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Who wears rings while working ?

Thursday night got involved helping a friend unload a semi trailer of restaurant equipment, I had a skid steer with forks so thats what we got it out with. There was six of us working, one guy climbed in the back of the trailer to help the other two put a heavy piece on a pallet, when he was climbing down he had one hand on the hand grip on the skid steer and the other hand on the foot step on the forks. On the way down he kind of jerked then when he was on the ground he was holding his hand and showing me, his ring finger got caught on the foot step and ripped all but off, only thing holding it was a little skin and cartilage. They took him to the hospital cleaned it up then took him to a Louisville hospital for hand treatment, they kept him over nite and had surgery on Friday, they was not able to save the finger. I have always heard about people losing fingers by rings getting caught on something, pretty scary. Thats the reason I don't wear my wedding ring. Think about that, it don't take but a split second for your hand to get caught, pretty scary, plus painful.


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North Texas
It happened two years ago while he was hopping a fence at work. His ring got caught in the chain link at the top and when he came down the finger was still up in the fence. He climbed back up there to get his finger and then drove himself to the hospital. There was nothing the doctor could do to save it.


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My uncle lost a finger back in college playing basketball. Caught his ring on the hoop, and the rest is history. Now he's one short. We always laugh and say "give me four" when at a ballgame or any celebration. He's a good sport.


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winsted ct
You all have heard the stories and some of us know people that have lost a finger due to a ring getting caught on something,I myself think about it almost every day on the job but never take my wedding band off. I do wear gloves as much as possable but I think deep down that I would be more upset about losing my wedding ring than my finger....I cant be the only one.


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If I wasn't to wear my wedding ring, the consequences would be much worse than a missing finger!:realmad:


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I hardly take off my wedding band. If I am working on equipment or vehicles I tend to take it off, but not always. I really have not had any close calls. I might have to watch that more.

When I do take the ring off my wife is usually pretty understanding about it. She does ask I have done with it. If I feel like testing the waters I reply "I don't know."

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Knoxville, TN
Depends on what I am doing.
I have a lock box in my toolbox I stick it in when I'm working around the house. (dont really lock it, its just a safe place that I know where it is)

At work @ the firehouse or when I am out mowing, it stays in the truck. I have it on enough though, its obvious by the tan line that I am married.
Wife is a full time Paramedic for local ambulance service, she does the same as me so she understands.


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After 19 years of marriage, I can't EVER remember removing my wedding band for any reason. :usflag: