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Who, What, Where

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Eric ELM, Jan 27, 2000.

  1. tpirobert

    tpirobert LawnSite Member
    Messages: 207

    OK, here's my brief bio. &quot;We&quot; (assuming I havent fired all employees, or can find help) started business p/t 12 years ago. Located in Asheville, NC area. My wife mowed all 13 properties first season, while I hammered nails. She drove around with 82 Honda wagon, plywood ramp, trim mower, blower and weed-eater. What a gal! Next year we dove in full time, still using only cheap trim mowers and 64 Ford truck. Fast forward to current year. We now mow both commercial and residential...including landscape installations and hardscaping. I have down-sized business from 2 years ago by 30-40%. I currently am burned out/can't stomach employee hassles and expense. I had a 3 year period with the same employees working full time. They have moved on to their own business, although I did convience one to work p/t with me this season. With fewer employees I have invested in more productive equipment and time saving &quot;systems&quot;. We now operate with:<br>92 Chevy 3/4 ton diesel truck<br>7x16 enclosed trailer<br>1 52&quot; Giant belt drive walk-behind<br>1 52&quot; Toro Zmaster(w/Peco bagger for fall)<br>1 61&quot; Wright Stander-just purchased<br>1 21&quot; Yardman trim mower<br>Shin. trimmers, Echo BP blowers, Echo hedge clippers, Sthil articulating hedge clipper on pole, Ryan aerator, Giant 5&8hp blowers, Billy Goat walk behind vac, assorted BP sprayers and spreaders.<p>That's my &quot;brief&quot; bio. Look forward to using and contibuting to this forum/resource.
  2. jeffyr

    jeffyr LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 876

    Hi Everyone.<p>I started out part time 4 years ago out of boredome with an office job. I had always loved landscaping and the look of a manicured property.<br>I started out with:<br>72 Chevy C-30<br>36&quot; bobcat WB<br>21&quot; sensation <br>old echo trimmer<br>Redmax 6200<br>4.5x9 open trailer<p>I have since sold the trailer to buy a<br>6.5 x 12 semi enclosed with 4 foot sides<br>48&quot; bobcat WB<br>another RedMAX 6200<br>Echo 2100 trimmers<br>Little wonder push blower<br>Echo 30&quot; gas hedge clippers<br>Little Wonder 5 hp edger<p>Although hectic, I am having a great time with the whole deal. I look forward to learning from all of you and hope I can give my 2 cents here and there as well. <br> We could all use some answers from those who have preceded us and learned from their mistakes and successes...no matter how much experience they may or may not have.<p>
  3. gil692

    gil692 Guest
    Messages: 0

    Well here is my stats. My name is Gil and I live in Goldsboro NC. I work full time for the city of Raleigh as a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator. I have been retired from the Navy Submarine Service for 8 years now and I am tired of working for people. I currently do not have any accounts or mow. I want to do it part time to start and if my health can handle it go fulltime and say good bye to the city. I am going slowly trying not to make too many mistakes. This forum has made a difference in my plan and choice of equipment type.<p>I expect to start within the month. <p>I have ordered and am waiting for delivery of a almost new Bunton 48&quot; walk behind (paid for)<br>I have the following:<p> Honda hrs-21 mower<br> homelite weed eater to be replaced with stihl equipment.<br> 7x 18 trailer<br> L2900 Kabota tractor with loader and a lot of equipment. All paid for.<p>To haul it around I have a 99 Ford F-150.<p>Well that is about it. Guess I am what several people have called a scrub. It is like when I joined the Navy when called the new guy or worse. Someday I'll be an old salt like the rest of you.<br> <br>
  4. lawnsurfer

