Who Wears Hi Vis t's ?

Turf Tracer

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Niagra NY
Started insisted on hi vis t's few years ago since working around cars constantly but have noticed this year many more crews using hi vis as well as other tradespeople sporting hi vis.

Hi vis t's becoming so ubiquitous in res neighborhoods here that I don't think they achieve the desired effect any longer so dumping the requirement.


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Stockbridge, GA
I bought hi-vis tees with reflective piping last season, like you to be seen by motorists. They appear to work, because cars slow down when they approach me if I'm near the curb. Prior to these tees, cars would whiz by without any hesitation. I think my next set off tees will still be hi-vis, but without the piping because it has worn out way too early and now just looks awful. Other than that, the tees are still in great shape.

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I wear them when I have to mow near a road, especially days where the road is extremely busy and close and I have to use the 21" along the edge of it for several passes and several hundred feet.


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I wear long sleeve hi vis hanes dry fit type of shirts.

If i'm doing estimates or not working that I wear logo polo.