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  1. Turf Cutters

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    My wife and I formed Turf Cutters in 1994. I am a full time firefighter and worked for other lawn services in the area. My wife worked for different companies in upper middle management and wanted to spend more time with our son. This has turn into a full time job for my wife and a full time part time job for me. We are located in Overland Park, KS near Kansas City, MO. We have two fulltime employees (us) and two part time emploees, seasonal. We provide lawn care, mowing and treatments, landscaping, snow removal(driveways only), and pond installation. We are 70% residential and 30% commerical.<br>Equipment:<br>1 1999 Dodge 4x4 Ram 2500 pick up<br>1 1997 Ford 4x4 F250HD crewcab pick up<br>3 21&quot; lawnboy<br>2 Encore 36&quot; hydros<br>1 Encore 48&quot; hydro <br>1 Dixie Chopper 60&quot;<br>1 16' tandem with side and rear ramp<br>1 12' tandem <br>4 trimmers, 3 redmax, 1 echo<br>3 blowers echo<br>1 Troybilt rotortiller<br>1 Westheffer 200 gal spray tank<br>1 Lesco spreader<br>1 Scotts spreader <br>1 Toro snow blower<p>
  2. Ssouth

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    Hi, I'm Stuart South from Decatur, AL. I just started my own lawncare company in Feb. and it's called TLC, The Landscape Co. I mainly do lawn maintenance ( twelve month contracts only )As far as landscaping, I only get to do it approx. 15 hrs. a week.{wish I could get more landscape work}<p>Compared to all you guys I have a very small inventory of tools which include:<p>48&quot; lazer HP with mulch kit<br>3 - push mowers (never use them)<br>1988 Ford F150<br>6.5' * 16' trailer<br>Echo 2600 weed wacker<br>Echo 2400 edger<br>Echo PB 60 blower<br>Echo ?? hedge trimmer<br>lots of assorted had tools<br>several wheel barrows<br>Echo back pack sprayer<br>an engineers wheel ( invaluable tool)<br> plan to buy a 60&quot; Exmark in fall or early spring with a trac vac.
  3. rixtag

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    I am owner/operator/truck driver etc... 2nd year officially. Part time but love the work. Been cutting for 10+ years commercially for 3. I don't have the experience of most of you but I love to do it, I make some bank and my customers are happy. I have 3 commercial, 2 residential ( 2 comm are repeats from last year)This year less contracts but more $<br>10 year old 36 exmark (great machine!!<br>2 toro 21&quot;<br>weedeater trimmer & blower<br>2000 nissan crew cab 4x4<br>8' trailer<br>misc hand tools<br>best of all... PAID FOR!!!!!!<br>
  4. richard

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    1 Ford F250, 1 trailer,1 ransomes 36, 1 toro 21 two cycle,a 1967 toro sport lawn rear throw power reel (you just can't have a good lawn without one of these babies!!!)1 shindaiwa t 250, 1 sthil fs 85, 1 echo srm 2100,1 mc calane edger,1 chapin backpack sprayer, 1 lily miller sprayer, 1 Billy Goat, 1 husky leaf vac ( works great as a hand held shredder---throwing off! no catch bag!)1 ECHO hedge trimmers on weedeater, misc. hand tools (gotta love the garden claw!!!) 1 486 laptop (runs power point real nice!) 1 P3 550 clone (name brands suck!) 1 mind full of ag knowledge as well as soil science, 1 ryan aerator, and drive to survive! ( don't let the tax man clobber u!!!)
  5. garbage man

