Who would quit a job making $58000 to do this?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kse1221, Apr 30, 2012.

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    As someone else said you will have to buy a company or accounts to be a "business owner" out of the gate. Otherwise it will take years to build the accounts.

    My father retired from corporate life and had a buddy talk him into financing a lawn business. He put in over 300k to buy a business which already had crews mowing the yards. His buddy soon after bailed and he was left holding the business. He had no horticulture experience and the business tanked by about 30%. It eventually leveled off, but it was not something he wanted to continue with. The heat, the hassle, the pain in the ass customers, etc. it's not all gravy and a cash grab.

    If you have 300k to invest, you'd be better off investing in another type of business.

    I do this work because I really enjoy landscapes. I enjoy the freedom of being my own boss, but at the same time the business is the boss of me.
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    Consider your crowd. Most of the truly successful business owners are not blowing their time on here. There is tons of good and helpful info to read and share, but there are a lot of opinions as well that are just that.

    I make more than 58 or even 65 a year and I keep a social life, but it took 5 years of hard work to get to a point that made it worth it. I'm only 26 so the future is bright and I plan to have crews, but I am limited with that as well. Customer loyalty is limited if they don't see you on site often, so commercial becomes attractive for the reliable income etc. If you don't know a ton about this business or about running a business and aren't willing to spend several years getting it set up, then keep your job.
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    ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^

    What he said:clapping:.
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    That's when you let her get a good paying job also. Helps with slow times.
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    I just quit my 50k+ job with free insurance,401k and profit sharing. Lawn Care is kind of like a farmer it gets in your blood and thats the life style you want to have. I started out in a Partnership 19 years ago was young and things went South quick. Ten years later i was unhappy with my career and started my own company and 1 year later i was full time with no regrets...until 2008. I had been doing full maintenance contracts with a hotel company. With the condition of the economy they dropped all outside contracts over 30k of my income came from them. For the last 5 years i have been working a 2nd shift job 12 hours a day and mowing the rest of the accounts while building my business. I finally made it i built my business back up and got my business back as my full time job. I couldnt be happier. I guess what im trying to say is only you know deep down what makes you happy and if you want it bad enough work hard and get it, but it takes time.
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    Good advice, there.
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    Personally, I think the level of stress that comes with the job all depends on how many bills you have outside of it. Everybody's situation is different, but mine is one I really love. If you constantly spend to your income, then it will seem like you can never make enough money. But if you can change that paradigm then all of a sudden landscaping can become fun. I have a great situation where my wife makes a modest income (less than 100K a year) and has the health insurance, but because we keep our debt down, we actually don't even need a single dime from my business to pay our bills. It allows me to do all the jobs that I like, hire help a few times a year to do the things that I don't enjoy or cant find the time for, and quit at lunchtime one day a week to play golf all afternoon. If you want to be happy with your landscaping career, whether you are a solo operation or aspire to have a few crews, my one advice would be to keep your debt down to as little as possible. All of this is IMHO of course.
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    Congrats on the low stress.

    Somehow I'm thinking this is not a typical situation for most on Lawnsite.
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    100k modest income? :laugh:

    dang man if you made anywhere close to that here you would be high class.

    average income here is less than 30k a year for 80% of the people that live here.
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    100K is not a modest income, the avg income in this country is 35-40K, most are below that, if your above that your not rich by any means but your above avg, of course your region will determine if it's well above avg or just above avg. I would tend to agree with Steve, if you keep your debt down it will keep the stress down thus making this a fun career and hell why do it if it an't fun? I can go back to corporate America and NOT have fun.

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