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  1. docshank

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    I'm from a small town in Northwest Tennessee called Dresden. My son and I do lawn care on the side. My full time job is in industrial maintenance (electrical, mechanical, and hydraulics). I work for a metal stamping plant that serves the automotive and heavy truck industry. My son is a truck driver for American Freightways. My son may eventually do lawn care full time, but I'll probably stick with my full time job (pay and benefits are too good to walk away from). Currently we have between 20 to 30 accounts, which is about all we have time for. The average size of the lawns that we do is about 1 acre (some smaller, some larger). Our equipment is as follows.<p>1999 Grasshopper 721D G2 61&quot; deck<br>1998 Scag Hydro Walk-Behind 52&quot; deck<br>1973 Cub Cadet 129 hydro<br>1985 Lawnboy Push Mower<br>2ea. Shindaiwa T230 Trimmers<br>1ea. Shindaiwa T260 Trimmer<br>1ea. Shindaiwa EB240 Blower<br>1ea. RedMax EB6200 Blower<br>18ft. Utility Trailer<br>60&quot; GPC Water Fill Spiker Aerator<br>48&quot; Agri Fab Spiker Aerator<br>125 Agri Fab Broadcast Spreader<br>Mantis Mini Tiller<br>Husqvarna 350 Chainsaw<br>Stihl HS80 Hedge Trimmer<br>R.B.G. 2181-P Rotary Blade Grinder<p><br>----------<br>Doc Shank<p><p><p><br>
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    My name is James and I am a partner in a small business in the Rochester, NY area. I think the people that read this can relate, that this is one of the more diverse exciting occupations out there. I would rather do nothing else. <br>We currenly offer several services, our more popular ones being: lawn service (professional word for mowing) fert/pesticide programs). We used to take on more services but we were easily overwhelmed. We have been in business for seven years and I can say every year has and always will be a learning experience.<br>We have several turf tigers a couple of belt driven walk-behinds and stihl equiptment across the board. We also have a 200 gal. lesco sprayer, for those weed and feed applications. We are licenced with the state and fully insured. Seems as though lots of small businesses attempt to cut corners around here. Definately not the way to go. I will not bore you and end up writing a novel about us. By the way everyones backround was very impressive. A very modest bunch here.
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    My name is Mick. I own a outdoor equipment repair shop in NE Indiana. I also deal in used equipment sales. I play around in the winter by logging, cutting firewood, and plowing snow. I got a 1979 GMC k2500 4x4 with a 7.5' Meyer plow. I also repair plows in the winter however Im still learning about plows. I have a large collection of outdoor equipment includes Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Homelite, John deere, Wheelhorse, Bolens, Gravly, Cubcudet, Noma, Poulan, Kabota, Woods. These are the ones I can spell hehe. There is much more. I have several landscaping services as customers and do a little landscaping myself. I been married 15 years 2 children both girls one 11yr one 13yr. My hobbies are outdoors and power equipment and of course the web. I enjoy corresponding with you folks. I learn something new each day.
  4. bdemir

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    Hi, My name ir Bedros I am from West Bloomfield Michigan and its my first year doing it on my own. Im also a partner for a drywall company. I have about 20 accounts and cut 2 apartments for another landscape company. I also plow snow for another lansdcape company. I will add to my equipment if I pick up more customers. I love this job and hope I can do it for the rest of my life.I live with my parents and keep the equipment in the garage which barely fits.(my mother had a heart attack when i brought it all home at once from the dealership)lol.<p><br>My equipment is as follows:<br>87 Ford F250 w/western pro plow<br>84 Chevy K10 w/western plow<br>52&quot; scagg walkbehind<br>60&quot; exmark turf tracer<br>21&quot; honda commercial mower<br>16' trailer<br>1 shindaiwa trimmer<br>1 red max blower<br>stihl hedge trimmer<br>stihl chainsaw<p>
  5. Chuck Smith