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    Hi , my name is Garbage Man. That is also my full time job. I am 39.<br>I live in SounthWest Virginia, Dickenson county, Town of Haysi (pronounced HAYS-EYE), close to the KY and WVA boarder. We have 0- degree winters and 100+ summers. <br>I am married (#2), 6 months now, to a beautiful 22 yr old babe and hope to have another child in the near future. I already have one lovely daughter, 19 , who is married and given me a gorgeous grandaughter, 9 mths , a son of 15, he says 15 3/4 , who looks forward to getting my beat-up '89 s-10 so he can take over the business. ha ha <br>I have been doing Lawn Care (part-time) since 1987 went full time after a lay-off in '90 , then back to part-time after getting my new county job as a &quot;Residential Evironmental Quality Control Specialist&quot; (er the name; garbage man) in 95.<p>I have the following equipment;<br>(1) Murry 22&quot; push<br>(1) Lowes 21&quot; combo self propeled<br>(1) Mac 100 trimmer<br>(1) Mac 80 trmmer (found)<br>(1) Homelite 135 trimmer<br>(1) Mac Blower<br>(1) Poulan chainsaw<br>(1) Homelite XL2 chainsaw (found)<br>(1) Weedeater 2 cycle hedge trimmer<br>assorted lawn and garden hand tools<p>All this carried around in a 1989 4x4 Chevy S-10. Great gas mileage and it is all paid for. I even find assorted equipment and tools on my full time job (you would be amazed at what people throw away). I haven't bought trimmer string in years. <br>I would love to do this work year round but as some of you may know, the mountains of SWVA are notorious for hard winters. My son helps me out when his schedule permits (girls and fishing/hunting). We, or should I say me most of the time, ha ha , do an average of 7 yards a week some like it only every two weeks or when the grass gets above the tires on the cars in the yard (that was a hillbilly joke). <br>Thanks to this forum I have learned new information on this subject and hope to keep learning.
  6. Greenkeepers

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    Hi all!<p>My name is Mike Biskup partner in Greenkeepers Lawn Service & Landscaping. I'm in a partnership with my brother Mark. We are located in Medina County OH. About 20min South of Cleveland. <p>How we started:<br> We started when we were 11 years old cutting for neighbors grandparents etc. The business kept growing and helped my bro and I get though school. In 1998 after I graduated college We sold all our accounts in PA and Moved to OH to start all over. We are still part time until it's beneficial for full time. <br>Our original equipment (don't laugh)<p>(1) 1972 Lawn Boy 19&quot; push mower<br>(1) 1981 Lawn Boy 21&quot; push mower<br>(1) little orange electric craftsmen trimmer (bout 8&quot; cut)<br>(1) Push broom<br>(2) parents who liked to drive their smelly sweaty kids around for 5 years.<p>Pretty elaborate setup huh????<p><br>Our Equipment Now includes:<p>(1) 2000 Exmark Lazer Z Hp <br>(1) 1998 Exmark 48&quot; Metro<br>(1) 1999 MTD Pro 48&quot; WB<br>(2) 1998 Lawnboy 21&quot; commercial push mowers<br>(1) 1998 Lawnboy 21&quot; push mower<br>(2) Weedeater brand weadeaters (t bar type)<br>(1) Stihl weedeater<br>(1) Stihl hedge clipper<br>(1) Stihl Chainsaw<br>(2) Weedeater handheld blowers<br>(1) Lesco backpack blower<br>(1) Lesco 80 # broadcast spreader<br>(1) Lesco Backpack sprayer<br>(1) McLane power edger<br>(1) 16' landscape tandem landscape trailer<br>(1) Little Wonder 8hp blower<br>(1) 1999 Dodge ram 3/4 ton 4X4 w/ e-z dumper bed insert<br>(1) 1998 Dodge ram 1/2 ton 4X4<br>(1) Trenchmaster bed edger<br>(1) Full office setup- computer printers etc. I think this is one that everyone forgets.<p>Many other tools, misc saws, hand tools, wheelbarrows etc.....<p>Have a good one!!<p>Mike and Mark<br>Greenkeepers<p><p>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: GREENKEEPERS<p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: GREENKEEPERS<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: GREENKEEPERS

    GRASSCHOPPERS LawnSite Member
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    Hello my name is corey and i'm located in minnesota currently doing lawncare part time and plan to go full time next season if the wife lets me.as for equipment this is what i have so far. <br>2000 Dodge Ram 3500 V10 with a 3 yard tipper<br>1997 Dodge Ram 2500 extended cab<br>1997 haulmark 18ft enclosed trailer<br>1998 snapper 52&quot; gear walk behind<br>1999 snapper 48&quot; zero turn<br>(2) shindiawa T230 trimmers<br>(1) stihl br400 backpack blower<br>toro 21&quot; push mower<br>Trac vac system for walk behind<br>jarco power rake for walk behind<br>16' open trailer<br>(2) meyer/diamond plows<br>i have one employee (my dad) <br>33 yrs old married for 9 years two kids <br>love the site actually my wife found it and we have both learned alot from it this is my second season mowing/landscaping and plan on many more <br>
  8. bladecutter

