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  1. Toddppm

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    from VA
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    Hi Todd from NoVa. I started out part time in the tree biz with an ElCamino and a poulan s25!Built up to 1 ton dump, chipper , all the gear, then sold it all to keep my job, good pay, benes, new kid. Well thats when they started messing with me after being there 7 years! I quit 2 yrs ago in the spring and cashed out my 401k to start over. I knew i would add mowing first thing so i bought a 36&quot; Metro to start.We do full lawn, landscape+ tree service.We are doing about 65 lawns right now all residential. Now working with:<br>same Metro Belt drive/velke/mulching kit<br>98 Viking Hyro w/Velke/mulch kit<br>21&quot;Murray<br>Old hechinger riding mower(for emergencies only)<br>12Ft homemade trailer w/gate/racks<br>2 Stihl weedeaters<br>2 Stihl edgers<br>2 Stihl BR400s<br>Lesco aerator<br>Billy Goat 11hp leaf vac<br>8hp troy bilt Horse<br>MTD 30 ton Log splitter<br>Rayco super Jr Stumpgrinder w/trailer<br>Asplundh 6&quot; Drum Chipper<br>6-stihl chainsaws from 020-066<br>6- other saws<br>Dr powerwagon(great time and back saver)<br>1976 Blazer w' plow (for sale)<br>1981 D300 12 ft dump<br>1990 F250<br>1996 F150<br>And 2 tons of support equipment and tools!<br>Can't wait to break even and start making money!
  2. lawnboyil

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    hello my name is alex i am 15 soon to be drive in the state of illinois. I have been doing this stuff since i was 12.<br>My dad his partner and me. Mow one gas station district part-time<br>We have <br>1-92 f-250 ford diesel<br>1-00 48&quot; mtd pro walkbehind<br>1-?? 36&quot; bobcat<br>1- 97 echo string trimmer<br>1- old old snapper blower<br>1- 6x14 trailer open air<br>1- 21&quot; self-proppeled lawnboy<br>2-21&quot; self-proppeled craftsmen<br>lots of hand tools<p>hopes to have more to mow by the year 2001<p><p>----------<br>If it works run with it<br>
  3. DanG

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    my names Dan,<br>And i own D.G. Enterprises, which is located near Albany,NY.<br>I started out doing this after working full time as a mechanic for 15yrs. And have been doing it now for five years.<p>When i started out I had:<br>1980 dodge power wagon with 8' plow(meyers) and a tailgate sander(western)<br>1987 S-10 with uni-mount plow 6.5'(western)<br>Wheel Horse B-115 riding tractor W/36&quot; deck & 36&quot;blower<br>(2)21&quot; push mowers <br>one homelite trimmer<p>Now i have:<br>same trucks as above(saving up to buy new)<br>(1) Toro compact Z-master 52&quot;20hp with bluebird bagger new last year<br>(1) Toro Z-master 72&quot; 25hp<br>(2) Toro proline 21&quot; self propelled mowers w/baggers and mulch plugs<br>(2) Toro proline walk behind mowers 37&quot; recycler and a 36&quot; <br>three echo srm-2100 trimmers<br>echo hedge trimmer<br>echo hand held blower<br>echo chainsaw<br>(2) small 2 cyle snow blowers<br>Misc. hand tools<br>(1) Excel hustler 251k with 3250 hrs on it(bought used three yrs ago)<br>1- landscaping trailer 14'<p>I started out doing lawns and plowing to make extra money.<br>Then when my son was born started to do it full time nights and week ends since i was staying home to raise him.<br>Now I have one helper during the summer.<br>My mowing consists of 4 cemeterys, two mowed and trimmed bi-weekly and two weekly.I also have 25 lawns to mow and trim weekly.Some of which are rental property's so they're all near each other.<br>This year I picked up a larger contract with 30 acres of grass to mow weekly.( I'm trying to get away from the cemetery's)<br>I also do some light landscaping but am to busy to get into it heavy right now.I had to turn down approx. $4000 in mulching this yr because its been so hectic, so if anyone up this way needs that kind of work let me know.<br>In the winter I plow 35 driveways and shovel walks etc..
  4. CCLC

