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    I am from the Chicago area, far west suburbs and this is our full time, all year long income. We aerate in the Spring and Fall, mow only 2 plus acre lawns all summer, 95% residential and plow snow on 60 plus big residential driveways during the Winter.<p>I started out with:<p>72 Bronco w/6.5' Western Plow<br>Home made enclosed trailer 6' X 6'<br>1985 John Deere tractor with a 38&quot; deck w/bagger.<br>Murray 21&quot; push trim mower<br>$95 Homelight trimmer<br>$100 Sears hand held blower<br>and some other junky tools.<p>We now have:<p>Truck: 1997 F250 Heavy Duty 4X4 with Western Pro 8 ft. plow.<br>Trailers: 24 ft. Hallmark enclosed and a 14 ft. open landscaping trailer.<p>Equipment:<p>2001 XWD2600 60&quot; Diesel Dixie Chopper<br>1990 - 430 diesel John Deere with 60-inch deck, 54-inch plow blade, 48-inch 2 stage blower, and a home made heated cab.<br>3 point hitch attachments include 42 inch Lesco Core Aerator, 60 inch Spike Aerator, 48 inch Box Scraper, 48 inch Cultivator and a retired home made 22 bushel Lawn Vacuum. <br>2 Dixie Choppers with 60 inch decks, 93 and 95 models, very dependable and we use 6 blades on each.<br>1996 John Deere 21 inch trim mower 14SE <br>1999 Red Max 62CC Blower (great blower)<br>1999 2-T270 Shindiawa string trimmers, replacing the 2 T27’s that were stolen during the winter.<br>1999 Shindiawa PB270 Power Broom and cultivator attachment<br>2000 Spread4Mow electric spreader for the Choppers.<br>55 gallon Northern Sprayer w/boom

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    Ok here goes again, Ill be sure and join being I started the one on the old forum.<br>I am Jim Creager from Harrison Arkansas, I am part time with around 30 mowing accounts. Thats all I can do with out help. The name of my bussiness is Natural Lawn.<br>I am fulltime Firefighter for the city of Harrison. We are located 30 miles south of Branson Missouri.<br>My equipment is as follows, I know its not all commercial equipment but its paid for and does me a good job.<br>I started out with...<br>A 1987 GMC 12 ton pickup<br>a 1982 sears 10 hp 38&quot; cut gear drive rider, and a lawn boy push mower. <br>a 5 x 8 trailer<br>I now have.<br>the same pickup<br>a 1999 25 hp 61&quot; Great Dane Chariot<br>a 2000 20&quot; 5.5 hp honda trim mower<br>a 14 x 6 12 trailer<br>a 1997 sears 15 12 hp 42 &quot; cut hydro<br>a 1998 Cub cadet Z 42<br>a 1995 yazoo 24&quot; mulching mower<br>2601 and a 2400 echo string trimmers<br>fs66 stihl brush cutter<br>ryobe split boom string trimmer with pole saw<br>50 gallon sprayer<br>and this, that, and other.<p>This year I am handeling an organic fertilizer, I am using this on some residential lawns that I have taken care of for a few years. I am hopeing to turn this into a more fulltime bussiness in the next couple of years but will have to hire help, unless it just gets too good. I hate to give up a retirement Ive worked for by quiting the fire dept.<br> I do have one regrete though, thats that I mowed lawns from age 12 to age 17 and I wish I'd never given it up to &quot;go to work&quot; but I listened to my mother, &quot;you cant make a living cutting grass&quot;. I guess shes been proven wrong.<br>My hobbies are my wife of 16 years, my 3 year old son, my 2 12 year old daughter, my horses, and every now and then I get to go hunting or fishing.<br>Well thats all I can think of for now. <br>Jim<p><p><font size="1">Edited by: naturalawn
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    Hate for you two guys to be all out there by yourself.<br>Neil from Northcentral Alabama signing in. We are located about 30 miles north of Birmingham and won't even go close to the City limits. We are strictly in the Lawn Care side and don't even think about cutting grass. Heck, I even have been able to get my wife (of 22 years) to cut the grass at the house. Had to buy her an Ariens GT with hydro and power steering, but its been worth it.<br>Currently operating from a Chevy C30 1 ton van, with 200 gallon lawn tank and a 100 gal.<br>ornamental tank. Hypro pump on ornamental unit and Udor on lawn. Bought Lesco hydro fert spreader last year, and it sure made my life a lot more pleasant. We currently service 150+ customers, and should add 100 more in 2000.<br>Two great girls, ages 9 and 6. That just had to play in our 3&quot; snow fall yesterday. (I know that you guys North of the Mason Dixon aren't very impressed with that snow fall, but it was the most we have had in 4 years.)<br>Thats about it as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for a great forum, it helps alot.