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    My name is Dave, I own a full service maintenance company. We have been expanding in the landscaping field for the last 5 years. I've been taking courses in landscape design and have been pursuing this area of the bis alot. We currently serice 42 customers, 70% commercial and 30% resident.I prefer to use Toro equiptment ( if golf courses all over the world do, who am i to argue?). <p>Current inventory includes:<br>Toro Z Master 255 52&quot; deck<br>Toro Pro Line 16hp twin cyl, 52&quot; deck WB<br>Toro Pro Line 15hp 44&quot; deck WB<br>Toro GTS 21&quot; mower<br>Toro 269 with 52&quot; deck with TracVac <br>Troy Bilt 33&quot; mulching mower<br>Shindawa trimmer<br>Toro trimmer<br>Robin hedge trimmer<br>Echo leaf blower<br>88 chevy PU<br>12' trailer<br>10' trailer<br>a bunch of other stuff not worthy of mention
  9. dhicks

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    Hello! My name is David and I'm from Frederick County, Maryland. I'm 48 yrs young and will retire from the Govt. after 30 yrs of service. My jobs with the govt. and military I have spent almost 30 years working in an office environment. I love the outdoors and I will never work inside again. While I look forward to retirement, I'm not one to sit at home and vegetate. <p>I live in an estate subdivision where most of the properties are almost 2 acres and above. Living where we do has opened up many opportunities for me to mow and do lawn/garden services where I live. I plan to expand my boundaries and customer base next year. <p>Equipment:<p>1998 Chevy CK/1500<br>Toro Z255 62&quot; w/striping Kit - Nice<br>Trenchmaster F-780H Bed Edger<br>Brinley 48&quot; Core Aerator - Tow behind<br>Crapsman: blower and string trimmer<p>Planned Purchases this year:<p>18-Foot Trailer - <br>REDMAX Blowers - Handheld HB2300<br>SHINDAIWA Hedge Trimmer AH230<br>TANAKA Trimmer TBC-2510<br>TANAKA Edger TLE-550<br>Exmark Viking Hydo Walk Behind w/ 36” Deck<p><br>God Bless!<p>----------<br>--Disneyland on the Potomac<br>www.go-emerald.com
  10. mikeslawncare

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    I am from the York, PA area, have been doing this full-time since 1995. I started out part-time in 1986. I am a solo operator with approx. 32 commercial accounts and 39 upscale residential accounts. I only do mowing and snow removal, subcontract everything else out (no time).<p><br>What I started out with:<br>1983 Mazda B2000 truck<br>1986 Toro Landscaper 21&quot; push mower<br>Green Machine trimmer<br>Homelite blower<p><br>What I now have:<br>1997 Ford F-350 Powerstroke 4x4 Dump Truck<br>1979 Ford F-250 4x4 Supercab (used for snow)<br>1996 6'6&quot;x18' 10,000lb. Custom Trailer<br>Meyer 8' commercial poly plow<br>Meyer 8' commercial steel plow<br>(2)Meyer mini-spreaders<br>1999 Buyers Hopper Spreader<br>1999 John Deere F1145 Front Mower with:<br> Heated Cab<br> 72&quot; mower<br> 54&quot; power angle blade<br> 47&quot; two-stage snowblower<br>1985 Case 1845 skid loader<br>2000 Exmark 60&quot; liquid cooled Lazer Z<br>2000 Exmark 72&quot; EPS Lazer Z<br>1999 John Deere 14 SX trim mower<br>1992 Scag 48&quot; walk behind<br>Echo Gt2400 trimmers<br>Stihl BR400 backpack blower<br>Earthway stainless spreader <p>

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