Who uses a UPS Store mail box?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mkarps, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. mkarps

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    Trying to make a decision between using home address, po box or a UPS Store mailbox. Love that its 24 hour access and you get an actual address. I also love the idea of suite #. However any of you have this? Does the Usps allow the use of suite # without giving me crap? Cost is more than a PO box but its not insane and the 24 hour access would probably be worth it over the year. Any input?

    I leave a preprinted envelope at each app with a logo and my address designed on front. would much rather have a suite than a po box.
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    I use one, had it since early Feb (when I started the company). No issues with mail getting sent there, as everything with the stores address is sent there and the people working there are the ones that sort it to the mailbox. I'm very happy with their service. The only thing that comes up is sometimes people ask what "P.M.B." is, which stands for Private Mail Box which will be apart of your address.

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