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    Hello! In 1995 I was going to be married and needed some sort of income to support my wife and I as well as pay for college. I never guessed how profitable or fun this business could be.<p>We started out with:<br>1989 F150<br>1995 16' landscape trailer<br>1995 Bunton walkbehind<br>Stihl FS44 Whip<br>Skag Edger<br>Stihl BG45 handblower<br>20&quot; pushmower<p>Today we still have the above equipent.<br>We have since added:<br>1998 GMC K2500 with 8' plow<br>1999 Chevy K2500 with 8' plow<br>1987 GMC 1 ton Cube van<br>1998 Southwest 16' enclosed trailer<br>1999 Toro 25hp 60&quot; zturn <br>1997 Bunton 25hp 60&quot; zturn<br>1997 Bunton 48&quot; walkbehind<br>1998 Exmark 52&quot; walkbehind<br>3 lawn boy trim mowers<br>2 more stihl FS44 Weedwhips<br>Lesco weedwhip<br>Shindiawa weedship<br>Lesco stick edger<br>300 gallon Hyromite hydroseeder<br>Brown Trenchmaster<br>Plate compactor<br>Laser transit<br>Lots and Lots of Misc tools<p>The weather here in Micigan allows for a summer of hard work and a relaxed winter with occasional snow. Snow has not been a big part of our business due to the low snow amounts the past few years.
  5. SKDCO

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    Went full-time in Fall of '98 doing leaves and mulching mostly. 2/99 bought 52&quot;Scag hydro walk-behind and Schindawa T-230 trimmer.Inheirted 6.5x16 tadem trailer from man going out of business. Had '93 F-250 4x2 w/300ci six. We now have:<br> 2000 F-250sd 5.4v-8,5spd.& 4:10 rr. NO A/C.<br> 2 Scag 52&quot; hydro walk-behind w/ single wheel Velke 1-18hp Briggs 1-17hp Kawasaki<br> 2 Schindawa T230 trimmers<br> 1 Schindawa T-260 trimmer<br> 2 Husqvarna back pack blowers<br> 1 John Deere 21&quot; push mower<br> 1 Billy Goat debris vaccum<br> 1 8hp Little Wonder<br> 1 Robin 22&quot; gas hedge trimmers<br> 1 Husqvarna 350 chain saw<br> 1 6.5x16 tandem trailer<br>and other misc. equipment
  6. SuperiorProfits

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    Hello guys I am from Southeastern IN and my business is named Superior Lawn Care. I have 30 residential accounts and 3 commercial jobs. I am a full time dealer at a riverboat casino and I am getting ready to switch to part time.<br>I started this five years ago with a 1991 ford ranger truck and a 12 foot trailer that I still use. I bought a used 48 inch john deere walk behind. A murray push mower from wal-mart and a sears trimmer.<p>I still use the john deere and I still have the same trailer. I did upgrade to stihl trimmers and blowers and bought a better trim mower. I will be at the expo in louisville hoping to purchase a new walk behind for my business. I am new to this forum and this is my first posting, but I have been reading and learning a bunch of good info from you guys. I wish I would have known about this site sooner. Thanks for all the great postings!
  7. Jerrys Lawn Service

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    Hi, my name is Jerry,we live in Baltimore MD,<br>in a small town called Perryhall. I have been<br>in the lawn service business since 1991. My<br>wife joined me in 1993 when stopped working<br>her fulltime job to help me cut grass. This is just my part time job I'm a railroad<br>conductor fulltime, but the lawn service <br>consumes my life. The equipment I started<br>out with are as follows,<p>1 Jacobson 20inch push mower<br>1 Craftsman 20inch mulching mower<br>1 Craftsman string trimmer<br>1 Craftsman hand held blower<br>1 Ford F150 pickup<p>The equipment we have now,<p>1 Ford F250HD 4x4<br>1 61 inch 25hp Scag Turf Tiger<br>1 52 inch 22hp Snapper hydro walkbehind<br>1 48 inch 18hp Snapper hydro walkbehind<br>1 36 inch 14hp Snapper hydro walkbehind<br>1 21 inch 6.5hp Snapper rear bagger<br>2 20 inch 6hp Yardman mulching mowers<br>3 FS 80 Stihl string trimmers<br>3 BR 400 Stihl backpac blowers<br>2 HS 80 Stihl hedge trimmers<br>1 16x6.5 open trailer<p>I hope everyone has a great 2000!<br>jerryslawnservice@home.com<br>
  8. trimmasters

