who uses laptops on site?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by koppandson, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. koppandson

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    do you use a laptop in your truck? if so ... what do you use for a stand? i want to get one of those mounts but dont want to spend $300 for one... what are you guys using? ideas?
  2. Woody82986

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    I use mine while I'm out and about. I just set it on my center console and move my seat back all the way. It makes a pretty good platform. I don't leave it there though. I make sure it is sitting safe in my briefcase before I move again.
  3. AI Inc

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    Now that I finaly have drawings of all my customers systems on a flash drive I will be using a laptop. When 1 of my guys gets jammed up on a job I can look up the info and give it to him over the phone.
  4. outrunjason

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    I have a laptop in my car also. There are a few new mounts that came out this year to use in your truck. I really can't remember all the names. Ram is one that has been out for a while. There is another one that came out to and it is only 150 bucks for the thing but I have it and it is a little wobble in the truck.

    I just use mine to browse the internet while my guys are making me money! :)

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