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In the next few days I am bidding (low bidder gets the job) on 5 municipal scoccer<br>fields (400K sq ft)a few miles from my<br>location.<p>Would a few of the real players in the forum care to quote a price on what you would<br>charge you can break it down or just give a total price on the entire job. <p>1. Fert w/ crabgrass control<br>2. Weed n feed, spray for broaleaf weed control (the site as few weeds spot application ok) and apply straight granualar fertilizer.<br>3.Insect control with Merit<br>4.Straight fertilizer<br>5.Fertilizer:winter root stimulator.<br>6.Spring aeration<br>7. Fall aeration<br>8.Overseed worn turf areas as needed.<p>Be advised if you just have a push spreader<br>you will be bidding against contractors<br>like my self who have deticated powered<br>pesticide application vehicle. <p>All fertilizer is to be granualar.<p>The exact type of fertilizer and N-P-K<br>content is not specified.

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why are after the low bid market? from everything I've read from you it doesn't seem like you. We do alot of public work and they don't have to chose the low bid they can chose the one who oofers the best value to them. I win many bids because of our rep and not how low we price. we do schools,parks, public util, state work, I thought you were the same way from what i read. let me know if iam off track.
Steve most govt. contracts in my part of the world are almost always awarded to the low bidder. This winter I was severly underbid on<br>three Penn Dot rest area jobs (totaling 8 areas about 40 acres total) because the state<br>did not require the contractor to be a licensed pesticide applicator (they allowed<br>the sub contracting of the pest apps/fertilization). I looked at the previous award and it was about half of my price and I work out of my house and have as little of overhead as possible.There are lots of desperate people in my world who will work for next to nothing do to thier desperation and ignorance.<p>I have found most govt. types to be complete idoits for why would<br>anyone work for wages if they have any real<br>skills? <p>I have no problem making a little less profit<br>margin on a job that has some volume.<p>Especially one that will only require about<br>seven man days per year.<p>If the job required 2 man days per week that<br>would be a much differnet story.<p>A am still waiting for someone to put up a<br>number for this job but I only think there is<br>just one person (Lazer) besides myself (that contributes to this forum)that has the equipment and fertilizer buying power to handle a job of this size.<br>
Five fields totaling 400k at one location.<br>Figure the travel time to be about<br>5 miles from your location.<p>The don't require the fert with the merit<br>but I was planning on using 0-0-7 with<br>merit for ease of application and the<br>coverage is about the same as straight merit.<p>One other thing they require a bid bond if the contract is over ten grand.<br>


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Stone, I just got home from a auction sale. A 5'wide 3 point hitch aerator made by Dedoes went for Can$250 only thing wrong with it was about 6 pins broken. I bought an old Yazoo to pull my lawn roller and will maybe convert it to hold my front mount sprayer onto when I have time. They pretty much gave away some Toro reel mowers. Toro 455-D groundsmaster with 3253hrs for $1500. Two new 48&quot; Ransomes wbh's went for $2550 each.


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Stone,<br>Look for the Chem to run about $4000 and another $1000 for each aeration. equipment will play a roll in this bid most tractor type equipment (large speader) will cut time in half. <p>----------<br>paul<br>

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