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    HI,<br>My name is John Bell and have been in business for two years now. (This is my last year of high school) We service about 70 full service accounts, 200+ fert accounts, and do 20 new landscapes per year. I have the flowing equipment<br>Trucks,<br>1988 Chevy ½ ton p.u.<br>1989 Chevy ½ ton p.u.<br>1999 Chevy ¾ ton p.u.<br>1989 ford 1 ton dump<br>1995 Chevy N.R.P (flat front spray truck, 500 gallon, 100 gallon for tree and shrub apps.<br>1998 6x16’ open trailer<br>1997 5x10’ open trailer<br>1998 6-½ x16 in closed trailer<p>Mowers:<br>1998 Exmark lazer hp 48”<br>1998 Exmark lazer hp 60”<br>1999 MTD pro 60” ZTR (nobody here has much good to say about them but it has been just as good as the Exmarks)<br>1987 Exmark 48” W.B. (P.O.S, Maybe I could sell it to Lawrence Stone. Just kidding)<br>One big load of 21” W.B.s<p>Other:<br>1994 Bobcat 763<br>One ton of hand tools<br>Sthil power equipment<p>Office stuff:<br>Clip Pro Software<br>Quick books pro<br>Design image group landscape software<br>Sony fd73 digital camera<br>Nortel norstar phone system<br>3 Computers<p>And 1 TON OF STRESS!<p>No, I did not accomplish all this with my parents bankrolling me; I had $5000 in savings. I landed 4 taco bells that the last guys had pissed off bad, so whatever I did they thought I was god.<br>I feel I have to thank GOD for what I have achieved in my short life of 17 Yrs.<br>I want to give back whatever I can to this group.<p>Thank You, <br>John W Bell<p><p>

    OBRYANMAINT LawnSite Senior Member
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    doug obryan here from northest ohio akron area this is third year of business mowing and eight in plowing and salting<p>1 1997 k2500<br>western 7.5 w/ wings<br>1 89 k2599 <br>meyer 7.5 w/ wings<br>1 85 blaver<br>meyer 7.5 w/ wings<p>6x12 tandem trailer<br>1 94 20 hp walker42ghs and 54 side dis.<br>1 98 jd wb 48&quot;<br>1 homelite trimmer<br>1 echo trimmer<br>1 stihl stick edger<br>1 husquvarna push edger<br>2 stihl br-400 blowers<br>1 giant vac push blower 8 hp<br>1 giant vac leaf loader 11 hp<br>2 lesco back pac sprayers<br>1 lesco rotary spreader<br>many misc hand tools<br>1 stihl bush trimmer<br>1 craftsman bush trimmer<br>2 stihl chain saws<br>1 truck craft insert dunp in the 97<br>
  10. Schmity

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    We are a small company in central Connecticut. I started out with a 21&quot; Lawn Boy push mower, and doing houses around the neighborhood. I have been in business since 1989. I now have four full time year round employees, when they show up and the following equipment.<br>1- 340 Hustler 12' Rangewing<br>1- 340 72&quot; Hustler with collection system high dump.<br>1- 1999 3200 Hustler 72&quot;<br>1- 60&quot; Exmark Turf ranger<br>1- 52&quot; Exmark Turf Tracer<br>1- 48&quot; Exmark Turf Tracer<br>1- 48&quot; JohnDeere Walk behind<br>1- 32hp Ford Tractor with loader, yorkrake, brush hog and spreader<br>1- 1989 F-250 Pickup with 8'Fisher Plow<br>1- 1996 Chevy 3500 dumpwith 9' Fisher plow and 8'fisher spreader<br>1- 2000 Chevy 3500 dump with 9' fisher plow and 8' Airflow sander<br>1- 1981 Ford F800 Dump with 10' plow and 9' AirFlow sander<br>3 Echo Backpack blowers<br>3 Echo Split boom weed wackers with hedge clipper and edger attachments<br>1 Honda weed wacker (just bought days ago)<br>1 72&quot; Powerboss Sweeper with high dump<br>2 Ariens 10 hp snow blowers<br>1 12' Pro-Tech snow pusher( We mount pusher on a loader we lease from Nov-April)<br>Other misc. tools, sprayers, spreaders.<br>Istarted out doing small houses around the neighborhood until I got my license and then I started doing more and more residential until we were up to almost 90 per week. I found that there was much less competition and less headaches with large commerical accounts and now we focus on only schools, airports, large factories, goverment complexes. We now have 30 accounts with the largest one almost 40 acres. I can not say enough about the Hustlers that we run, the dealer is excellent and the productivity we get from the rangewing allows me to have only four employees and still cut the amount of acreage per week that I have to. I am very happy with what I do and am looking into only doing sports complexes in the future. If there is anyone out there who takes care of sports complexes please respond. We currently provide full service to 4 High Schools and have had much sucess and enjoy doing the work at them. Please feel free to contact me. <p>----------<br>Jason Schmidt<br>

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