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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by NickySantoro, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. NickySantoro

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    After 25 years of battling the lawn I'm ready to admit defeat. I don't mind cutting, leaf removal and the other "no brainer' kind of work but for all my efforts at feeding, liming, and seeding, the lawn still looks like a bad hair plug job. What kind of a lawn service should I look for that will do the "knowledge and experience" part of the work and leave the grunt work to me?
  2. Critical Care

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    Oh boy… a bad hair plug job, eh? That’s a pretty good description. It sounds as if you’ve been trying to do all the right things, but the fruit of your labor hasn’t been too impressive. Finding an experienced consultant may not be that easy, compared to finding people to do that grunt work. I’m afraid that the typical “lawn service” may not have the “knowledge and experience” that you want. And, unfortunately, many of the guys out there who do have the knowledge in turf grass management, the degrees and licenses, are also the ones standing in the background letting their crews handle the work. In larger companies, quite often the owner or contractor with experience will never visit or see all of their maintenance accounts.

    I’m not sure if there is a true litmus test that will find you what you’re looking for, but I’d imagine that after 25 years in the area you may have heard of some landscape companies that people typically talk about and use. When talking to whoever, you need to explain that you don’t need just lawn maintenance, but that your lawn has problems and needs the expertise to make and implement corrective measures. You don’t want to maintain what you already have, but you want to better it. Ask them how they would go about doing it, and… if whoever you talk to doesn’t give you a good answer, then try someone else.

    Asking to see their resumes may be a bit too much… but would be nice, eh?
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    Critical Care made some good points, but you definitely want a locally owned company and not a national company.

    There are some experienced guys from your area on this site. Hopefully they will chime in and offer their help.

    Maybe, Rod or Mac can help you. I'm sure there are others if not. Good luck.
  4. NickySantoro

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    Thanks for the responses. I finally went with Lawn Doctor. He does a few lawns right around us and they a look a lot better than mine. It's on an application by application basis so if there isn't improvement I can bail out. He explained in detail "what" he does along with the "when" and 'why". It was a good bit different from my approach which likely explains my lack of success.
    Again, thanks.

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