Who runs an exhaust brake?

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    Amazing how many people think a exhaust brake is a JAKE brake there isn't a JAKE brake on any medium duty engines. The smallest Cummins with a JAKE is L-10 ISM M-11. Isuzu offers a exhaust brake and thats it not a JAKE brake a Exhaust brake. A Exhaust brake is a potato shoved into the exhaust pipe.

    I pizz my pants laughing at the flat landers still don't know what steep grades are. A exhaust brake on 10% grades does beep all nothing you barely feel it. Some engines all it does is make a hissing sound and your not slowing down.

    Saving brakes you live on flat land what is the steepest grade you guys drive on everyday if I lived in your area I probably wouldn't even touch my brakes.

    Like I said if your dependant on a exhaust brake to help slow your truck then your over weight simple as that. Any engine brake is tough on the engine beit a JAKE or Exhaust brake. With a exhaust brake if the valves start floating you can run a chance of popping a valve keeper the valve drops and punches a hole through your piston. Why do you think you need strong valve springs so you keep enough tension to prevent dropping a valve.

    Engines with hydraulic lifters don't do well with exhaust brakes. The older 12 valve Cummins with solid lifters do better I think all the Isuzu engines run solid lifters. If you have to do valve adjustments or it says you need to in your owners manual then you have solid lifters. The 6.9 IDI to 6.4 in Fords all run hydraulic lifters so a exhaust brake doesn't work that good.

    You decend any of the hills where I live going to fast and relying on the exhaust brake and it fails your in big trouble. You can consider yourself dead. There are places if you are decending the hill and miss a corner and you keep going straight you end up in the trees. The trees wipe the cab right off your truck and crush you alive. Some accident victims are un-indenfiable some cases the victims head is laying on the floor the body is still in the seat.

    On the flat sections with curves take a curve too fast you rollover or smash into the trees or a rock bank either one is going to take your life.

    In the summer time the roads in this area take 2-3 tourists a month some dead some are so severely injured.

    Just the way it goes you don't know how to handle hills and curves you run the risk of dying simple as that. If you don't obey the speed limit for the curves you will have troubles. The curvy sections of the road the speed limit is 40km/h (24 mph) on a dry road a wet road better knock that down to 18 mph.

    You guys can keep "Pretending" your saving your brakes. If you knew how to drive properly you wouldn't need a exhaust brake. What do you think gears are for and using your head.

    You can see why the USA has a 26,000lb CDL Law :laugh:
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    Gravel Rat,
    Was starting to think you went off a hill yourself. I havent seen one of your posts in a few days.

    I will agree with you on the exhaust brake issue. It is a bandaid on a broken arm. If it was so good, all the manufacture's would be putting them on their trucks. Gears are the only way to get down some hills, unless people enjoy seeing the rotors glowing.
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    For the power these P/U trucks have there should be some other auxillary braking system. I don't beleive the tow ratings the manufactures give these trucks. I think the trucks are over-rated for what they can handle trailer wise. A 12,000lb trailer behind a 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck is pushing the trucks limits decending a 10% grade with curves. Going down the grade the trailer will push you all over especially a bumper pull. A gooseneck is a diffrent story.

    All it takes is one trailer brake to give out and your in trouble pulling a heavy trailer here.

    A 3/4 ton diesel P/U pulling a 6000-7000lb mini on a tandem axle bumper pull trailer you have to be carefull you can run out of brakes quick.
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    So , uh .. Gravel , you and factory "exhaust brakes" - thats a touchy subject huh :confused: ALTHOUGH i do believe u did state some very interesting details about Jakes. Sounds like u guys in Canada got some SERIOUS grades.
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    There are steep grades all down the West Coast but on the coastal sections of B.C. there is smaller coastal mountains which the roads are carved into and through. There are sections of roads in on coastal B.C. you call the goat trails because the roads are narrow and twisty you pass trucks in the oposite direction with 12 inches to spare.

    As for exhaust brakes people put too much trust in them. They don't work all the time we see it here they get stuck open. The actuator cylinder fails. Like on my truck the controller doesn't work half the time currently doesn't work at all.

    I have been there with tandem axle dump trucks with a JAKE brake flip the switch and nothing there no JAKE. The clutch pedal switch is sticking.

    When your going down a grade with curves you may have a steady rpm for a little bit then you slow down with the brakes to make curve then you loose your rpm and the exhaust brake does nothing at all.

    My take on the tow ratings on these trucks is they are over rated I don't know where manufactures rate these ratings. For the braking and handling these trucks it maybe okay where you have no hills. Steep grades and S bend curves your pushing the truck to the max. Man if your trailer brakes ever failed it would be one scary ride.
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    All you guys are sissies!!!!Try stopping an 80,000# 18 wheeler when a car jumps out in front of you, slams on the brakes about 100 ft up, and then makes a left hand turn-you're literally standing up in the cab and you're head is touching the ceiling:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:All you think think to say....what the fu@@!!!!!!!
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    Gravel Rat has Super Human reflex'sThumbs Up

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