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    I'm Chuck Smith, owner operator of AC Grounds Maintenance. I'm in Northern New Jersey. I have been in business myself for the past 5 years. I have been plowing snow for 16 years now. I have my own residential and commercial accounts, and team up with my younger brother on his larger commercial accounts, or ones he doesn't have time for. He works 2 jobs not including plowing, so it gets hectic. <br>I plow with a 1980 GMC K/25, with a Meyer 7.5' E-47 powered pump. The plow came new on the truck in 1980. I welded on a bracket to mount a third trip spring, like newer Meyer plows have. It helped with tripping when scraping up hardpack and ice. The blade used to lean forward, no more. I've added a few goodies, and minor things to make plowing easier. Most of it is on my web pages, under &quot;simple mods&quot;. I've written a Snowplowing Handbook too, but you'll hear that more than enough I'm sure ;) My truck has a cast iron NP 205 gear driven transfer case, and a 14 bolt GM rear axle, rated at 7,000 pounds. Up front, it has a 10 bolt GM rear, which has held up well to plowing. I do need to get the splines replaced on my front driveshaft though. My trans is a rebuild, with less than 5,000 miles on it, and my engine has less than that on it as well. It's a Remanufactured 350 I got from Jasper Engines and Transmissions, located in Jasper Indiana.<br>My brother plows with a 95 Dodge Ram 1500, with a Meyer 7.5' , E-60 pump. He has a Meyer tailgate spreader too.<br>His truck has a 360 motor, and auto trans. At 98,000 miles, he blew a hole in a piston, due to a lack or servicing his EGR valve. Got a rebuilt 360. Then less than 1,000 miles later, the trans went. He got a rebuild. We're ready for the snow!<br>We plow 4 commercial accounts this year for sure, we had more, but businesses change owners, so and so doesn't pay on time, etc. We are hoping for more this year. I keep nine residential; accounts myself, and my brother has close to 20. These are all accounts we've harvested over the past 7 years or so (My brother has been plowing since 92). We have weeded out all the back drag driveways, saving only pushbacks, with no cars in the driveway. The commercial accounts are less than 1 mile apart. All my residential accounts are within a 1 mile radius too. My brother chooses to go as far as 5 miles or more to plow. Another reason I end up plowing his local accounts often.<br>We run a 5 HP Craftsman blower, and a Ariens ST-8 24.<br>Who are you, and what do you plow with?<br>LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW!!!<p>As far as lawns, I'm looking to get out. I still have lots of equipment though.<br>1997 6.5' x 12' single axle open trailer<br>1992 Bobcat 36&quot; walk behind (12 HP Kawasaki, gear drive) With leaf plow, and front mount Agri-Fab dethatcher.<br>1990 Green Machine string trimmer (Love it)<br>1997 Echo SRM-2400 string trimmer (Hate it)<br>1994 Echo 6&quot; Hedge Trimmer<br>1975 Power Trim 3.5 HP edger<br>1990 22&quot; Murray self propelled trim mower<br>1975 Snapper cast aluminum deck self propelled trim mower<br>1992 Echo PB 400 E back pack blower<br>1993 Stihl BR 320 back pack blower<br>1992 8 HP Little Wonder wheel blower<br>1995 5 HPCraftsman shredder/chipper/vac/blower<br>1990 Stihl 18&quot; Chainsaw<br>1950(?) Wheel Horse 8 HP tractor with 2 snowplows, a dirt blade and a scraper/york rake.<br>Agri-Fab 125# spreader<br>2 Echo pump sprayers<p>~Chuck<br>AC Grounds Maint.<br><p>----------<br>Chuck's Chevy Truck Pages - Snowplowing Central<br>http://members.aol.com/csmith669/plowcentral.html
  6. mattingly

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    Hi,<br>I'm Wade Mattingly. I am starting up new this year. I have already posted this but, I guess this is going to be a permanent thing here. <br>I am currently in the second of four semesters of a horticulture degree at Univ. of Kentucky. I already have a bio. degree in a well thought of Liberal Arts Univ. here in Lexington, KY. This is also where I currently reside and plan to offer my services. <br>What I have:<br>48&quot; Exmark Viking wb<br>5x8 open trailer<br>5.5 hp Murray self-propelled mower 21&quot;<br>0 Accounts<br>What I expect to buy if my loan goes through:<br>89 Chevy 3/4 ton<br>6x16 open trailer<br>Exmark 60&quot; Lazer Z<br>Echo 2100 comm trimmer<br>Echo 2100sb split boom trimmer and edger<br>Stihl Backpack blower<p>I may sell the wb and get another hydro wb if I get a justifiable amount of accounts. I plan on keeping the 5x8 and using it for landscaping and small lawn accounts in the second year. In the first year I won't be able to handle many accounts. Maybe 30-40.<br>I will update this as needed later.<p>----------<br>Integrated Landscape Solutions<br>Lexington, KY
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    Hi. My name is Elisama of Houston, Texas, and my company is WorkForce International. Our mission is to provide various industries, including the Green industry with INS approved seasonal laborers. The company is growing and currently have a branch office in the Austin area. Presently we are dealing with 14 accounts, which is normal volume for us. Most of the accounts are L&L, but we target the construction, building maintenance and restaurant industries as well.<br>I drive a Chevy Suburban, and try not to look at the fuel bill if I can help it.<p>You can contact us at:<br>(713)923-5564 (Business)<br>(713)923-5517 (Fax)<br>WorkForceIntl@aol.com (E-mail)<br>or you can visit us at our website:<p><br>
  8. weve

