    This is the best sound a Cat with Jakes

  10. ALLPro Landscaping

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    I almost put one in my 04 6.0, I got it for a great price, I know alot of guys have them and they love it. I know one guy has a 6.0 and put one it and he replaced his brakes once, in his truck and hes had it for five years, and all he does his tow a fith wheel. the only reason why I havent put it in is cause I dont feel like spending the 700 bucks they want for a converter since it came out of a manual.

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