Who said Pesticide class was easy?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by 021462, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. 021462

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    I read somewhere on here a while back someone posted the NC Pesticide License test and class was a breeze, and any person could pass it. I recently took the two day class in Greensboro and the test, two weeks later I got the test results back and failed by one point. I got the books back out, studied and re-took the test in Raleigh yesterday. I will know something in a week or so. Maybe it's me and I am not that smart but in my opinion it was a hard test and you need to study the books before the class!

    Anyone else have problems with it or is it just me?:confused:
  2. greenman

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    Why is it a 2 day class? What all is involved in such a lengthly course? Do you have to perform some field tests of some kind? Here its just go in a take some multiple choice tests.
  3. 1grnlwn

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    Mine is easy.

  4. J&R

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    I took the Georgia test last month, If you don,t study the books no one would pass. Questions like what beetle puts H&Y cavities in trees.
  5. KerryB

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    In NC the first day is a long class on the basics. Just core knowledge on applying pesticides correctly and about the pesticide laws.
    Day 2 is a class in whatever specialty you are getting licensed for, such as turf & ornamental, right of way, aquatics and such.
    Then you take the test.
    My test was very long.
    I took the turf & ornamental test 100 questions then the aquatics test also 100 questions.
    An example question is,
    Which is the correct order, from top to bottom, of geological layers?
    A. water table, rock or soil, ground water.
    B. ground water, water table, rock or soil.
    C. rock or soil, water table, ground water.
    D. ground water, rock or soil, water table.

    The correct answer ? C
  6. RMDoyon

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    Another question on the NC exam when I it took was:

    "How many pounds of 10-10-10 fertilizer does Joe need to apply per 1000 sf if he wants 1/2 lb. of nitrogen per 1000 sf."

    I have stated in the past that the test is not all that difficult but i should have also mentioned that studying the printed materials is a must when it comes to the rules and regulations as well as chemical families.
  7. NC Big Daddy

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    You failed the test AFTER taking the class? You might want to rethink your line of work.
  8. muddstopper

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    I took the test last month in Ga. I was somewhat disappointed in that I paid for the course in Nov. and was supposed to get all of the study materials in the mail. I ended up picking up my books the day of the course since they never sent them to me. Had zero study time but after listening to the instructors and the fact that they say they send your money back if you failed the test I decided to go ahead and take the test. Dont know if I passed it yet ,but I feel that I did fairly good. To say the test was hard, I feel that if I had had the books as promised and had even a little time to study I could have probably passed the test. I was somewhat suprised that the test wasnt a little harder.
  9. 021462

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    NC Big Daddy, yes I failed it along with 50% of the class. I think they need to rethink the instructors qualifications!

    My question is, why do you need that class just to spray Round-up? They should have a condensed class just for that application. Why would a person need all that information just to mow grass and spray a little round-up? Hell, it ain't rocket science.
  10. NC Big Daddy

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    50% failed?....I wouldn't think so. As for the instructors......They write the test and they all know lots more than most of us. And if you have to ask
    Thats why you need to pass that test!

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