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    Greetings everyone;<br>I'm Dylan from a small town in Ontario,<br>Canada. I've been cutting for about 9 yrs<br>and I'm 21. I work full time from May to Sept and go to college all winter. I blow 12 residental drives in the winter and have 83 clients in the summer. My two brothers and friends help out on busy days. My equipment includes: <br>Mazda B2200<br>6'x 8' trailer <br>Mtd Pro 14hp 48&quot; gear drive wb<br>3 lawnboys, (1 new, 2 over 20yrs old)<br>3 push mowers of various makes<br>stihl & husky trimmers<br>hedge trimmer<br>CO-OP rototiller 8hp<br>Mtd snowblower 8hp 26&quot; <br>chainsaw<br>drop & broadcast spreaders<br>ladders, tools, shovels, rakes, etc. <p>This a great forum. I learn something new everytime I come here. It's good to hear about everyones experiences and have some advice available. I am especially interested in hearing from those who do organic lawn care.<br>Feel free to drop me a line at Dylan0567@hotmail.com<p>Dylan
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    O.K. Eric, <br>My name is Homer from south east Alabama.I am 38 years old. I operate a full time Lawn Maintenance business in a town of 20,000. I maintain 5 schools, several commercial sites and numerous residentials. We have concentrated on mowing only to this point in order to establish a good customer base for future endeavors. I have around 80 accounts all together but not all pay year round. Our Focus in 2000 will be to gain more yearly accounts and drop off the seasonal customers who cannot see the benefit. From reading the forum and doing some research our next service will be aerating. I will be pushing this a little closer to spring and see where it goes. We will target the higher end areas in and around our town to gain a higher per customer average. My ultimate goal is to do less for more and downsize our travel radius.<p>Family: 3 kids, 2 daughters 18 & 14, 1 son, 7. Been married for 20 years in June, started early with the kids. I started out part time in '96 and worked it as a side job for extra money. The business grew until something had to go, in May of '98 it was the full time, secure, great benefits job! Call me crazy but I had to get outside, life is just too short. I don't have any regrets so far, I still eat everyday.<p>My equipment list:<br>(1) 1999 Dixie Chopper 72&quot; City Slicker<br>(1) 1997 Dixie Chopper 50&quot; Flatlander<br>(1) 1996 Scag Super Z 48&quot; w/Trac-Vac Bagger<br>(1) 1995 Airens 40&quot; lawn tractor (still going)<br>(3) Stihl Trimmers<br>(2) Stihl Edgers<br>(1) Stihl Backpack blower<br>(1) Echo Backpack Blower (good boat anchor!)<br>(1) Stihl handheld blower converted to mini bagger<br>(1) Husqvarna hand held blower (p.o.c.)<br>(1) Snapper 21&quot; self propelled<br>(1) Tanaka Trimmer<br>(1) Tanaka hedge trimmers<br>(1) 2000 Dodge Quad Cab, 5.9 Cummings Deisel<br>(1) 1984 Chevy Silverado swb.<br>(1) Trailer world 8x20 open trailer <p>And one big hope that I will hit the Fl. Lottery real soon! Until then I will be working as hard as I can to pay all this off, so I can buy something else, like 40 acres in the country!<p>Homer<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: HOMER
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    I am in central Florida. We don't have as many lawns now as we have in the past. We do a lot of landscape and irrigation work, so we dropped some of the less profitable mowing accounts to have a little more time to do the other stuff. Almost all of our accounts are year round. <p>We started with: <p>A 21 Lawnboy in the trunk of the car... and thats it. <p><br>We currently use:<p>1999 Y/K ZTMax 25hp, 61&quot;<br>1994 Grasshopper 721 52&quot;<br>1997 Exmark Metro 36&quot;<br>1989 Ransomes 14hp 54&quot; (back up)<br>Shindaiwa edgers and trimmers<br>Maruyama, Tanaka, and Echo hedge trimmers<br>Stihl blowers<br>16' traliler<br>and bunch of other stuff (tillers, extended reach trimmers.<p><p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: Keith<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Keith
