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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by theo, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. theo

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    hello,if you had say 100 customers that you service weekly what would their profile be,example 60%retired,20%family's,20%single.iam kind of new to the business but i was always wondering what type of people would want lawn care service are they people who cant do it because of age ,physically can,t do it,no time,or just don,t like yard work.thanks
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    Profile is one of those things that really varies. It varies pending the areas you advertise, the general poupulation of the area you are in and the actual need of the individuals that use the service.

    I would say in my area the majority of accounts are higher end single parent with out the time. But that is what I cator to. I do have retirees, people that hate the yard and if it weren't for the neighborhood would have it in gravel.
    You make the percentages of what you need. I feel that a single mom in a 150 grand house pays way more than a retiree in a 400 grand house, and appreciates your work. JMO

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    My Portfolio

    20% Second Home Owners

    40% Retirees

    25% Rentals/Commercial

    15% Too Lazy To Do It Themselves
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    thanks you for replying
  5. tedk

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    there is probably a reason why the retiree can afford to live in that 400k house, and still be retired. because he spends his money wisely. you can bet that when he was the single mom's age, he busted his @ss all day long, and then came home and mowed his own d@mn lawn.
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    The people who want and can afford our services as an industry on the whole are:

    1.) Educated, with a higer than average salary
    2.) Professional, too busy to do anything outside the home
    3.) Single,+ kid(s) and one or more of the above
    4.) Retiree who invested wisely to enjoy retirement
    5.) Really into quality services just to keep up with the Joneses

    Basically anyone who has a certain level of "disposable" income is a potential client. It helps to get some demographics locally in your area.You can do this through a radio station or news paper rep. usually. That is how we target our potential clients that WE want to offer services to. We target a specific age 34-65, own their own homes(no renters), higher than average income, disposable cash flow , & interested in quality not bottom price .You just have to match your level of service to the clientele you are trying to reach.:D
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    When I researched "who the customers where" I found that the neighbourhoods with the highest incomes weren't neccasarily the ones you make the most money out of which I found surprising.
    LCO's seemed to be fairing just as well in the average income neighbourhoods.
  8. T Edwards

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    Right you are , Snippy.
    Almost all our accounts are smack-dab middle-America residentials. These are customers that are easy to relate to and they almost always give referrals of the same type.

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