Who will the Drought Hurt?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SIG, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. SIG

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    Well, I used to be under the thinking that a Drought like we are having would hurt the "Scrubs". After some rational thinking, I have come do the conclusion, that this will really hurt all the legitimate operations out there. The guys who don't have insurance, or run junk equipment out of the back of a 1930 El Camino will not be effected by this, except they just won't be mowing for a while. Meanwhile, those of us who still have equipment payments, truck payments, insurance, employees (un-employment insurance), etc. still need to make those payments. And guess what, the guys who sell us mowers and work on our stuff, they are hurtin' too. This drought, especially here in the Maryland area, has some far-reaching ramifications. So, I hope everybody here has the means to survive this mess, cause nobody is going to bail us out. (As opposed to Farmers, who will probably get low interest loans). Just my thoughts on what is turning out to be a ugly situation. As far as lawn renovations, at least in this area. You need water to make grass grow, and our water restrictions will not be going away anytime some!
  2. awm

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    u right sig. by the way im looking to buy that 1930 el camino.:)
  3. MHubes

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    Yeah, here in NJ we haven't had a measureable rainfall for the whole month of August. I've been getting by on the aboltu half of my customers who have their irrigation systems on, but now..... Time to find some other work.
  4. m&m

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    and that el camino is still runing.....lol

    chevy: built like a rock
  5. Richard Martin

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    A customer asked me yesterday if the grass will come back. I just took my foot and as I rubbed it across the dead grass some of it broke off very easily. I told her I didn't think it will be back. A lot of lawns crunch as you walk across them.
  6. sgtgm5

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    I walked into the shed today and wondered how long I can put up with the downside of the weather in CT. My equipment was sitting there collecting dust. Well, i guess It's almost time for me to take a job offering from a friend to make it threw the winter and back at it next year...
  7. Lawn-Scapes

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    Do you think it'll ever rain again? :rolleyes:

    Driving home today I took notice that all the corn crops are dieing. I feel bad for the farmers. There is some relief for them but not much.

    I keep looking in the paper for lawn businesses for sale.. thinking I'd see some but I don't.

    Any lawn renovations I would do would be dependent on rain. People are not going to move a hose around 1-2 acre props. Hopefully forecasts are wrong and we will get 10 inches of rain in Sept-Oct like we did two years ago (another hot summer)!

    I'll survive.. I always find a way. It helps that my wife is finally finished with school (but will continue for masters PT) and is employed (teacher)!!! We are going to love the benifit package.. for sure :D

    Today was the first time I cut anything significant (more than 1 lawn) in the last six days.

    I don't remember when it rained last.. chance of showers tomorrow.. Yea right.
  8. rodfather

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    Water restrictions went back into effect today here in NJ...d***:cry:
  9. jeffex

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    I talked to two other lco at 7-11 today and one had just gone full time this yr. I met him last year when he was a pt start up. He got a job at ABC rental to tide him over. The other lco was full time big time but was only cutting or rather evening up the weeds every 3 wks. He has some contracts to keep him alive but said he may have to find some extra work for awhile. We joked about seeding lawns with crab grass on 1/2 our customers since it does very well during these conditions.
  10. Went to p/u fall fertilizer Monday
    Only ordered 25% of usuall fall purchase
    the delivery driver and warehouse guy were falling asleep at 10:30am
    They are not selling too much pesticide or fert

    Passed 2 of the turf farms on the way-looks like they have cut way back.

    Wont be buying any seed this fall - seed store is a ghost town

    Will have to look real hard at planned equipment replacement for this year. Looking at another year of water restrictions, big $ purchases may get put off a year.

    Seems like everybody in the area is taking a hit in some way

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