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    <p>Mountain View Landscaping ia a full service landscape company located in the central New Jersey area. We have been serving the Somerset, Hunterdon, and Middlesex areas for over 15 years. My father started out when I was Just a kid in the early eighties. So I dont remember what equiupment he started with. I do remember the 21&quot; Snapper's thats about all.<p>Our equipment now consists of:<p>1 83 Chevy Mason Dump <br>1 85 Ford F250 w/Meyer plow<br>1 91 Ford F150 w/Meyer plow<br>1 94 Ford F250 w/Meyer plow<br>1 97 Ford F350 w/backpack & 10' rack<br>3 Landscape trailers 12' 18' 20'<br>16 Lawn Mowers 4-Honda push 3-36&quot; bobcats <br>2-48&quot; bobcats 2-54&quot; bobcats 2-52&quot; Lazers w/vacs 1-52&quot;exmark explorer 1-48&quot; ferris hydro walk 1-61&quot; ferris dual drive hydro<br>1 tihl FS 74<br>2-Stihl FS 80's 2-Kawisaki's 1-Redmax 1-Green Machine 1-weed wacker graveyard<br>1 Redmax stick edger<br>1 Shindaiwa stick edger<br>1 hand held Shindaiwa blower<br>2 Shindaiwa 6200 blower's<br>1 Redmax Eb6200 blower<br>1 Stihl br400 blower<br>4 Redmax eb430 blower's<br>3 Fradan push blower's w/8HP I/P<br>1 Stihl HS75 hedge trimmer<br>3 Redmax hedge trimmers<br>1 Stihl 019T chainsaw<br>1 Stihl 025 chainsaw<br>1 Solo chainsaw<p>
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    My Name is Rich and I am 16. I have my own landscape company in New Jersey. We sevice Sommerset and Morris counties. I don't have my lisence yet so two of my friends who have trucks work for me. I have been doing landscaping for about 6 years and about 3 years commercaily. I do about 90% residential and 10% commercail work. I get my lisence next year so i plan on buying a nice truck and a new trailer before next spring and also a new ztr.I do lawn miantance and landscape contruction work(more landscape than miantanance). I also can't spell.<p>I stated with:<p>-leaf rake <br>-yard cart<br>-electric trimmer<br>-3.5hp 21&quot; mower <br>-1 gal gas can<p>I now have:<p>2-36&quot; exmarks w/two wheel velke<br>1-48&quot; ransomes/bobcat<br>1-52&quot; scag hydro w/two wheel velke<br>2-21&quot; push mowers<br>1-Mclane puch edger<br>1-redmax eb6200 blower<br>1-sthil br400 blower<br>1-8hp giant-vac blower<br>1-5hp blower<br>2-echo srm2400 trimmers<br>1-green machine hedge trimmer<br>1-echo hedge trimmer<br>1-sthl o29 saw<br>1-6.5x12 trailer(whats left of it after a little acident)<br>1-6.5x14 tandem trailer<br>1-earthway spreader<br>-other misc. handtools and wheel barrows and stuff<p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: little green guy<p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: little green guy<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: little green guy
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    My name is Tim i'm 15 years old and i run a lawn maintenance company. My company is still very small because i have to go to school. I service 7 yards all 4 seasons of the year. At the end of August i'm getting 4 new yards to service because my friend is going to college. My equiptment consists of <br>-'94 36&quot; scag w/14 hp kohler <br>-old 21&quot; flip handle sensation<br>-'99 stihl br400 blower<br>-'00 stihl fs85 trimmer<br>-'87 stihl trimmer<br>-'87 echo pb 400e blower<br>-'89 8hp little wonder wheel blower<br>-'6x8 dump trailer<br>-my father's'86 f-150 because i dont have my license<br>-my father's '89 f-350 mason dump w/ 6ft sides for leaves.<br>I plan to get a 52&quot; scag hydro in the fall along with a 16ft landscape trailer.