    lawnsurfer LawnSite Member
    Messages: 22

    Hi my name is Tim. I live in Orlando,Florida. I currently service 42 res. accounts.<br>I started with:<br>32&quot; ancient bobcat with 13 hp honda engine(sold it later, the thing is like 16 years old will cut through anything)<br>21&quot; toro commercial mower<br>Ryan(remember those?)string trimmer<br>Sears electric edger(can you believe that?lol)<br>Homelite handheld blower.<br>5'8&quot;trailer<br>82'Toyota Tercel lol:)<p>Now I am currently using:<br>36&quot; Scag belt drive with jungle wheels<br>Echo 2400 trimmer(I have a top of the line Shindaiwa, It will last forever but weighs a ton compared to the Echo. If I want to workout I lift weights.:)<br>Echo stick edger<br>Stihl Backpack 400<br>Scott's lawn spreader<br>Solo backpack sprayer<br>91 Iszusu v-6 pick-up 4wd<br>I have a backup of all my equiptment,except the mower I have several buddies in the business who have bigger biz going and will gladly lend me their 36's.When you only service 42 accounts and service your equiptment, breakdowns rarely occur.<p>I really enjoy this forum and have learned a lot of information. I try to follow the lead of all the regulars and post answers when I can.You guys are great. It is so cool to get to know and talk about our industry instead of the 2min talk at the pump or the 2sec.wave on the road(if you get one) I gladly sent my check into the vacation fund.(although a little late) I am basically a full timer from April-Oct. from Nov. to March I live in Costa Rica.I have a good friend who takes over in the winter. It has worked out great for the past 3 years. I import and sell various merchandise throughout Panama and Costa Rica while there. Oh and surf as much as possible,hence my name lawnsurfer.;)I plan on upgrading everything this year. I want hydros, a larger trailer, bigger truck. etc. I'll update when I get it all probably a $15000 upgrade. I have been doing lawn care pretty much since I could mow my families yard. I have only serviced 42 yards for about 5 years. I plan on offering more services this year and adding about 15 to 20 more accounts. That's it. Thanks , Tim
  5. Alan

    Alan Member
    Messages: 1,185

    Hello, Alan Nadeau here, from Northwestern Vermont, right in the Champlain Vally.<p>Started by accident in 1993. I was disabled at that time and had the chance to mow the local diner grounds. Asked my son (14 at the time) if he was interested in doing it with my old JD 110. He was, but the 110 was not up to it. About a month into it the transaxle went sour and the 110 was replaced by a JD318 w/50&quot; deck and away we went. <p>The next summer I went back in the workforce and Ray stayed with mowing. We would drop equipment off in the morning and he would bicycle between local jobs during the day, then either my wife or I would move equipment for him for the next day. He turned 16 in September of that year and that ended the moving hassles.<p>I found that I had had my fill of the BS that seems to run rampant in too many places of employment and decided to try to make this work full time for both Ray and I. For the next two years we worked as a 2 man crew. Not a good setup, too much friction between father and son to make that a happy relationship.<p>In '98 we started to break up, Ray got a job late that summer and I finished out the year alone. Did most of the work alone last year and this, Ray helps when he has time. So far that has been working otu OK, but next year I will have to become an employer, too many 70 hour weeks working alone.<p>'94 saw us get into snow removal and that has grown to be a major part of the business. Ray has made it clear to his employer that when it snows he has to plow. No debate on that subject. We will be adding another plow, and maybe two, for the coming winter. We have one part time driver and will have to find one who can be available any time for this year. <p>Equipment has grown over time as well. Currently running:<p>98 Exmark Lazer, 25 hp/60&quot;<p>94 Howard Price Hydro walk behind, 17 hp/52&quot;<p>Still got the JD 318/50&quot; which rarely mows now. The tractor is our main &quot;sitework&quot; tool, and has a fleet of stuff to go with it:<p>46&quot; JD snowblower<br>JD Tiltdump collection system (mostly for leaves)<br>5' Cat 0 landscape rake<br>Homemade front blade which mounts on a homemade hydraulic lift &quot;quick hitch&quot; that also carries a Sweepster broom and snowblower. This blower and broom are both hydraulic drive, again, the drive system is homemade. (I spent years in fabrication so I build a LOT of my own stuff.<p>'97 14' trailer Homemade, with tool racks and stuff to make life easier<p>'98 12' trailer which currently carries the Hydroseeder.<p>Echo trimmers and blowers<p>2 Powerbrooms<p>2 2 cycle, 21&quot; snowblowers, 1 Snapper, 1 White (MTD,, JUNK!!)<p>2 8' Sno-Way Predator plows<p>Plans to add a Snow-Way Lobo Vee plow this year.<p>'97 Chevy K2500, our heavy plow truck<p>'91 & '88 Chevy S-10s (they get to share the second plow)<p>'71 GMC 5500, 5 yd dump with central hydraulics and tailgate spreader. Real pretty, restored old truck.
  6. Dink38

