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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Five Diamond Lawns, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. Five Diamond Lawns

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    New thought! any comments or experences!:blob2:

    How about running 2 one man trucks.

    First, least experenced employee and lowest paid is simply a mower. Mows and Goes. 8 hours and a good rout 11 to 13 lawns.

    Second, for now this would be me follows edges and blows.

    Second route would only take 2 + hours and would keep me or in the future a higher paid supervisor in contact with the customer. As we grow I can just add more Mower trucks.

    First problem to overcome is the time delay on the first couple jobs of the day if the customer is home.
  2. Cooper Landscaping

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    Do you really trust your newest employee driving around your truck and your mower without you there supervising? It just seems to me if you hire someone and tell them "go mow" theres a good possibility they may have a little bit of fun. You're also paying the over head on 2 trucks as opposed to only one. The point you bring up regarding the time delay is a good one because for that amount of time between when the mowing guy leaves and you come (could be up to a couple hours) the property will be untrimmed and there will be clippings on the drive/street. If someone didn't know thats how you operate and they drive by in between the two times....:eek: ...may have just lost yourself a potential customer. But it might work :confused:

  3. harpoonalt

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    Interesting concept but think about it. You drive twice as many miles to do the same job. While the guy mows he's seeing what he missed and if anything has changed. Does he blow off or does he leave it for you? Sounds very inefficient to me. How would you like to be just a "mow" guy who's never responsible for his final work? I would think You'd both be very unhappy. If you want to just work a few hours, give your guy a route to mow and you just go do the few you want to visit.
    I get these great ideas occasionally but usually realize once I sober up where they came from!:D
  4. Cooper Landscaping

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    HAHA too funny :laugh:

  5. Five Diamond Lawns

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    Some good comments, but I'm also looking for ideas on how something like this might work.
    What I see is a way I can still stay in direct contact with my customers and have up to 30 accounts a day serviced.
    Keep the feed-back coming.
    In regards to the employee, they would not be first day. They would go through our normal training program and work their way up to that level.
  6. GLAN

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    I think your bird dropped an egg from the nest

    Are you not in contact with your customers when your there together?
    Is there some kind magic dust that you spread around so the customers are there only when you are?

    The only time you want anyone to be ahead of the main crew is during cleanups.

    Spring for power raking
    Fall to start blowing the leaves out.
  7. Five Diamond Lawns

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    :( :(
    I must not be making my intentions clear.
    It's the 30 customers visited daily that's the attraction and the best edger doing all the edging !!!!!!!
  8. LakeSide Lawn and Landscape

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    uuhhhhh .what:dizzy: Are you kidding?
  9. CMerLand

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    Five Diamonds

    Right concept wrong execution. One man crews are deffinately the most effecient at servicing lawns as you have noone standing around while the other guy finishes up and only one person to ask why something wasnt completed.

    To have a chase crew behind the first truck only increases the expenses including additional drive time of getting to the job and adds nothing to the efficiency of the operation.

    My question for you is if two people are in the same truck would you not expect to get thru double the amount of cuts so your hitting 22-26 in a day with two guys? Only reasons I would see would be if one person spends way too much of his time waiting for the other to finish his mowing or whatever and if thats the case you need to purchase another piece of equipment so that guy can get using it to help the first guy finish it.
  10. GLAN

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    Sorry man, your still not clear.

    Foggy where you are ?

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