Who to task with Maintenance?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by McFarland_Lawn_Care, Dec 6, 2012.

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    Your welcome. That checklist your talking about (aka cheatsheet) is important and a great idea also. if they dont know what your looking for, or expecting, then its not their fault for not doing the maintenance...its the supervisors for not explaining what is expected from them, and having a way to "check it off" after completion.

    Oh, and I didnt say it in my first response, but I go agree with the others in saying there should be a supervisor on each crew. That person is ultimately responsible for that "team" and how the equipment is maintained. I would assume that person would make slightly more then the rest of the crew because they have the added responsibilities of ensure the maintenance is accomplished.
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    Yes, I have a leader on each crew, but the equipment maintenance and shop was always disorganized and hap-hazard. Another member on here suggested a whiteboard in the shop with equipment and hrs/miles until next service, etc. That would also help out a lot. Thanks a lot folks!

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    You sound like you might be approaching that point for a full time dedicated wrencher. The reduced downtime and keeping the cutters cutting make it almost a necessity at a certain point. Bonus points if they can weld and fab too.
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    Write hours on oil filters so you know when it was put in. Would be nice to have stickers like the quick change oil places telling you when next service is due.
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    You would be amazed how many guys who have 5-10 years in this trade can not turn a wrench or diagnose the simplest of problems. Nothing like finding out the dip stick wasn't put back or the oil filter wasn't tightened. Iv had blades fall off after I got to the first lawn cause the morons thought each other had used the impact gun so nothing got done. Getting them to use grease guns is like pulling teeth and god forbid the fitting doesn't accept it then you will be horrified to see how many guys won't bother to work out the problem and just not grease that fitting again ever! If you got someone that shows some aptitude for this let him do it. As much as you may want every guy to know how most in my experience are not capable.
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    All of our guys maintain the equipment....it is part of their job...if they dont know how, we teach them....everyone needs to know how to maintain the equipment and how it works..a few of our guys are actual auto mechanics to some degree...we have a lift and do most all our own repairs from transmissions and engine rebuilds to electrical systems..we even have a couple of guys that can do body and paint work...this is part of how they move up in the company as well....the more hats they can wear the more valuable they become and the more money they make....and they all know this...it is part of every meeting...we encourage them to teach one another as well...most will tell you they have learned more working with us than at any other company.....
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    Thank you guys....so many great suggestions. I agree it comes much more natural to some than others, but the BASIC regular maintenance should be able to be learned by everyone. The right tools make a big difference. I'm gonna shoot for crew maintenance with leader responsible to make sure it all gets done. A steady mechanic would be nice at some point but not enough to keep one busy at this point. A hoist, air grease guns, good quality impacts make a huge difference. I also think my garage is shrinking which doesn't help in keeping parts organized....lol


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