Who to hire for Facebook ad campaign??

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by jonnyz37, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. jonnyz37

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    I've been approached by a guy that wants to run a Facebook ad campaign for me. He is going to supply references tomorrow He guarantees multiple leads within 24 hours. Has anyone went down this road with good results? Have someone they recommend? Any advice? Thanks
  2. EverGrow Marketing

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    There's no way you can guarantee leads in 24 hours and run a successful business model.

    Does this person do marketing specifically for the landscaping industry? Because he's likely going to have a rude awakening on winter engagement rates and Facebook cost per engagements of he doesn't.

    Is Facebook the only thing he's offering? As in does he specialize in other digital areas too?

    What's his website look like? What's his Facebook page look like?

    Does his page incorporate all of these elements?


    If not, then it's hard to justify buying from someone who doesn't practice what they preach.
  3. tonygreek

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    In the marketing world, always be wary of the cold call pitch. For me, that's a bigger warning sign than...

    ...this. And this is usually the #1 warning sign.
  4. Matthews Lawn Care

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    Save your $ and spend it on a website, logo, truck lettering, uniforms, nice biz cards, anything other than a facebook ad campaign manager.

    I used to service a guy who had a social media mgt biz. I took him to court for non pay.

    Not saying they are all a joke but if they call you and give the “guarantee” pitch, it’s bogus more times than not.
  5. jonnyz37

    jonnyz37 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I already have a solid webpage. Im on page 1 for lawn care, mowing, and tree work. But i have heard the quickest way to pick up work in our slow season (looking for tree work right now) that facebook paid ads is the way to go. Is this not correct?
  6. Matthews Lawn Care

    Matthews Lawn Care LawnSite Bronze Member
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    If you have a solid online presence already, how is FB ads going to make people spend $?

    You’d be better off trying Craigslist for $10 per ad.

    I rank really well online in my area. I don’t get many calls in the middle of winter. Just how it works. Most people aren’t looking to hire anyone until they need a service.

    I guess you could always go ahead and spend your $ with that guy doing FB ads. I’d like to hear your honest opinion afterwards.
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  7. EverGrow Marketing

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    My immediate response to these statements are always, "How do you know that?"

    Search engines typically pull data from your browser and search history when you make these searches. If you've been to your website or clicked on your listing before, chances are you're getting a biased result if you're just using standard browser settings.

    There really isn't a silver bullet. But I wouldn't agree with this statement. The best way to pick up work in the winter, especially if you're looking for a specific segment, it targeting by search intent. Meaning if there are people in your market looking for tree work to be done, they'll be looking on search engines for companies that can help them with that.

    i.e capitalize on keyword traffic both with SEO and SEM/PPC. It's Cost-per-click and geotargeted. So you're only getting charged for users looking for those specific keywords in your specific area during the specific time you're running your ad campaign.
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  8. tonygreek

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    I don't see Adwords mentioned.

    Someone gave you bad info. Google Adwords >>>>> Facebook
    Especially when "looking for tree work right now". It's not even close.
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  9. rclawn

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    I get so many of those emails or phone calls from these self proclaimed “SEO wizards” or other lead generation companies trying to sell me their crap. I’d be wary of unsolicited offers such as these. Especially with something like this it would be easy to be fooled into overpaying for service that won’t give you a good ROI
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