Who uses Standard Operating Procedures?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LawnLad, Jan 29, 2002.

  1. LawnLad

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    I feel like I'm re-inventing the wheel. Maybe someone can offer a little help here.

    We're trying to write Standard Operating Procedures to train new employees and keep existing ones accountable. Does anyone use SOP's now? Did you create your own from scratch or did you 'borrow' yours from others that you saw out there already?

    If anyone can give me a pointer or two, sure would appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. CSRA Landscaping

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    I've been wondering about this myself. Trying to head off the demon before we get there.
  3. LawnLad

    LawnLad LawnSite Senior Member
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    I should add... we do have an employee manual that has been in place for about 6 years and revised about 3 or 4 times. As well, we have job descriptions for our employees. Task lists generally accompany the job descriptions... but not always.

    What we're lacking is the nuts and bolts directions on 'how to cut a lawn'; 'how to operate a (insert piece of equipment)'; 'how to work on customers property', etc.

    I think of it like McDonalds... how long does the burger stay on the grill? How many pickels? How long can fries stay in the warmer before you throw them out? You've got the idea.

    Same concept for landscaping... it's just a matter of getting there that's the hard part. I guess that's why 'Work' is a four letter word.

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