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    My name is Mike Reynolds and my brother and I own GrassRoots Lawn Care in New Smyrna Beach, FL. We started our business in Feb of 2000. We currently have 33 customers. We do 85% maintenance, 10% landscaping and 5% new sod installations. <p>We started with:<br>32&quot; Encore Walk-Behind Mower<br>21&quot; Toro Walk-behind.<br>Two HomeLite trimmers.<br>Ryobi Stick Edger<br>Echo Backpack Blower<br>1996 Dodge Dakota Pickup<br>12'x 8' Open Utility Trailer<p><p>----------<br>Mike Reynolds,<br>Grass Roots Lawn Care (Fla)<p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: Grassroots<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Grassroots
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    Well, I actually started with nothing, (didn't we all???). <p>My first mower was a 60's vintage LawnBoy that a neighbor was throwing out. I repaired it, and started mowing with that in 1989. After I made my first $500, I bought a brand new commercial Lawn Boy. <p>All was carried in a Ford Bronco and 4'x8' trailer/.<p>I used that mower along with a Homelite trimmer, and weed eater blower for the first few years. <p>I then added a John Deere 21&quot; mower, as well as started collecting some other commercial stuff. <p>At this point, I realized that I was in need of a pickup truck. I replaced the Bronco with a Ranger.<p>The next pruchase was a 36&quot; Encore mower. That saved me a huge amount of time compared with to the 21&quot; mowers. <p>I kept pn purchasing and purchasing equipment, adding something to the fleet each season. <p><br>I currently operate with the following:<p>1995 F-250 4x4 (=16)<br>- Meyers 7.5 Plow<br>- Trynex 1/3 yard salter<p>1979 Chevy w/7 yard dump body.<p>1997 INternational 6*12<p>(2) 1998 Toro 36&quot; mowers<br>(6) Lawn Boy mowers, some are for backup only.<br>(1) JD 14SB<br>(2) Echo trimmers, with split boom attachemnts.<br>(3) misc. brand trimmers<br>(1) Lesco Backpack blower.<br>(2) misc. brand hand blowers.<br>(1) Troy built Pony<br>(1) MAntis mini tiller<br>(1) old front tine tiller<br>(1) Ryan Lawnaire IV<br>(1) Lesco blade dethatcher<br>(1) Shindiawa Power Broom<br>(1) Lesco MarkII Stainless spreader<br>(3) smaller spreaders, broadcast and drop<br>(2) 2 stage 7hp snowblowers, (Toro)<br>(1) Toro single stage snow blower<br>(1) MTD 5hp leaf blower<br>(1) Flymo hover mower<br>(1) Echo hedge clipper<br>(4) misc brand hedge clippers, gas and electric<br>(1) poulan Pro chainsaw<br>(1) Sears Power washer to keep it all clean<br>(1) LIncoln Electric mig welder to hold it all together<br>(1) Lesco dedicated blade grinder<br>Add in all the hand tools, wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, wheelbarrows, rollers, shovels, rakes, and various implements of destruction, and you can see why I need a ton of shop space!
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    My name is Bryan and i just turned 15. I've had a landscaping business since i was eight. I only have 6 customers this summer because i have a full time job at a summer camp, and i don't have my drivers liscense.<br>I started out with;<br>*my dads old $99 special mower<br>*a black and ecker electric weed trimmer my aunt gave me<br>*various tools in the garage<p>My equipment now is;<br>*a 1999 Snapper 21, 6hp, 6 speed, w/ bagger and side dischard attachment(love it)<br>*a 1996 Toro 4.5hp 21&quot; mulcher(hate it, the handle is too low)<br>*a 1998 echo SRM-2100 (love it)<br>* a used 1994(i think)stihl br 400 (got it used when i first started out, love it)<br>*Giant-vac 8hp blower(love it)<br>*little wonder 5hp(ok)<br>*a 1972(i think) ariens 7hp 2 stage snowblower(love it)<br>* snapper single stage snowblower(ok)<p>I'm planning to get a 36&quot; soon, and a new backpack and push leaf blower. Next summer I'm going to get a pickup. <p>Bryan<br>p.s- you can see a pic of my snowblower in my profile<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.snowplow.web.com&quot;&gt;The Snowplow Homepage&lt;/a&gt;<br>
