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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by John Deere, Aug 6, 2000.

  1. John Deere

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    Are there any of you using tractors for landscape work and possibly even snow removal? I will probably no doubt be purchasing a John Deere 4000 series, but I would like to know what other types are out there, but more importantly what you like or don't like about the kinds that you have used. Also please give me a price if you know one. Thanks all!
  2. Guido

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    Deere John,

    LOL, had to do it!!

    Anyway, I've used Ford, Case and Kubota industrial tractors, but in my opinion nothing beats a skidsteer!!! (We run quite a few bobcats) Its much easier changing attatchments, and more compact to work in close areas. They have unreal power!!! The only benefit I saw with the tractors (besides using them for wide area mowers) Would be the tires don't rip up as much turf as a skid steer, but other then that couldn't sell ya on a tractor, sorry!!

  3. SKDCO

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    I have a Kubota B4700 16hp 4wd hstw/ turf tires. I love this machine,probably the best tractor for the money. Hydro trans is the BEST on the market. Deere will tell you different but The mfg for Deere's is Tuff-Torq and they are questionable. I have a 48" 3pt Ryan core areator, 42" yard box and a 48" bush hog and I'm looking for a front-end loader. This tractor is a good size for what I do and also a good entry-level machine. It is priced around $10,000.00 and Kubota has real good finance offers thru out the year. Just check their web site, http://www.kubota.com. Good luck on what ever you decide on and I hope this helps.
  4. morturf

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    i have both a 955 and a 4400 john deere. these are great tractors. I think that John is referring to a compact utility not an industrial tractor. I have to disagree with guido on the skid steer thing. Can't count the # of lawns I have fixed because of skidsteer invasion. I have used my 4400 to cross fine lawns (and golf course greens!) with up to 1200 lbs in the bucket and turn while crossing. Try that with a skid. well you can try, but the course will fire you or you will have to rebuild the green. I also finish mow a 5 acre lawn in less than 2 hrs with the same tractor. I think that a skid has a place on a construction site but no business on finished lawns. They weigh and rip too much. The versitility is a great advantage, there are a lot of implements out there and they work well with any brand of tractor. Once the rough grade is done the skid should go to next site, they are lousy fine grading machines, you guys should know when you have to bounce over lawn that was sodded after a skid steer "finish" grade. I have said before that I don't mow. I do plant a lot of grass and grade a lot. I can rodeo with the best of them on a skid but i prefer my compact utility tractor (CUT). One thing John, look for the right axle on the 4000 series. They have had a problem with scuffing with the first axle design. The newest ones off the line are much better. Mine had the old axle and JD replaced it with the new one. It is much better. this was long, sorry.
  5. gorrell

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    I don't know why, but John Deere is definitely not a major player in the commercial market. They may say they are, but they don't even produce their own ztr's. They make the decks, then send them to Husqvarna to finish the process. Don't get me wrong, they sell a lot of "commercial" products, but one can do a lot better in the commercial field than a "John Deere" whatever that may be. Thanks,Lynn
  6. paul

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    I can make a case for both to be in your arsenal, skid steers move heavy loads and rough grade great,I still use a tractor for fine grading but turn to a skid steer for removing rock and fine raking. You can't do large areas with a skid steer like you can with a tractor, sure they make tillers for a skid steer but a disc will do a larger area faster. I own both and they both go to jobs every day.
  7. turfman99

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    Been doing this for 25 years. I use three Kubotas 30 hp to 55 hp now. Probably will get a Deere 955 with turf tires this next spring. I like both brands. Kubotas have done us real well over the years and Deere has provided good machines also.

    We don't have a skid steer, we don't rent them, just have no need for them. If our machines can't do it, we rent a Case or Deere backhoe. Skid steers must be operated by very experienced operators or your going to tear the hell out of something and it's going to cost you money.

    We do about a million a year in construction and the equipment we have is great. Maybe a Toro siteworks next year.
  8. SKDCO

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    John Deere doesn't even make their own decks anymore. Kee's /Husqvarana actually makes the entire machine for Deere.The only thing Deere does is paint them. $.02
  9. paul

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    turfman99, you mean that an inexperanced operator on a tractor won't?
  10. morturf

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    just a quick note. this topic was for a discussion of tractors not mowers. the ins and outs of JD's commercial mowers now that is a different topic.

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