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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Eric ELM, Jan 27, 2000.

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    im not in bisness yet.plan on starting in spring 2001
    i have 85 3/4 ton chevy truck....still look & runs nice
    61 inch great dane chairiot......love it less than 100 hrs.
    36 inch snapper geardrive........wish it was hydo
    21 inch lawnboy..................2years old no regrets
    still weedeater curved shaft.....want to try strait shaft
    br400 still blower.......love it no leaves in my yard
    jungle wheels.............loved them before i got ztr
    35 by 45 pole barn...................................
    next phurchases will be trailor and edger.
    this lawnsite is the best!

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    Hello my name is Steve and after working for others up in VA decided to "go where the chilly winds don't blow" and after seeing so many "lawn monkey's" around here got started for myself

    Then: 85 Ranger, 6 x 10 trailer, belt drive 36" Snapper and used 2 cycle equip

    Today: 95 Dodge Ram 2500 & 90 Ford F-250 added an extra trailer 6.5 x 16

    60 MTD (I like the Chopper, but this one is much cheaper and she goes about 10, with the 25 hp)

    54 Cub (Nice on flat stuff, but god is she slow)

    (2) 48" Walkers GHS & Mulching Decks( Best "Versitile" Mower made, not super fast but can do it all great for the smaller jobs like condo fronts & back yards)
    36" Snapper Hydro

    (2) 21" Cub & Snapper which I don't load on the trailer any more as I just don't to jobs that require a push mower...I can "weed wack" a postage stamp fast than it takes to unload

    (3) Husky Back Pack Blowers which are super lite and just a strong as any Ecco

    Lots of Shindaiwa & Ecco stick edger's & weed wackers

    Stihl Power Pole Saw (paid for her in 1 week of Palm trimming)

    Anyways I have a business partner & am an S corp...lucky my partner and I are best of friends and enjoy the same things...so when we go on those "business trips" it's all covered .....anyways just got back from a "business seminar" in CO to take "stress management" relief while sking ......and getting ready for our anual "officer's meeting at the Daytona 500......gotta get those receits

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    Who: Mike owner/operator of Mikes Landscaping/Snowplowing Service


    Where: Utica,NY (Upstate Ny)

    Years in buisness:7 months(had a few lawns since 18 for a side job)

    What i started with: 2 accounts
    >1983 ford f250
    >fisher conventional style plow
    >20 inch push mower
    >poulan weed eater
    >poulan blower
    >red max bush trimmer

    What i have now:
    >1997 chevy silverado
    >Fisher minute mount plow
    >Exmark viking hydro 48inch cut
    >(2)Weedeater brand weedeaters(featherlight)
    >Homelite blower
    >poulan chainsaw
    >red man bush trimmer
    >2000 5x10 trailer
    >self propelled push mower
    >2000 craftsman 42inch 17hp tractor
    >2000 craftsman 4hp snowblower
    >26 ACCOUNTS!!!

    What i expect in 2001:
    >Twice as many accounts!
    >Expand my services with:
    weed control
    get rid of all the cheap people!

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    i am 18 years old, first year of legal business over and done. started at 12 years old. i do about 15 properties. my customer list ranges anywhere from united states congrewomen and a former president of national semiconductors to retired teachers and mafia thugs. i do mostly tree work if you are gonna go by $$$ but in volume it would be lawn maintenance, just got my nys 3a pesticide certification. gonna be a blast with the 48 hr deal...
    started with:
    1) sears curved shaft trimmer (lasted 1 yr.)
    1) craftsman push mower (belonged to a neighbor who would let me use it for other properties)
    1) forrest gump lawn mower (snapper)
    -this was when i was 12

    at 18:
    1)scag wb 48" w/velke
    1)95 ford f150 xl 2wd (beaten the crap out of it)
    1)16' parker trailer
    1)echo srm2100 - trimmer
    1)shindiawa t230 - trimmer
    1)stihl pb400 - blower
    1)echo pb400e - blower
    1)redmax eb431 - blower
    1)billy goat 5 hp. pb
    1)fradan 9hp. pb
    1)stihl 066 magnum 3' bar chain saw
    1)stihl 044 25" bar chain saw
    1)020t 16" bar chain saw
    1)029 20" bar chain saw
    1)ht75 power pole saw - good investment for 200 extra you can put on a hedge clipper that goes up 11 feet or more.
    1)husky 41 18" bar chain saw
    1)honda commercial 21" push mower - paid 1,100 temporary insanity?
    1)echo gas hedge clipper
    plenty of ropes, saddles, other assorted tree and landscape gear.
  6. iup88

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    i would like your opinion on lawn care as a career. what to do to start a business etc,....
  7. Turfcouncil

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    My name is Steve and have been mowin for about 5 years in The great city of Las Vegas Nevada. I have gotten alot of usefull business info from this site and just want to thank Lawnsite for the motivation to keep it in gear. I bought 30 residential accounts at first and have grown to about 50-60 all residential. I have a hard time trying to relate to most of the opperations on this site from back east because my largest property is about 7000 sq ft. and I don't think i would even have a use for a 60" mower but anyways this is what i started with

    1988 Mazda pu
    8ft trailer
    21" honda
    21" snapper
    Kawasaki line trimmer
    Bandit Blower
    Hand tools

    5 years later

    1989 Chevy 34 ton P/u
    Same 8ft trailer
    same 21" honda
    same 21" Snapper
    2 New kawasaki line trimmers
    Echo 2100 handheld blower
    Kawasaki backpack blower
    Echo Hedge trimmers
    3 Mac(CRAP) Chainsaws
    Tons of hand tools

    Thanks again for all the info

  8. captdevo

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    Dave, i started out landscaping and maintenance in 78' in/around New Orleans. Did it full time til 83', part time since. Worked in the gulf, went on oceangoing tugs from Nova Scotia to Brazil. Now, I'm a Captain on a Riverboat Casino in Iowa (full time), I deal Walker Mowers, Ramrod mini-skids and various used equipment. I maintain approx. 26 different properties ( commercial and residential)

    Equipment then:
    1978 Isuzu p'up
    16' trailer
    1 - scag
    1 - Walker
    Various others (gettin' old, bad memory)

    Equipment now:
    1 - 2000 Chevy extra cab Z71
    1 - 1975 GMC 4x4
    2 - 20' United enclosed trailers
    1 - 20' Texas Bragg car hauler
    1 - 12' skid steer trailer
    1 - 2000 Ramrod 904tg
    3 - 2000 Walker GHS 26hp EFI's w/ 48" ghs's & 52/62 SD's
    1 - Dixon 42"
    1 - Craftsman weedeater (gotta luv it)
    2 - Echo's
    1 - Stihl
    3 - Stihl chainsaws

    Always looking to buy, sell and trade stuff!!!

    Should have called my company A.F.A.B.!!! ( Anything for a Buck)


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