    Dink38 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 20

    We are located in western Virginia. We now have around 50 accounts. We do a little of everything... from mowing, landscaping, pressure washing to sealing driveways. Also snow removal.<br>We started out about 5 years ago with:<p>2- Snapper 21 inch<br>1- Snapper rider<br>1- MTD rider<br>2- Homelite weedeaters<br>1- Weedeater blower<p>Now we have:<p>2000 Dixie Chopper<br>2000 Great Dane Hydro Walkbehind 48<br>1999 Snapper Hydro walkbehind 52<br>1999 Scag walkbehind 36<br>1995 Snapper LX2000 Rider 48<br>2000 Snapper 26<br>Two Toro 21<br>Four Sthil weedeaters<br>Three Sthil Blowers<br>Landa hot water pressure washer<br>Landa cold water pressure washer<br>1988 F350 Dump Truck 4x4<br>1978 Chevy Pick up<br>1999 Mid Atlantic 18' Trailer<br>1986 12' Trailer<br>1999 Leaf Vac system (mounted in trailer)<p> <br>
  7. jcjrfl

    jcjrfl LawnSite Member
    from florida
    Messages: 40

    i strarted a few months ago in central florida. commercial lawns so far.<br>dixie chopper 2000 50in deck<br>scotts self propelled mower zero turn<br>2 t260 shindaiwa trimmers<br>1 t260 edger<br>1 tanaka wheeled edger<br>1 shindaiwa 6300 blower<br>1 shindaiwa pruner <br>1 shindaiwa flex head edge trimmer<br>1 chain saw<br>
  8. Dennis

    Dennis LawnSite Member
    from Ga.
    Messages: 155

    I am from mid. Ga.,started lawn care as way to recover from child support expenses,that was 9 years ago.<br>started with, nothing..put out flyers and bought as I went.<br>hedge trimmers(hand power)<br>crfts man 21&quot; sp mower<br>crfts man 17&quot; weedeater<br>crftsman hand blower<br>and toy 4x4 pickup<p>I now have:<br>20 ft customers(still work ft as eng in factory)<br>ford f150<br>snapper 48&quot; 14kohler WB<br>K-grow 42&quot; rider (yeah I know)<br>Redmax Blower<br>shin t230<br>sthil weedeater <br>sthil stick edger<br>2 toro 21&quot; per. pace mowers<br>2 mac weedeaters(back ups I never need)<br>weedeater hedge trimmers <br>homelight chainsaw<br>5X10 trailor with storage and trimmer holders<br>1 PT helper(how to I write him off)<br>thats about it except lots of hand tools<br>Enjoy lawn work,but not sure health is good enough for full time,Lots of hard HOT work.<br>
  9. KirbysLawn

    KirbysLawn Millenium Member
    Messages: 3,485

    Started my business after dealing with idiots who were trying to help me get my lawn established. Found a way that works, grew good lawns, and like the business. <p>Started with:<br>96' Dodge Ram 1500 Truck<br>Leonard 6'x12' enclosed trailer<br>48&quot; Bobcat used belt mower<br>Sthil BR 400 blower<br>Sthil FS85 trimmer<br>Back pack sprayer<p>Now Have:<br>1999 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab w/PSD<br>Haulmark 7'x16' enclosed trailer<br>5'x6' open trailer<br>98' Great Dane Chariot<br>99' Great Dane Scamper<br>Honda 21&quot; push<br>Husky chainsaw<br>Sthil BR 400 blower<br>Sthil FS85 trimmer<br>Sthil trimmer extension<br>Sthil hedge trimmer<br>Sthil edger<br>2-3 gallon back pack sprayers<br>Ryan 28&quot; core aerator<br>Honda cultivator<br>Lesco 200 gallon sprayer<br>Lesco spreader<br>Lesco deep-root injector<p>WooHoo...I was number 100, do I get a prize?<p>Ray<p><br><p><font size="1">Edited by: KirbysLawn
  10. Ground Rules

    Ground Rules LawnSite Member
    Messages: 27

    From Southern NH. First year starting out officially and only doing so PT at this point.<p>I started out with:<p>1993 Ford F150 4X4<br>Weed Eater 22&quot; push mower<br>Craftsman trimmer<br>Various and countless hand tools<p>I now have:<p>Same truck<br>10'x 6'6&quot; open trailer<br>Scag 48&quot; WB (belt drive)with 17 hp Kawasaki<br>Bobcat 21&quot; 5 hp trim mower<br>Homelite trimmer<br>Still have Craftsman trimmer<br>Same various and countless hand tools<br>

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