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    My name is Larry. I live in a town of 1000 in Central Illinois. I drive a school bus twice a day, clean a large church, mow lawns, tune a few pianos, and detassel seed corn for several weeks in the summer. I've been mowing since 1989 and have about 26 accounts including one cemetery.<br> I've been married for 26 years and have four boys (24, 22, 19, and 14) and one grandson (13 mo).<p>Equipment list:<p>Dixie Chopper XFD 2600-60 Flatlander<br>Echo SRM-2100SB Grass Trimmer<br> Edger attachment<br> Power Pruner attachment<br> Hedge Clipper attachment<br>Echo ES-2000 Shred 'N' Vac<br>Echo HC-1500 Hedge Clipper<br>Shindaiwa PB270 Power Broom<br> Tiller/Cultivator attachment<br> Grass Trimmer Conversion Kit<br>AgriFab pull behind Core Aerator<br>AgriFab pull behind Tine De-Thatcher<br>AgriFab 38&quot; lawn sweeper (seldom use)<br>Craftsman 20&quot; 3 H.P. Trim mower. The<br> original purchaser died in 1970. The<br> engine is on the 3rd deck and has been run<br> over by my trailer and still starts on 1st <br> or 2nd pull in the summer.<br>Toro CCR 2500 GTS Snowthrower<br>12' LB Custom trailer pulled by 1989 Ford <br> Aerostar van<p>I live three miles from the Illinois sales rep for Dixie Chopper and have been on both jet powered mowers several times. I do more reading on this forum than input and enjoy all the ideas and information.<br>I originally started out in 1989 with a used Dixon 424 42&quot; cut ZTR, an Echo 2200 GT curved shaft trimmer, a Lawn Chief 21&quot; push mower, and a snow mobile trailer pulled by a car.<br> <p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: weve<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: weve

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  9. pogo

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    Hello, I really enjoy reading the posts on this site. It kind of gives you a perspective of where you stand with your business.(thats something I've always wondered)<br>I am in San Antonio, Tx. I have been mowing lawns for about 7 years, but only really have treated it like a buisness for about 3. Once I started doing that, revenues really increased.I have around 110 accounts/ 100 residential and 10 comm. This past year I mostly took myself out of the labor part of the business. I have 2 year round employess and 2 more for the seasonal time. <br>I have:<br>1984 chevy 1/2 ton<br>1991 Chevy s10<br>8ftx6ft Magnum Trailor<br>32in Snapper walk behind w/ velke<br>32in Howard Price walk behind<br>2 Makita weedeaters<br>2 Echo backpack blowers<br>a few hand held blowers <br>2 Toro mulching mowers<br>A warehouse full of old snapper and assorted mowers<br>Various other equipment<br>I share a warehouse with a landscaper, so we exchange maintenance and landscaping work.<p>I have a stay at home wife of 5 years. She takes care of my son who is 2 1/2 years old.<br>she is pregnant and is due in July.(right in the middle of the busy season) My hobbies are music and sports. I love the Houston Astros. I grew up near Galveston so I love the beach and surfing as well. I play bass guitar when I can. Actually I have played in a lot of bands(everything from punk rock to some country)<br>GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE THIS SEASON<br>Rob
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    Hi I'm Karl based in Brisbane, Australia.<br>I am an owner operator slashing(bush hogging)<br>and mowing contactor.I've been operating for<br>4 years and have approx.200 clients.<br>Equipment includes:<p>Deutz DX310 50hp tractor<br>Superior LX5 slasher with 400hp gearbox<br>Kubota T1760 ride on mower with catcher<br>Stihl FS 106 & 108 brushcutters<br>International ACCO 6 tonner truck with<br>V555 Cummins 210hp<br>About 5 miles of irrigation gear<p>Am looking to buy another ride on mower soon<br>and another truck. I enjoy the posts<br>on this board as they are a very usefull<br>source of new info.<br>All the best<p>P.S. I've since bought a Mitsubishi<br>Canter 3 tonner with 15' tray,and<br>a new Walker 26hp efi with 48&quot;GHS<br>deck.<p>Karl<p><br><p><font size="1">Edited by: southside

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