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    Hi my name is Greg and im located in central Iowa. This my first year in the lawn care business. My previous life was painting hiways all over the usa and just got tired of working 100 hour weeks makeing somebody else rich. So me and a friend just quit our $60,000 year jobs and started our company ALL CITY'S LAWN SERVICE. We curently have 70 accounts 90% residential 10% commercial. we do all aspects of lawn service and some light landscaping. Our current list of equipment is what i stated with and still use <br>1999 425 aws john deere 54in deck<br>3 14se jd 21in pushers<br>3 14sb jd 21in pushers <br>1 ryan greenaire24 aerator<br>1 ryan iv lawnaire aerator<br>2 sthil backpack blowers<br>2 jd trimmers<br>2 sthil trimmers<br>1 lesco slit seeder<br>1 7x18 trailer<br>1 8x16 trailer<br>1 6x12 dump trailer<br>1 630b vermeer stump grinder<br>at least 10 chainsaws various kinds<br>3 chevy 1 ton trucks 1976 to 1985<br>2 ford snow plow trucks 1985 1986<br>and so much other stuff like backhoes crawlers tracters skid loaders that i have access to {my dad farms and my brother owns an excavating buisness) if i should have a use for them.<br> in the winter i also do christmas lights snowplow and woodworking and of course work on all this equipment.<br>my hobbies are work and work and work and sometimes i fly my ultralight and take a ride down the river in my hovercraft, but most of the time i just work because i love it.<br> 1 wife of 5 years 2 daughters 1 son and a dog rounds out the family.<br>well i would have to say that this site is one of the reasons i started in this business because it was tuff to walk away from a good job but this site made it alot easier to walk away keep up the good work<p> eric if you ever get the chance go find a piolt and fly over some of your nice lawns take a camara because they looke awsome at 500 feet.
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    Hi my name is Brad. I live in Texas. I am 18 and I own Grasshopper Lawn Service.<p>I started out with:<br> -1984 Plymouth Horizon (yes that's right, <br> go ahead and laugh!)<br> -My dad's 5x10 trailer<br> -6hp Craftsman 21in mower<br> -Weedeater brand weedeater (bought it at<br> K-Mart, still runs!)<br> -Craftsman hand-held blower<br> <br>I now have:<br> -1999 Ford Ranger<br> -My own 5x10 enclosed trailer<br> -32in eXmark<br> -20in Honda hydro<br> -2 Echo trimmers<br> -2 Echo back-pack blowers<br> -Echo hedge trimmer<br> -32 accounts<p>I'm still not sure if I want to do this full time. Some days i do, and then sometimes I'll have bad days and I'll want to quit. I'm about to start college so I don't know if I'll do lawn care for a living, or get a so called real job. Any suggestions?
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    I guess I'll finally break down and throw my 2 cents at you guys. My name is Dave Famiglietti, (everyone calls me "guido" ) and I'm originally from Waterbury, CT. I became an active duty member of the US Air Force in 98 as a Combat Engineer. I am a heavy equipment operator and pavements specialist. We do everything from build/maintain runways and air bases, to drainage systems, to interlocking walls, to pavers to grounds maintenance, and snow removal. I guess you can say we're the Air Force's construction company. I was staioned in Guam for my first assignment but now I am assigned to a base in Germany. I love the traveling and the education and experiences I'm getting in the service. I ran a landscape/lawn care business (before I came into the Air Force) for a couple of years. I'm trying to keep up with the industry as much as I can, besides helping me with my Air Force career, I plan on starting back up full time in the business (more toward the small construction/lndscape install side, but still some lawn care) when I retire from the military. I am currently pursuing a degree with the Community College of the Air Force in Construction Technology, and an associates degree with the University of Maryland in Business Management. Someday I would like to try to work towards a degree in horticulture also. I have a website up with some pictures I collected that are related to this and the construction industry. There is a link to it in my signature. Feel free to check it out, and even post some pics of your own there! I can be contacted at amnguido@hotmail.com or guido1@surf1.de Thanks to all of you for the great info and a great site!! :)

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    Posted on the old forum who,what,where.After lurking on the new forum and reading the Peeing in the bush post had to make sure I get my 2 cents in. <br>From southeast Pa Service primarily Montgomery county.<br>Equipment:<br>89 F-250 with Northman plow<br>10' trailer<br>40&quot; Gravely walk behind<br>60&quot; Gravely Pro-60 rider<br>Echo trimmers, hand and back pack blowers<br>little wonder push blower<br>Echo hedge trimmers<br>John Deere Chainsaw<br>little beaver post-hole auger<br>misc. hand tools<br>And more than enough work.

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