Who should play Ohio State?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Dec 2, 2007.


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    Being a Big 12 guy I'd like to see OU trounce them. suspect it will be LSU.
    Three teams I think take OSU to the cleaners
  2. Flow Control

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    At least the game will get an audience now. Can you image all 20,000 viewers if Missouri and West Virginia had played each other. I am from Ohio and I think this years team is a realistic top 10-15 team. But thankfully the rest of the schools suck as well.
  3. DanaMac

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    I think LSU will make it. There two losses were BOTH in triple OT. But I think Oklahoma or USC would both beat OSU.
  4. Flow Control

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    Come on ...Give the Bucks a break...They have one loss and made it back to the big game for the second year in a row...Let's just hope the result this year is a little better..
    I think the voters will send LSU.
  6. DanaMac

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    Look at OSUs schedule? Who did they beat that scares anybody? Michigan? Wisconsin? Penn State? Those are probably the three "toughest" teams on their schedule. All of which are weak teams this year.

    Oklahoma and USC both have tougher in-conference schedules. The Big 10 is weak right now and hasn't given OSU enough competition to prove themselves.
  7. bobw

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    What about Hawaii? they're still undefeated... sorry..just had to throw that one in there.

    I'm betting that LSU will get the nod, but OU would probably able to beat either OSU or LSU.
  8. Az Gardener

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    I think the real question should be who should play USC That is if you want a national champion.
  9. GravelyNut

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    They have to do better this year. They're not playing a Florida team like last year. :D
  10. tjsquickcuts

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    Well I think if UGa doesnt get in, then Ohio State doesnt deserve to get in. Kansas is ahead of LSU and so are them dawgs and all three teams didnt play this weekend. The BCS said 1 and 2, and thats UGa and Ohio State. I will stop watching College Football if UGa gets left out. LSU struggled last night, and they dont travel as well as UGa. Time will tell, but I say Ohio State v/s UGa. I agree that Mizzou and WVU would have been a poor game, plus neither team travels with a huge amount of fans and thats aways taken into consideration when the bowl game picks its team. The bottom line is $$$$$$, and the biggest ticket and money maker are the two teams I picked. Plus Les Miles is leaving LSU anyway, just watch my word....

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