Who would ever admit?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Drafto, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Drafto

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    Would anyone ever admit on here if Daddy's money started their hardscaping business? Who started theirs from the ground up? I am just asking b/c I am finding a lot of the larger companies in my area are mostly sons of fathers with very large construction companies. Sometimes it flat out makes me green.

    Running a successful company is hard work no matter where the money came from so I am not trying to knock anyone. But I really just want to know who is the first in their family to have a business? How much does it mean to you if you are the first?

    I am just up late doing some soul searching and I think that many people I have met on here (Lawnsite) I have much more in common with than just this site. I just find it bizarre that we are on here making contacts, asking advice, trying to meet up, doing business together, at all hours of the night. I have come to respect many on here and consider some to be friends I have never met, so maybe someone has had the same thoughts as me.

    Maybe this thread was a waste of time and no need to respond if you don't know what this is about.

  2. Dirty Water

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    I work for a company right now, and dream about getting started with my own company.

    However, I have a family, and leaving the security of a steady paycheck scares me. However, when I finally do, without help from daddy :)laugh:) its going to be the best feeling in the world.
  3. Green-Pro

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    I rolled the dice, used my own money, left a secure job with a company I had been with for twenty-one years. Good company to work for as well.

    That said even on its worst day, schedule problems, equipment problems, employee problems, customer problems, etc. I wouldn't trade it for any other job in the world. I like the challenges, solving the problems, working until the wee hours, being "Da Man".
    Really most of all I love nurturing this business and the results of that through growth.
  4. cedarcroft

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    I started my business from scratch. I was on the verge of bankruptcy and was forced to sell my house. I took the little bit that was left after the sale of my house and with the support of my wife, started this business. I have 3 kids and a wife and I wouldn't change it for anything. I wish my dad had money, but they don't pay cops that well!!! I have borrowed money here and there to get through cashflow problems, but for the most part its been all me and my blood sweat and tears.
  5. XXL Hardscaper

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    Il admit......my daddy is loaded. I do this as a hobby. I still get an allowance each week from daddy.
  6. DoetschOutdoor

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    Ive gotten cashflow help from mom and dad and thanks to my mom working at the local bank, Ive had no problem getting several loans at 18 years old for mowers and other equipment. But for the most part, I have built up to 30accounts and am getting into landscaping and other areas. Crunch time will be in 2 years when I graduate college and decide whether to use a 100k college diploma to keep mowing or go another route...but I dont want to think about that just yet
  7. mbella

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    Hi, my name is Mike and I am a loser too :cry: . Thanks for sharin Dan:laugh: .
  8. ynvvbr

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    Dan I never thought i would say this but i am with Mbella on this one.... gee i guess you too. I am going to go drink now:(:cry:
  9. Birdhunter1

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    I don't see a thing wrong with someones dad helping them financially to start up a business, if the guy who is doing the work.. works, works hard, pays his bills, is fair to deal with and so on what does it matter if he did it himself or if his dad helped him with startup costs.

    I know if I wanted to start a business my dad would do everything he could to help me make it succesful. Would I want my dad to pay for it? NO, but that is because I have a great job now and if I can't make it financially succesful on my own then I shouldn't be doing it in the first place.

    Now look at it from this point of view: my dad is nearing retirement, he will still need a little money on the side to boost what his retirement will be. Is it wrong for a son to help his dad start a business? Chances are we will be in it together because we like working together but for those who think it's wrong for a dad to help out their son then it's wrong for a son to help out their dad. Most likely I'll be in it with my dad for him more than me, paying for my raising I guess.
  10. mrusk

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    I started my business at 18 with no help from anyone. 2 years later i am still at it. It is the hardest thing i have ever done. The worst thing to deal with is keeping the money rolling it. Since i am still new in the business, i spend a hell of alot of equipment. Its tough.

    If i was offered $$ in the begining from my parents, i am not sure i would of taking it.


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