who would get more complaints, lowballers or the high priced guys?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by robby, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. robby

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    Would it be a fair assumption that along with a higher price comes higher expectations from the customer? Would a guy out cutting yards for $20 and doing a decent job get the same number of complaints as the guy out cutting the same size yards for twice the price? After reading enough postings here, it makes me wonder if the high priced guys arent receiving more complaints and losing more customers than the lowballers. Theory being that the customers of the lowballing service are just so thrilled to have found a service so much cheaper than the avg, that they wouldnt want to ruin a good thing by raising even the smallest of complaints. They also would be less likely to ever cancel the service, knowing what a deal they are getting. Would these two factors be enough reason for anyone here to take the low road when pricing yards, in exchange for finding customers for life who never bother you? Or is my thinking off base here and most people don't even consider PRICE as the major consideration when hiring a lawn service?
  2. Sandgropher

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    I find people who want cheap prices do not mind complaining all the time, usually about nothing, and they hate paying as much as they are :laugh:
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    Yes, I agree 100%... I do not know for sure if higher priced customers complain as much or not, but what I do know is the extra money makes it all considerably more tolerable. Personally, I don't think there's a relationship between prices and complaints, other than if you got cheap customers complaining, then your prices aren't high enough :laugh:

    And yes, you do lose customers over the price issue but then I have 46 this year vs. last year's 55 customers but my bank deposits are matching last year's dollar for dollar and they're actually slightly ahead but it's not that significant... So, less work, less maintenance (i.e.: parts!), less stress and less bs all for a lot more chaching / pmh. It's a little bit like you can work 10 hours for $8 pmh, or you can work 8 hours for $10 pmh, either way is 80 dollars but with less work you have less cost involved as well (parts and wear and tear).
  4. Sandgropher

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    I find less complaints with the high payers, usually they are more educated and only make a valid complaint when needed and usually point it out in a calm manner, they have more of a life than the cheapos who get they jollies from stirring up chit with the lawn servant., ever notice when you give a really cheap price to some people they are shocked its so much?:laugh:

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