Who wears shorts or pants

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  1. weeze

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    loose fitting comfortable thin khaki pants and tennis shoes. i'm sitting on the mower when the blades are spinning so no danger with the toes. :laugh:
  2. stringfellohawk

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    Pants. L.A. Police Gear makes a great 5.11 alternative in a variety of colors that I wear throughout the week for about $25 a pair. I wear them with a riggers belt and I tuck my shirts in. They hold up pretty well, but I do put a hurting on my pantaloons. Plus, a little psychological fact is that by putting on formal clothing, it makes you feel powerful, helps you handle criticism, and makes you feel more in control. The same can be said for a clean, good fitting uniform.

    If you look squared away, people with think you're squared away.
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    I always wear shorts or pants when working on my customer's properties and a shirt as well. It's generally expected where I am. I only skip them when working on my own property and then only when it's really hot and I'm not using any sort of shears.
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