Who uses John Deere riders (Tractors)??????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, May 12, 2007.

  1. tacoma200

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    Never much talk about riders (Tractors) on this site. On very large acreage lots I can see how putting a guy on a "good" rider would make sense. Seems like I heard John Deere was putting the 7 iron II deck on some of their riders. I know little of nothing about large riders but if anyone uses them especially JD I would like to hear how you like them, about the 7 iron decks on certain models, and engine selection. Thing is if I keep growing it is just so much easier to train and let a new guy do large open area's with a big rider.. Just a general post about riders in large area's. Feel free to post with what ever your thoughts. Does JD offer a manual transmission on large riders? I'm talking lots that would run 4+ acres and be hazard free but maybe only get mowed twice a month.

    Maybe a rider would just be too slow and expensive to operate. Maybe JD wouldn't be the best choice. I'm just asking. Not looking to buy anytime soon.
  2. jwl5510

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    I am going to demo one next week. so far a few guys i have seen on the road even use the 60 " John Deere on small lots and say they are great.

    Yes they all have the new Iron deck
  3. Toad

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    Its so easy, even a cave man could do it!!! When was the wheel invented? Lets not try to reinvent it. Tractors are slow man ,you know that, dont kid yourself LOL!!!
  4. tacoma200

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    I was just thinking about the future. Sometimes help is not that reliable in the lawn care industry. It takes a while to train someone on a ZTR, of course you could put anyone on a tractor and get open lots done. Just a thought. I mean two week lots I'll only be going 6-8 mph on the Z's.
  5. Herrick

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    My parents church has a 445 with the 60" deck, and a x485(?) with a 60" deck at their camp. the curch property is about 2 acres and takes the volunteers about 3 hours to mow. camp is more like 3-4 acres and they use a 60" pull behind in addition to the 60" on the tractor (120" total) and takes about 3-4 hours. They opted for the tractors because everyone knows how to use them and they rely on volunteers to use them. thus far no problems.
  6. unit40

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    I use a diesel Deere X744 AWS tractor, with a 62" deck and a 14 bushel powerflow bagger. Goes plenty fast forward and reverse, although I wouldn't go any faster than would leave a good cut with anything. Who cuts at 12 -15 mph anyway? I think it is a more comfortable machine than my JD 1445, my Kubota F3060, or anything else. Cuts better too, better than the 14445s 72" 7iron deck does. I use the tractors rear PTO and 3 point hitch to hook up a landpride spreader and apply turf products. Maneuvers easier and better than a zero-turn....my Excel 4600 anyways.
  7. Toad

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    Thats the reason I bought a bigger Z was to cut down on my employee time, Guess what, it worked , dont need one now.
    I think If i was going to buy a tractor I would by one big enough to put a loader on and some cat 3 attatchments, but still mow with also.
  8. prosperity

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    In addition to my 727A Deere Z, I have a Deere 2210 compact diesel.

    The 2210 is my back-up mower and rough area machine with a 62" deck.
    The loader is used for mulch work and lawn installation.
    The brush hog for rough areas.
    The rake for seed application preparation.

    I like having it as I can take on a lot of different jobs with it - plus I have a second finish mower if needed.
  9. Brink's Lawn Care

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    Tacoma200. John Deere tractors are the best garden tractors made, period... I owned a 455 and put on 1807 hours in 3 mowing seasons. A 335 with 1239 hours in 3 mowing seasons. Both use by operators not familiar with ztrs. Both machines were 2000 year models. Both sold in spring of 2003. Downsized b/c tired of trying to train operators. People in this area cant do the simple things right.

    Anyways.. Parts replaced on 455 in 1807 hours- 2 tie-rods ends(wore out), electrical shut -off solenoid for engine( bad ground wire at fault), Internal deck lift arm assembly(Assembly broke do to undercut of the weld, would have welded it and saved some money, but weld was not easily weldable do to its location on part), replaced drive belt on 60" deck b/c belt after 1600 hours of use just stretched and lost belt tension, last part was the seat. This machine was driven of a 4' tall retaining wall onto blacktop.

    Reason operator got confused which was forward and which was reverse pedal. I saw it happen, walked over there, operator was fine, i put the hood back down, reconnected front deck lift arm, put it on the trailer, scraped all the grass off of pavement from grass being thrown off mower deck, told the operator to finish job. After all was loaded up, ran operator back to shop and said i'll send you your check tomorrow. No need for you to come back to work. This tractor as seen it all, and there is no room for me to explain.

    As far as productivity for the 455. Ground speed was 8.5 mph. IN small lots mowed just as fast as our 60" ztr. Large properties like soccer fields, it could mow an average 4 acres per/hr. Medium sized lots did just fine. Again ran by operators not familiar with ztr's. Now i run only ztr's and its just myself and close friend. Tired of training people.

    Lets not forget, a 455 can really pull. Can come in handy if you get a z stuck. Where i live, there are banks everywhere, clay ground. The 455 was used by banks b/c of how well it handle slopes exceeding 45 degrees. Plus its safer, front steering for better control.

    These tractors 445, 455 are the workhorses where I live. One local guys has 2900 plus hours on his. Everyone has one with a ztr on the trailer. You cant ask for a better reliable workaholic machine. Lets not forget leaves a clean cut with the 60".

    Got ?tions just ask. Be happy to share what i have now.
  10. deere615

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    I have a John Deere GT225 but I don't use it at home only up my camp. I cut our yard, the niegherbors, a huge field and 2 others. This is a higher up residental mower a ZTR you can deffinetly mow faster but you can pull many things w/ a tracter-like an aerator leaf sweeper and speader. Mine is only a single piston and it cuts pretty good but V twin would probbaly be a better choice. Heard the new GX series are awesome to!

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