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    Greetings to all. Well, my small operation is not nearly as exciting as the rest that frequent this site. I am in north central Illinois, about 90 miles SW of Chicago. About 7 or 8 years ago my sons started mowing lawns in the small town we lived in at that time, and used the &quot;family&quot; Lawnboy for the job. Moved into a larger town about 5 years ago and one son decided that this was a good way to make money and work around his other activities. Well, along came college and I inherited the lawns that fall. Last year I took them on in the spring and he did a couple over the summer, but for the most part, it was my &quot;business&quot;. At the present, I have 2 very small residences that take me about 45 mins. each (right across the street from each other, nice!). 1 apartment and small business owned by the same people, about 1 1/4 hr each, and 2 larger homes that takes about 1 1/2 to complete. Equipment as follows:<p>12 year old Lawnboy push.<p>1 year old self propelled Lawnboy.<p>Extra Lawnboy engine for the push mower. (easier to change the engine and just repair the bad on on the bench!)<p>John Deere rear engine rider, 34 inch cut, 8 hp Briggs engine. Only use this for larger lawns. More of a pain in the neck to load and unload than what time you save. <p>Homelite string trimmer. About 10 years old, the smallest size they make.<p>Weedeater brand blower, which I wish I had never laid my hands on. Doesn't like to run very well when the temp is above 70 deg.<p>I carry this massive inventory of equipment around in a Chevy S-10 pick up, and did have a boat trailer converted to a flat-bed, but sold it and am in the market for a utility/snow-mobile trailer to replace it. <p>I really like the Lawnboy mowers for the work I do. If I get an opportunity I will pick up another push model, and retire the 12 year old model. (or sell it at a garage sale!!)<p>My &quot;real&quot; job allows me a great opportunity to work the lawn side. I work from 4:00 a.m. until about 1:00 p.m., so there is plenty of time to hit a lawn or 2 before I whip up dinner.<p>Enjoy this site a lot, and like to see what type of operation everyone else has. Full of information and ideas as to what a person could do if going into this full time. Thanks to all.<p><br>
  8. I am from southern middle Tennessee. I do lawn maintenance part time. I started in 1995 with a few accounts. In 1996 I bought a ZTR mower which helped me to increase my accounts. I currently have 12 accounts with expectations to add more this year. <p>My equipment consists of:<p>1992 Dodge Ram250 4x4 diesel<br>18 ft. trailer with trimmer trap racks<p>(1) 2000 XW2500 60 inch Dixie Chopper<br>(1) '96 Rich 20 hp 61 in ZTR mower eqipped with 6 blades [red]&quot;FOR SALE&quot;[/red]<br>(1) John Deere 318 50 in deck with bagger<br>(1) 21 in JD commercial SP push mower<br>(1) 18 in rear tine rototiller<br>(2) Stihl string trimmers<br>(1) Stihl hand held blower<br>(1) Stihl hedge trimmer<br>(1) Agri-fab aerator<br>(1) Agri-fab pull spreader<br>(1) Agri-fab push spreader<br>Various other tools, wheel barrows, shovels, rakes, pruners, etc.<p>Family includes 2nd wife of 4 years, 19 year old stepson, 14 year old daughter, and 10 year old son. Hobbies include collecting 1/64 scale farm toys, reading, computers, and NASCAR racing. Full time job is running Quality Control for Aluminum recylcling operation which supplies the auto industry. Hope to go full time in the future. I really love the information that is shared in the forums.<p><p><br>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.townserver.com/dtlc/&quot;&gt;Rich@Davis Total Lawn Care&lt;/a&gt;<p><p>
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    hey eric how do you stripe your yards i've seen on the net that baseball diamonds use a roller? anyway i live in eastern iowa and do a little of everything i have a 30x96 stuppy greenhouse and a 8x16 starter house and raise about 3000 hardy mums for fall retail and wholesale sales. i also build decks and arbors ,trellises, and outdoor funiture. last year i started landscaping comm and res. i've been thinking of starting a comm maintence program with a twist i raise alot of annual flowers that would look great in front of customers businesses i found this site and really like it everyone has trade secrets !
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    I'm Jeff owner operator lawncare business in SW Missouri<br>Equipment-<br>97 Ford F-150<br>16' trailer<br>36&quot; JD walk behind<br>42&quot; Toro ZTR<br>60&quot; Lazer<br>Shindaiwa trimmers and stick edger<br>Shtil Br400 backpack blower<br>Echo hand held blower<br>Misc. other <br>Over 100 accounts 70% residential 30% commercial <br>I have been ready and sharing what little I know at this site for a couple months. GREAT information. I can't wait till Spring!

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