Who wears shorts or pants

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    that seems fine to me. To each their own i understand.....that dont fall in that category of the fake looking uniforms these so called big companies try to pull off. For construction i mean are they serious? I been in this too long and not just landscaping, construction in general so thats just my opinion

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    I know thats something huh?:hammerhead:....reminds me of that commercial with Blake Griffin, they must be trying to be amazing
  3. noahb195

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    I wear shorts all the time. I used to wear pants. But there to hot and I feel restricted moving and walking in them. When trimming it doesnt bother me at all. I trim grass not rocks.
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    everyone has there own idea about exposing skin to the sun.

    I don't own a single long sleeve shirt, not even for winter.

    now granted I live in IN not FL but I've vacationed there. actually considering moving there depending how my winter finishes and how this season goes. but I don't plan on wearing long sleeve shirts if I do move there.

    jean and t's for personal wear and the cargo pants I wear now and company t's when at work. assuming that's the uniform for the company I would work for.

    even when I use to vacation in cancun I never wore long sleeves or sunscreen.
  5. LandFakers

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    I wear jeans or cargos and a short sleeve all summer... Ive seen guys running around with shorts and I hope they enjoy getting hit and stuck with trimmer shaving's all day long. It kills me. Tried it once and never again
  6. cpllawncare

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    I don't let the grass get so long as to where it's a big deal, I wear cargo shorts and company dry fit shirts in the summer, If the trimming gets to bad I just put the helper on it, one of the benefits of being the owner.
  7. Chris_NC06

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    I wear cargo shorts when it's warm. Jeans or khakis when its cooler.
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    WOW!!! I read a lot of posts on here and I wonder about some people...

    I always wear a good leather shoes, Unless its wet then Muck boots, Cargo pants or jeans, a T shirt with my company name and if its cold I also wear a Matching Hoodie.. Only exception is if Im spraying or then I add Spray Chaps , and Muck boots with Nitrile gloves..
  9. JContracting

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    Shorts!! As soon as it's warm enough. I hate wearing pants, way too hot!!!! When I weed whip I'll wear shorts, you do it right you don't get that much grass on you anyway, if you do just blow your legs off with the backpack blower.

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    do you guys that wear shorts have guards on your trimmers? I use to wear shorts when I started out but when I took the guards off the trimmers I had to go back to jeans because of the damage to my legs from weeds etc , I am still in the air on the trimmer thing is it better and faster without the guard ? to me it seems faster with the longer strings without guard on those hill side trimming jobs etc. So I go with jeans , but they do get uncomfratable in summer. Whats your opinion on this?

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